Friday, September 30, 2011

Inducements Keep Coming

The inducements to give before tonigh'ts midnight deadline just keep coming.   As if hearing from Barack and Michelle wasn't enough (it was more than enough) now we get a follow up from Mr. Foot-in-mouth Joe Biden:

Friend --

I need to ask you one last thing before tonight's midnight deadline:

If you know you're going to donate to this campaign eventually, what's stopping you from doing it right now?

If you're going to be a part of history in 2012, it's time to get off the sidelines.

So, before midnight, will you chip in what you can and say you're in?

This has never been about Barack and me.

We're just two guys. It's folks like you out there who will decide this election.

And what you're capable of is incredible -- if you decide to do it.

Thank you,


P.S. -- That deadline also applies to the dinner Barack is having with four supporters.
Donate today and you'll be automatically entered for the chance to be there.

Of course, we've heard from Ron Paul and Michele Bachman as well although we are't going to send them anything because they didn't even promise us a bumper sticker.

But the good news is tha Mitt has sweetened his offer.   Yep, he will now let us bring anyone we want if we give him a few bucks (and are lucky enough to win the drawing--think we'll take our chances on Powerball).    Here's what Mitt had to say.
Last week I announced a special opportunity for one of my supporters to join me on the road. We know that not everyone can make it out to a campaign event near their home, which is why we are offering an opportunity for one person to join me for a day at our cost. We said we would cover your flight, hotel and transportation. All you need to do is show up.
"Well, the response has been overwhelming – so great in fact that I think we need to expand this opportunity. I want one supporter to join me AND bring a guest of his or her choice. Again, we'll cover the cost.
If you donate $5 or more here today, you will be automatically entered to join me – with a guest – on the campaign trail.
Already entered? Think about who you want to bring and forward this email on to him or her. By donating $5 or more in response to this email, he or she could win, and bring you. This is your opportunity to share a wonderful experience with your spouse, sibling, friend, or other loved one. You can even bring your child along for an unparalleled glimpse into the political process.
With the support of people like you, we will be able to get America back to work again.
Make your donation here today and you will be automatically entered for your chance to join us

Best of luck,

Mitt "

No Apologies, No Reparations for Past Misdeeds

We read this week that the family of William Clark has apologized to the Chinook Nation by presenting to it a replica of a canoe that William Clark and Meriwether Lewis stole from them some 205 years ago so their expedition could return from the Northwest.

Of course, the local daily opined on its editorial page, "On a riverbank in Washington State this past weekend, an old wrong was righted and an admirable example was set."  The daily concludes its opinion with the thought that it's never to late to apologize, "Not even after 205 years."
PLEASE, give us a break.   When will our politically correct liberals ever learn that none of us are responsible for what our parents, heirs, and forefathers did generations ago before we were born?   We can learn from those mistakes or those actions taken then but why should we apologize?  

Most of us are not even related by blood to those who 'injured' the Chinooks, other American Indians, Blacks or any other alleged victims.  We are not responsible for these actions whether it be the steeling of a canoe, the enslavement of blacks or any other misdeeds.   All these wrongs were perpetrated by folks who obviously did what they did for expediency at the time or who did not have the human rights values our society has come to embrace today. 

The bottom line is that we owe no apologies for the evil deeds of generations ago. 

Making apologies and reparations accomplishes nothing and only provides excuses for those living today and supposedly wronged generations ago not to accept responsibility for their own lives today.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Send Me A Few Bucks and I Will Give You ------------

It seems that the Republicans have caught on to the Obama bribe scheme of send me $3 and I will (maybe, will probably not) invite you to have lunch with me.    With everyone trying to raise money and volunteers the best way to get someone committed is to have them give you a few dollars even if they don't end up getting the privilege of having lunch with you.

Of course, the plague of e-mails we have received is simply exacerbated by the September 30 deadline for fundraisng.  With that said, here are the bribes (offers) we've gotten in just the last few days:
  • Barack Obama: I will have the honor of calling a handful of folks to say thanks. Pitch in $3 or more, and I'll hope to speak to you later this week
  • Michelle Obama:  Not everyone knows how to prepare for a dinner like this. As someone who's eaten countless meals with my husband, I want to tell you the one thing to do if you're selected to join him...Just relax. Barack wants this dinner to be fun, and he really loves getting to know supporters like you.I hope you'll take him up on it before Friday's deadline.Will you donate just $3 today and be entered to have dinner with Barack?These dinners mean a lot to Barack. They're a chance for him to talk with a few of the people who are driving the campaign -- and a chance for him to say thank you.So come prepared to tell your story, and say whatever's on your mind.  Don't miss the opportunity to be there. Donate $3 or more today, before the September 30th deadline:  Thanks,Michelle
  • From Newt Gingrich:  Send me $19.94 to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the signing of the Contract With America and I send you an advanced copy of my '21st Century Contract With America' and if you are really lucky I'll send you a copy of the original Contract With America autographed by me and I'll even personally call you.
  • From Ann Romney:  Friend, I've known my husband for a long time-in fact, for more than forty years. And you won't be surprised to hear that I think he's an extraordinary man who will make an extraordinary president. Of course, I am biased. So you should see for yourself. Yesterday, Mitt sent the email below offering one supporter AND a guest of his or her choice a chance to spend a day on the campaign trail with him meeting with voters. We'll cover the cost of the trip - all you need to do is donate $5 or more here and automatically sign up for the chance to take partI can promise you an unforgettable day. It's a chance to watch history being made. It's a chance to make history yourself as you campaign along with America's next president. Thank you for your continued support.  Sincerely,  Ann Romney.
  • Ron Paul:  Send money but no bribe promised.
  • Michele Bachmann: Send money but no bribe promised.

    Four Years Will Be More Than Enough

    The incompetent bumbling Jimmy Carter continues to be upstaged by the current occupant of the White House for the same traits.    In fact, Gallup reports today that:

    "Americans' satisfaction with the way things are going in the United States is stuck at 11% in September. This level of pessimism is among the worst on record in a trend that dates to 1979. It also ties August's level for the lowest during Barack Obama's presidency.
    Read more at"

    Yes, the American public hasn't been so pessimistic since 1979 when Carter had succeeded at destroying our image abroad (he didn't bow to foreign leaders) and virtually brought our economy to a standstill.  

    Hopefully, this will be a signal that the American public will have had more than enough of this in a little more than a year.

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    College World Series Should Take Note

    A recent article in the local daily, “Joplin tornado offers lesson for other cities: Heed Warnings” might be instructive to the folks who make decisions about the College World Series and other outdoor events. In the past (Friday, June 24, 2011N.C.A.A., M.E.C.A., College World Series, Inc. and City of Omaha Put Lives at Risk - Patrick McPherson) one of our correspondents has commented about the irresponsible disregard for human life exhibited by M.E.C.A. (Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority) when it failed to advise some 25,000 spectators of an approaching storm and even allowed baseball players to continue batting when tornado sirens blared.

    The article by Nancy Gaarder noted the following:

    • The deadliest U.S. tornado since 1947 was made deadlier because people waited to seek shelter, were confused by the storm warnings and weren’t fully aware of the severity of the threat, according to a federal review released Tuesday.
    • A review by the National Weather Service found that its workers provided adequate public warnings but said that the death toll raised perplexing questions about how to get people to take them more seriously.
    • Of the more than 60 tornado survivors the weather service interviewed in Joplin, many waited for something more convincing then sirens (sound like M.E.C.A and the CWS?) before seeking shelter. 
    We continue to believe that action by the Omaha City Council, the Douglas County Board or the legislature is needed to assure that a Joplin disaster doesn’t happen in Omaha, Douglas County or Nebraska. Requiring local officials to inform any public gathering of more than 500 people of a server storm warning (not a watch) upon issuance isn’t expecting too much. It would give citizens a choice of staying at the event, leaving or seeking shelter sooner. It’s one thing to waive your rights and legal recourse for being hit by a ball when you attend a sporting event, but it’s entirely different to be put at risk by incompetent managers and entities who fear the loss of income and who apparently don’t respect the life and welfare of their spectators.

    Turning Ourselves In To the Gestapo

    It seems like just a week or two ago we reported that the Obama Campaign had established its "Attack Watch" which is a modern day version of Hitler's efforts to turn neighbor against neighbor.   

    Well, rather than wait to be turned into the Obama's SS Troops and potentially causing some liberal some guilt at some point in the future, we've self reported.   Yes, we joined "Attack Watch" and then reported ourselves thusly:

    "A right wing radical blog, know as the Objective Conservative, is saying mean and untrue things about our beloved president.   Please stop them."

    Now, this of course may mean that we will soon be visited by the Obama storm troopers who will surely want to take us off line but then we felt it was the only appropriate way to respond to our president's request to turn in dissenters, a crime we are surely guilty of.

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    I Left My Clothes in San Francisco

    We received the following from Bill Donohue of the Catholic League regarding the San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair held over the weekend.  It's amazing the state of moral depravity that exists in Nancy Pelosi's hometown and which is apparently condoned by this so-called Catholic woman.
    "As usual, the homosexuals went naked in the streets, and some engaged in their ritual Catholic-bashing events. Men were flogged while stretched out on a huge metal Cross, while others dressed as nuns. Whips and chains could be bought everywhere, and sadomasochistic behavior was commonplace. It's what they do.
    This year's Folsom Street Fair occurred on a weekend where homosexuals walked around naked all over the city. There was also a "Nude-In," a protest by homosexuals who are angry about a proposed law that would prohibit people from going to restaurants in the nude; it would also require those who sit on park benches to put a towel, or maybe a handkerchief, under their bottoms. Public nudity is legal in the state of California, and nowhere is it more popular than in San Francisco.
    In every newspaper which reported on these events, not one mentioned that they were staged by homosexuals. Moreover, not a single person in the gay community was quoted as objecting to either the Catholic bashing or the depravity. The Catholic representative of this district, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, was similarly mute.
    "Defining deviancy down" is how Daniel Patrick Moynihan characterized the lowering of moral standards and expectations. But that was almost 20 years ago. Back then, public nudity was a rarity; today, the demand that we wear pants while ordering a burger at McDonald's is seen as oppressive."

    Obama Got it Right--Once

    Sometimes one can't resist the opportunity to pass on some of the Internet spam that comes one's way.  Such is the case with the photo here and the quote that came with it.    Yes, in one of his few moments of lucidity our president got it right--only he wasn't our president at the time.   And yes, Republicans should have addressed the national debt long ago rather than happily spending their grand children's financial future.

    Here is what he said:

    “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America 's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government's reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America 's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, "the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”
    ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006!

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    If I Only Had a Heart -- Doug Patton

    "When a man's an empty kettle, he should be on his mettle, and yet I'm torn apart;
    just because I'm presumin', that I could be kinda human, if I only had a heart."
    — Tin Man, from The Wizard of Oz
    Politically speaking, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has just loaded his double-barrel, 12-gauge shotgun, aimed it squarely at the American people — and shot himself right in the foot. Of all the dumb things Perry could have said during last week's Republican debate, his statement regarding in-state tuition for the children of illegal aliens was as tone deaf as anything I have heard come out of the mouth of President Barack Obama.
    "If you say that we should not educate children who come into our state for no other reason than that they've been brought there through no fault of their own," Perry said, "I don't think you have a heart. We need to be educating these children, because they will become a drag on our society."
    I hate to break it to the good governor, but they have been a drag on our society since the day their parents decided to break our laws and bring them, and themselves, across our border. I will even go a step further and opine that former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum got it wrong when he said to Perry during the debate, "No one is saying that they (illegals) can't attend our colleges and universities, but we don't need to subsidize them."
    I, for one, am saying exactly that: illegals should not be allowed to attend our schools, be they secondary or post-secondary. Those institutions should be there to educate American children first, followed by those who have complied with our laws and entered our country legally. If we can agree that illegals should be denied jobs and welfare benefits, why should it be such an outrageous proposition to say that they should be denied a public education?
    And simply because a pregnant woman makes it across our border before delivering her child, that child should not automatically be an American citizen, as is now the case.
    Remember the old saying, "Don't kill the goose that laid the golden egg"? Well, America's largesse as a nation is the golden egg and millions of illegal aliens breaking into our country are killing, cooking and eating the goose.
    Perry's debate performances so far have been lackluster at best and embarrassing at worst, with the quality of his answers deteriorating with each showing. While he has been gutsy and consistent concerning Social Security being a Ponzi Scheme, he has flip-flopped on the matter of states' right versus federal power. An example is the issue of same sex marriage. Perry first said that it was a matter for the states to decide; later, he began advocating for a Constitutional Amendment in support of traditional marriage between a man and a woman.
    He has doubled down on his insistence that his forced HPV inoculation of 12-year-old girls was the right policy simply implemented in the wrong way. Perhaps worst of all, Perry's reply to Michele Bachmann's accusation of corruption was weak: "I raised $30 million in campaign funds (for governor), so if you are implying that I can be bought for five thousand, then I'm offended." When I heard that statement, I remember thinking, So, then, what is your price?
    While it is still early in this election season, and much can happen between now and the first caucuses and primaries, Perry may well have cost himself the GOP presidential nomination with his one inane comment about illegal immigration. It is never politically smart to impugn the motives of one's own supporters by telling them that if they disagree with you, they have no heart.
    © 2011 by Doug Patton
    Doug Patton describes himself as a recovering political speechwriter who agrees with himself much more often than not. Now working as a freelance writer, his weekly columns of sage political analysis are published the world over by legions of discerning bloggers, courageous webmasters and open-minded newspaper editors. Astute supporters and inane detractors alike are encouraged to e-mail him with their pithy comments at

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    An Idea Ben Gray Could Love

    For those of you who missed the recent Associate Press story, it the City of Seattle is on the verge of joining San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and the state of Connecticut in requiring businesses to provide sick days for their employees. The law would require any business with more than five employees to pay for at least five sick days a year for their employees. Businesses with more than 250 employees would have to pay for nine sick days.

    Sounds like an initiative that Omaha City Councilman Ben Gray could fall in love with if he decides not to go ahead with his anti-transgender, homo-sexual and cross-dressing ordinance.

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Don't Just Talk, Merge!

    Again, we apologize for our failure to react immediately to various issues raised by our local daily or others. One such was an article on September 11th in the local daily regarding the potential of merging the Douglas County and Sarpy County 911 centers.

    Just as we’ve noted with the idea of merging Omaha city and Douglas County governments, we think that merging 911 centers is simply a no-brainer. In fact, the truth of the matter is that the entire metro area of would be will served by such a merger. We’ve asked before how it makes sense to have a metro area whose boundaries are virtually indistinguishable by anyone save the presence of county sign have more than one such entity serve it?

    With the continued costs of new equipment why should two counties and their various municipalities be burdening tax payers with unneeded and less efficient costs? Again, it’s time to quit finding objections and impediments and move forward with this idea.

    Replace and Revamp the Omaha School Board

    From the the low grades, the excuses and all the recent revelations about the Omaha School Board it is clear that it has allowed itself to simply become the pawn of Superintendent Mackiel. It is virtually a rubber stamp board which rather than setting policy allows Mackiel to do so.

    We've said in the past that every one of the twelve members should be fired by the voters, even the only male on the board who when he has had an occasional lucid thought is torpedoed by his other eleven peers and an organizational structure that refuses to answer or pursue board member requests.

    It's not an issue of board members trying to micromanage the organization, it's an issue of the organization telling the board members what it will do for them and what their role is.

    Our rumor mill tells us the Omaha Public School System may be in line for a rude and well-deserved awakening. There are apparently some in the legislature who think it is time to legislate a new structure for this out of control and incompetent organization. It appears that would mean severely reducing the size of the board and hopefully the election of an entirely new board with accountability for managing and directing, and hopefully, for placing accountability on those whose job it is to educate the children.

    Suffice it to say 2012 may bring a much needed change to this rubber-stamp, excuse-making bunch of incompetents.   Heads will roll.   We can't wait!

    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    Praise for Senator Ashford?

    We try to be fair and balanced as much as possible and when a ‘liberal’, even a Republican that we regard as basically a R.I.N.O. (Republican in name only), says something intelligent we are willing to say he/she is right.

    Such is the case with State Senator Brad Ashford who recently has iterated a couple of items of rational conservative thoughts:
    • Item One: In Friday‘s “The Public Pulse” section of the local daily, he says of the Douglas County and City of Omaha governments, “The best solution for our future, I believe, is one elected govering board for Douglas County, with a single budget and one group of elected officials working together.”
    • Item Two: In Sunday’s piece by the same local daily on the OPS ‘rift’ the paper notes, “State Sen. Brad Ashford of Omaha said the board situation gives the appearance that the district lacks transparency and is not open to questions and ideas. “It’s alarming,” Ashford said.”

    We agree with Ashford on both of his comments. With nearly 85% of the population of Omaha living in the city it only makes sense to combine the city council and county board. Working with some ‘interlocal’ agreements has helped but a true combination is in the end most logical. Of course, the members of the city council and the county board will all find reasons to disagree and roadblocks and impediments to note. But the bottom line is that if these were businesses they would ‘merge’ in a heartbeat and easily find ways to reduce costs through the process.

    On the issue of OPS, it is clear that given the revelations regarding Mackiel’s contract that the board has been eviscerated of the ability to criticize, offer ideas and be transparent in its efforts. Again, no business would ever accept the kind of C.E.O. whose contract prohibited it’s board from offering ideas and sharing ideas. A staff director such as Jolene Pace who according to the local daily, “She cited a board policy restricting a board member from making requests that take more than one hour of staff time and requiring that lengthier requests come from the appropriate board committee,” would either be fired by a competent C.E.O. or that C.E.O. would himself be looking for work.

    We’ll have more to say on these two issues in the future but we are happy to agree with Ashford for a change although we suspect that his opinions, along with reported attempt to inject himself into the current C.I.R. fire union/city council contract negotiations are simply his attempts to solidify his image in hopes of becoming Omaha’s next mayor. To that we say, Omaha needs a leader in that office (which we don’t have now), not a negotiator. Ashford may be a ‘consensus builder’, but he is not a leader.

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Pat Robertson Has Become an Embarrasment -- Doug Patton

    Those who have followed my columns for any length of time will know that I have written on numerous occasions that Pat Robertson has become an embarrassment to himself, his television viewers, the Republican Party and to Christianity itself. It was not always so.

    After Robertson lost the GOP presidential nomination in 1988, he hired Ralph Reed to start the Christian Coalition. By the 1990s, the organization had become one of the most influential groups in conservative circles. It helped to bring about the Republican Revolution in 1994, giving control of both the House and the Senate to the GOP for the first time in forty years, and it was instrumental in solidifying that control in 1996.

    However, by the turn of the Millennium, the Christian Coalition's clout had waned. Reed, who had become the face of the organization, had left to start his own political consulting firm, and Robertson himself was beginning to make some bizarre statements and decisions that quickened the demise of his once-powerful group.

    In 2001, I was highly critical of Robertson for a statement he made concerning the Chinese government's one-child policy, which mandates forced abortion and/or leads directly to the murder of many female babies.

    "They've got 1.2 billion people, and they don't know what to do," Robertson said. "If every family over there was allowed to have three or four children, the population would be completely unsustainable…So, I think that right now they're doing what they have to do. I don't agree with the forced abortion, but I don't think the United States needs to interfere with what they're doing internally in this regard."

    As it turned out, Robertson, already a longtime multimillionaire by then, had substantial investments in China and apparently wanted to avoid offending its communist leaders. (Ironically, a decade later, Joe Biden said pretty much the same thing for the same reason.)

    Then, in the wake of 9/11, instead of laying the blame for the attacks at the feet of the terrorists where it belonged, Robertson seemed to blame America's tolerance of abortion and homosexuality, thus forever placing himself (at least in the minds of many Americans who lost loved ones that day) into the company of Fred Phelps and his merry band of Kansas nut jobs, whose Westboro cult harasses the next of kin at the funerals of fallen soldiers.

    Skip forward a few years and the 2008 presidential election season found Pat endorsing none other than the morally bankrupt, pro-abortion Rudy Giuliani for president of these United States. He may have been America’s mayor on 9/11, but Giuliani left a lot to be desired among the Christians for whom Pat Robertson purports to speak.

    And now the Right Reverend Robertson has endorsed the idea of divorcing a spouse suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. That’s right. A recent caller to the 700 Club told Robertson that he felt guilty about seeing another woman while his wife was still alive. He wanted guidance about divorcing her. Robertson’s dodge of those pesky “in sickness and in health” and “till death do us part” sections of the man’s wedding vows was to rationalize that Alzheimer’s “really is a form of death.”

    Excuse me?

    As a devout believer in the redeeming power of the living Lord Jesus Christ, I find that to be as repugnant and obtuse as any statement this man has ever made — and he obviously has made some big ones! Have we so dumbed down our theological understanding that “natural death” is no longer the criteria for letting go of a beloved spouse? Have we, as Christian men, become so shallow that our own “happiness” reigns supreme over remaining loyal to the mother of our children? What’s next? Will Pat tell his audience that it was okay that Terry Schaivo was starved to death by her husband because he was “unhappy”?

    I used to call for Pat Robertson to retire as soon as possible. I now believe that he should surrender his credentials as a minister of the Gospel — and then retire as soon as possible.
    © 2011 by Doug Patton
    Doug Patton describes himself as a recovering political speechwriter who agrees with himself much more often than not. Now working as a freelance writer, his weekly columns of sage political analysis are published the world over by legions of discerning bloggers, courageous webmasters and open-minded newspaper editors. Astute supporters and inane detractors alike are encouraged to e-mail him with their pithy comments at

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Why Doesn't Omaha World-Herald Just Endorse Nelson Now?

    The local daily again showed it’s bias on Friday for Ben Nelson whom it intends to endorse for re-election next year. With a front page below the fold article with photo (and a photo on page 2 as well) in a promotion piece for Nelson titled “Nelson’s Western warbling will echo for Manilow,” the paper notes that Nelson presented Barry Manilow a CD of his non-hit single “Western Town” when Manilow was on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

    Since when does such a article belong on the front page of local daily? Maybe somewhere in the ‘Midlands’ section? More appropriately such might have found a paragraph column in the “Living Section.”

    Apparently, The Omaha World-Herald has become the publishing arm of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Nebraska Republican Party and Ben Nelson campaign.

    Nelson Supports New Taxes on the Rich

    Excuse us for being a little late in opining on Judas Ben Nelson’s comments about the latest Obama jobs cure. Last week the local daily noted Nelson’s comments in reaction to the president’s speech noting, “Senator Ben Nelson, D-Neb, noted that Buffett a Democrat, has been talking about the unfairness of the tax code for some time and that it was appropriate for the president to raise the issue.”

    Now if you remember, back in 2006, Nelson’s Republican opponent Pete Ricketts opined that he was open to any of a number of changes in the tax code including the flat tax and the fair tax. With that Nelson when on a campaign to infer that Ricketts wanted everyone to pay a 23% sales tax. Of course Nelson failed to note that Ricketts never said that and that even if he had that would have eliminated the entire federal income tax and F.I.C.A. deductions as well. Pure demagoguery.

    So now based on Nelson’s comments it is fair to say Nelson wants to raise taxes on the rich.

    Friday, September 16, 2011

    Nebraskans Can Help Fight Heineman

    Yep.   In today's "We Get E-mail" category we received one from our good friends at   Unlike the requests from others for just $5 Moveon wants us to send $20 this time to help "take on those Nebraska Republicans who have gone on a right-wing binge."

    "Dear Nebraska MoveOn member,

    In the last two weeks, MoveOn members have signed up to donate a whopping $25,000 each month to help take on Dave Heineman and other governors pursuing an extremist right-wing agenda.
    If we can double that, we'll have enough resources to bring MoveOn's grassroots muscle and Internet organizing to state capitols across the country—and go to toe-to-toe with tea party governors across America, heading into a critical election year.
    Dave Heineman really, really doesn't want that to happen. Can you chip in $20 a month and ruin Dave Heineman's day?
    Sorry, I can't

    Nebraska Republicans have gone on a right-wing binge, with some of the most extreme restrictions on abortion in the country and deep cuts in education and health care that are pushing us toward a double-dip recession. And Republicans are pushing the same far-right agenda in state capitols across the country.1
    The scariest part is, these right-wing extremists are pushing for even more. In states across the country, Republicans are calling "special sessions" to ram through even deeper budget cuts and partisan redistricting maps that will lock in GOP dominance for years to come.2
    This is one of the biggest expansions we've ever taken on. Can you help give us the ongoing resources we need by making a donation of $20 per month? It's easy, and you can cancel at any time.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Thursday, September 15, 2011


    We can't stand James Carville, but we are amused at his column when he says, "What should the White House do now? One word came to mind: Panic."

    Beyond that, Carville says:
    • "Do not attempt to dumb it down. We cannot stand any more explanations. Have you talked to any Democratic senators lately? I have. It's pretty damn clear they are not happy campers."
    • "The time has come to demand a plan of action that requires a complete change from the direction you are headed."
    • "1. Fire somebody. No -- fire a lot of people. This may be news to you but this is not going well. For precedent, see Russian Army 64th division at Stalingrad. There were enough deaths at Stalingrad to make the entire tea party collectively orgasm........ For God's sake, why are we still looking at the same political and economic advisers that got us into this mess? It's not working.....Furthermore, it's not going to work with the same team, the same strategy and the same excuses."
    • "2. Indict people. There are certain people in American finance who haven't been held responsible for utterly ruining the economic fabric of our country. Demand from the attorney general a clear status of the state of investigation concerning these extraordinary injustices imposed upon the American people. I know Attorney General Eric Holder is a close friend of yours, but if his explanations aren't good, fire him too."
    • "3. Make a case like a Democrat. While we are going along with the Republican austerity garbage, who is making the case against it? It's not the Democrats!"
    • "4. Hold fast to an explanation. Stick to your rationale for what has happened and what is going to happen under your leadership. You must carry this through until the election (never say that things are improving because evidently they are not)."
    Now to be fair, Carville isn't saying this because he likes Republicans.   In fact, he closes with, "As I watch the Republican debates, I realize that we are on the brink of a crazy person running our nation. I sit in front of the television and shudder at the thought of one of these creationism-loving, global-warming-denying, immigration-bashing, Social-Security-cutting, clean-air-hating, mortality-fascinated, Wall-Street-protecting Republicans running my country."

    You can read Carville's complete diatribe at: .   The point is even James Carville can see that Obama's 'hope and change' has failed. 

    Ask the World-Herald "What Did Ben Do and Where Was He?"

    The local daily seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that Judas Ben Nelson spent the month of August hiding out from constituents.  On the other hand, Second District Congressman Lee Terry had 57 meetings with businesses during the month.   He had several publicly advertised town hall meetings.  
    While it's obvious that the editorial page of the local daily is planning on endorsing Nelson for another six years one would hope that their existed enough journalistic integrity at the paper to at least point out the difference between Ben Nelson's August vacation and those of the rest of Nebraska's Congressional delegation.  If it were Nelson holding town halls and constituent meetings and the others not you can be certain the local daily would point that out.

    The Omaha World-Herald's pass on critiquing Nelson is shameful.

    Ron Paul With Us Through 2012

    In yet another addition to our 'We Get E-mail' category, we received one yesterday from presidential want-to-be Ron Paul.   One would think that after three or so debates Ron would get the message that he's not the one for the G.O.P. in 2012.   Now we don't disagree with Paul on many issues but clearly he is way off on foreign involvements, drugs and border issues.   
    But, we digress.   Ron is going for another 'money bomb' this coming week.   We continue to be amazed that folks keep giving to him.   Certainly they know he is unelectable, but they keep sending him millions with every money bomb.   Unbelievable!
    Okay, here is what Ron asks us to do:

    "They pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to free themselves from the chains of British tyranny.

    But perhaps their greatest achievement was restraining government power and paving the way for the United States to become the freest and most prosperous nation the world has ever seen.

    Sadly, the Constitution our Founders passed down to us has been routinely ignored for decades.

    Our remaining liberties are under constant assault, and our economy is now teetering on the brink of collapse as a result.

    I'm asking you to help me send a message for liberty and limited government by
    pledging to contribute as generously as you can to the Champion of the Constitution - Ron Paul - this Constitution Day, Saturday, September 17, at

    The truth is, Ron Paul and I are both hoping the Constitution Day Money Bomb will be our campaign's biggest yet.

    After all, Dr. Paul has spent over 30 years defending our Constitution with a record that's quite simply unmatched by ANY other elected official.

    And in this race for President chock-full of counterfeit conservatives and Big Government establishment Republicans, Dr. Paul's message of liberty is resonating like never before.

    Now, both national polls and those in key early primary states prove that not only is Dr. Paul a real contender to WIN the Republican nomination, but that he is THE Republican candidate to take on and DEFEAT President Obama in 2012.

    Quite simply, the American people are FED UP.

    They want an END to the out-of-control spending, dollar destruction, trillion-dollar wars, and never-ending assaults on their liberties.

    Don't you?

    If you do, I hope Ron Paul can count on you to
    pledge to make a generous donation at this Constitution Day, September 17."

    Needed: Buffett Secretary or Janitor

    Our "We Get E-mail" box seems to be filling up faster than we can delete them.  Pleas to send $5 to have dinner with the president and to send $5 to go on the campaign trail with Mitt.    And now we've got one asking us to play detective for and find a former Warren Buffett secretary or janitor who could become the poster boy or girl for the president and Moveon's efforts to raise taxes on those evil rich folks--you know the guys and gals who won't create jobs because of Obamacare, 54,000 new pages of regulations since his coronation and fears of higher taxes.  

    Oh well, you may find this one amusing.  We did.

    "Dear MoveOn member,

    We have a great national campaign that only a Nebraskan can make better.

    Warren Buffett has long made the point that his own secretary has a higher tax rate than he does—in fact, he pays a lower rate than anyone in his office.1

    In a New York Times op-ed last month, Buffett called for the rich to pay their fair share again.2 And it really struck a chord with the media, the public, and nearly half a million MoveOn members who signed a petition backing his call.

    What could really help take this campaign to the next level is if one or more of Buffett's current or former secretaries would be available to speak out too—or any similar employee of Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway, or even his cleaning person.

    That kind of individual story could really help reignite the media's interest and keep taxing the rich at the top of the national agenda.

    So if you work, or used to work, at Berkshire Hathaway or for Buffett, please let us know by replying to this email.

    If you know anyone who works or used to work at Berkshire Hathaway or for Buffett, please send them this email and encourage them to get in touch with us by sending an email to

    Taxing the rich fairly again can help create jobs this country needs and prevent cuts to programs that millions of Americans count on, like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

    Warren Buffett has called for the rich like himself to be taxed their fair share. Now we just need a few everyday Nebraskans to join him.

    Thanks for all you do.

    –Daniel, Milan, Elena, Eli, and the rest of the team"

    Rome is Burning and Our President Says "Pass it Now"

    On the one-week anniversary of the pre-game Obama Jobs plan and with him cavorting across the country saying, "Pass it now", it's interesting to reflect that:
    • In his speech, he said, "Pass it now" 17 times.
    • Passing it now would have required having a bill available which didn't find it's way to Congress until late Monday of this week. 
    • Again, Politico notes, "That’s 18 times (apparently they recounted) in his speech to Congress, 18 times at the University of Richmond, 12 times in the Rose Garden (when he officially unveiled his 155-page bill), 18 times at a high school in Columbus, and 24 times at North Carolina State University.
    • While the president was golfing at Martha's Vineyard and taking a bus tour of the Midwest during August when no new jobs were produced he might have sensed the urgency of getting a bill to congress when they came back rather than waiting for his pre-game political address to Congress.
    • Upon review of the bill even Politico notes, "Call it the boomerang provision. President Obama will again try to get Congress to approve a measure that would require wealthier Americans to essentially pay more for their employer-backed health care coverage. This time, he wants to use the measure to help defray a large chunk of the cost that his jobs package would incur."
    This president seems to believe that Warren Buffett has all the answers--tax the rich so his secretary doesn't pay a greater percentage of taxes on her income than he does.   With a mentality like this, with Obamacare coming hard at them, with uncertainty about increased taxes, with 54,000 pages of new regulations since he took office, with O.S.H.A. breathing down the necks of small businessmen, with the E.P.A. doing the same and with job-destroying attitudes that prevent firms like Boeing from going to right-to-work states to create thousands of jobs is it any wonder business isn't creating and won't create new jobs?  

    Rome is burning and our president continues to fiddle the same inane tune.

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Attack Watch: Turn in Those Obama Rumor and Fear Mongers

    In our "We Get E-mail" category we got this one earlier today from our friends at the Obama 2012 campaign.   Being strong supporters of our president we sure want to help and sign up to be a tattle-tale.   Kind of reminds us of how a guy by the name of Hitler dealt with treasonous miscreants seventy years ago......

    Friend --

    If you're someone who cares about seeing a campaign focused on substance between now and November 2012, I need you to become a part of one of our most important teams.

    It's called, and it launches today.

    Here's the deal: We all remember the birth certificate smear, the GOP's barrage of lies about the Affordable Care Act, and the string of other phony attacks on President Obama that we've seen over the past few years.

    There are a lot of folks on the other side who are chomping at the bit to distort the President's record. It's not a question of if the next big lie will come, just when -- and what we're prepared to do about it. is exactly what it sounds like: a resource that allows us to nip these attacks in the bud before they show up on the airwaves and in emails -- and then fight back with the truth.

    By signing up, you'll be on the front lines -- you'll hear about false claims as soon as they come up, and we'll count on you to spread the truth to your friends and personal networks and let us know about new smears whenever you hear them.

    Will you sign up now to be a part of
    Yes, I want to be on the team that fights back.

    Not right now, but I'll donate $5 to fund the 2012 campaign and support this work.

    I remember the smears from 2008 well, and I'm sure you do, too.

    They didn't just attack Barack Obama and Joe Biden. They went after everything this movement is built on, and everyone who supports it.

    This time, they're not just out to personally attack the President -- they're also out to mislead Americans about the record of accomplishments that he's compiled. Just the other day, a Republican financier actually quoted Saddam Hussein in telling a group of millionaire donors that defeating President Obama will be "the mother of all wars."

    We're launching today to make sure we're ready for the attacks we know are coming -- and armed with the ability to fight back quickly.

    Sign up for now, and let's get the facts out:



    Jim Messina
    Campaign Manager
    Obama for America

    A Trip with Mitt and Dinner with Obama

    Seems that Mitt Romney is taking fundraising cues from the current occupant of the White House.    You may recall from one of our recent postings our excitement at being asked to join the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of  $5 contribution (oh only one of the 13 million who donate will get that opportunity).  

    Well, today, Mitt is telling us if we'll just send him $5 we'll have the opportunity to join him on the campaign trail.   He'll pay all expenses

    Gosh, all of this is beginning to sound like the $1 million we are waiting to receive from Publishers' Clearinghouse!

    Anyway, here is Mitt's message and also another just received from the other guy whose ploy apparently worked well enough last month that he now wants to repeat it.

    "Dear Friend,

    As the campaign season heats up, I'm traveling all across the country speaking directly to voters. This month alone I'll be visiting almost 20 states for rallies, town halls and various local events. I know that speaking directly to voters is critical to sharing my vision for America.

    My hope is that you'll be able to attend an event near your home and hear about my plan to put our country back on the right track. But I also know that not everyone can make it to an event.

    This is why I am inviting one of my supporters to join me as my special guest on the campaign trail to discuss the issues facing our nation. I'll cover transportation - just make sure you have your questions ready.

    If you make a $5 donation here today, you will be automatically entered for a chance to join me on the road for a day.


    And from the other guy:

    "Friend --

    Supporters like you are the reason I'm here, and the values we share have always made our organization more than just a political campaign.

    So whenever I can, I want to take the opportunity to meet you. Last month, that meant I got to talk to folks in Iowa about small-business opportunities, and sit down with a group of volunteers from around the country who helped build this campaign in their communities this summer.

    Today, I want to ask if you'll join me and three other supporters for a meal and conversation sometime soon.
    Please donate $5 or more to be automatically entered for a chance to join me for dinner.

    If this sounds a bit familiar to you, it's because we've done this before. In fact, my hope is that I'll be able to keep doing these dinners throughout the campaign.

    They're a chance for me to talk one on one with people like you who are taking ownership of this campaign and connect with the work going on every day in neighborhoods across the country.

    These dinners also set our campaign apart. No matter what our opponents do over the next 14 months, dinners like these are how we will continue to put people at the heart of this campaign -- and prove that we don't need checks from Washington lobbyists or special-interest PAC money to win an election. We can do it person to person, in our neighborhoods and backyards, and over the dinner table.

    That's why I'm asking for your donation today. I hope you'll take a minute to help build this campaign. When you do, you'll have a chance to join me for dinner:

    Maybe I'll get to thank you in person.


    A Harbinger for Obama and the Democrats

    Roll Call's Joshua Miller has a good article today, "Bob Turner Upsets Democrat David Weprin in New York Special, ( As you will recall this was a special election to replace the shameful Democrat Culture of Corruption Poster Boy Anthony Weiner whose perversions somehow escaped being drained from her Democratic swamp by Nancy Pelosi when she was queen--oops, Speaker.

    Turner, a septuagenarian (as Rush would say, 'for those of you in Yorba Linda, that's 70 years) defeated his Democrat opponent with approximately 54% of the vote.  It should be noted that this is the first time that this district has gone Republican since 1920. That's 91 years ago.    Add this win to the one in Nevada (Mark Amodei, a former state legislator and ex-state GOP chairman beat his Democrat opponent with 57% of the vote) yesterday and one might suggest a harbinger against Obama and his policies--particularly as regards the economy.

    Here are some of the points made in the Roll Call article:
    • Turner’s win came despite a late blitz of Democratic money trying to save the seat formerly held by Rep. Anthony Weiner (D), including a half-million-dollar television ad buy from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
    • Despite the district’s more than 3-to-1 Democratic voter registration advantage, his massive fundraising lead and his campaign’s enormous voter identification and get-out-the-vote effort, Weprin came up short.
    • ....the election became, in many ways, a national referendum on the state of the economy and whether the country was on the right track. And voters made clear they were deeply unhappy with the status quo.
    • In a recent Siena College poll of likely voters, 74 percent said the country was headed in the wrong direction. In another survey by Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, President Barack Obama’s job approval in the district was at a surprising 31 percent, with 56 percent saying they disapprove of the job he is doing.
    • Democrats note that regardless of how Weprin performed as a candidate, he was seen as the incumbent in an atmosphere toxic to those associated with the status quo. And unlike the recent Democratic victory in the special election in New York’s 26th district, where Democrats were able to define the GOP candidate early, the Big Apple’s expensive media market made substantial TV buys before the final days impossible.
    • No matter the mitigating factors, losing a Democratic district in the heart of New York City is terrible news for Democrats from Rep. Joe Crowley, the Queens County Democratic Party chairman, to the president.
    Maybe even the Democrats have begun to realize that 'Hope and Change' is about anything other than Obama.

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    Heard on the Street

    There are some rumors and some facts out there.  You might want to try to sort them out but here is what we are hearing:
    • Chip Maxwell, former State Senator, Executive Director of Dave Nabity's Alliance for the Private Sector and KFAB Saturday morning radio personality will take a job October 3 with Nebraska State Auditor Mike Foley as his communications director. FACT.
    • State Senators Brad Ashford and Steve Lathrop have offered to mediate the Omaha Fire Union contract on behalf of the Omaha City Council.   Their 'selling points' are that they know the C.I.R. better than anyone else--especially since they created the latest revision.
    • Seems that State Senator Gwen Howard's carpet-bagger daughter Sara (have you seen the vote for Sara bumper stickers?) who wants to take her mother's term-limited seat in the legislature has coaxed solid (we jest, of course) Republicans Senator Brad Ashford, County Commissioner P.J Morgan and County Commissioner Mary Ann Borgeson to support her and sponsor her upcoming fundraiser.   By the way, even R.I.N.O. Brad Ashford has been overheard saying that "Sara is REALLY LIBERAL."  
    • The same state senator mentioned above, Gwen Howard, is likely to announce next week that she will seek the Democrat nomination for the 2nd Congressional District  against John Ewing, you know the County Treasurer who lives in a $900,000 home financed by his $200,000 plus income from his county job and police pension while delivering substandard service to Douglas County taxpayers.

    Endorsements, Vice Presidents and Governor Heineman

    It's the beginning of 'endorsement' season and we saw that yesterday with Governor Tim Pawlenty's endorsement of Mitt Romney.    Romney remains the favorite of the 'Republican Political Class.'   
    Gov. Jindal
    Now we make no excuses.   We kind of liked Pawlenty.   He with Romney, and Perry who joined the race on the Iowa Straw Poll day of disappointment for Pawlenty, were/are the only 'electable' G.O.P. nominees.   But with that said, now there are two remaining and the endorsements are starting.   Governor Jindal endorsed Perry yesterday.

    As we noted, we liked Pawlenty.   Still do, but his comments (courtesy of Roll Call) about wanting to be vice president yesterday might just be a little bit disingenuous, "Pawlenty said on Fox News that he remains uninterested in accepting any invitation he might receive to serve as the eventual nominee's vice presidential running mate." SURE.

    Of course, if Romney wins he might also want to consider another governor who has endorsed him, Governor Dave Heineman who has certain just as good or better credentials to be V.P.

     By the way, endorsements don't mean much.   Nor do the state that a vice president hails from.   In the case of a vice presidential nominee the most important mantra is selecting one who does no harm to the ticket.    That would certainly be Dave Heineman.

    Happy Days Are Here Again

    Well, the slogan "Happy Days are here again" may not be one the Democrats will want to play at their national convention next year.    With unemployment at 9.1% it's hard to see much improvement over the next year which will require lots of finger pointing at George W., the Tea Party and those recalcitrant Republicans in the Congress.

    But in what should make President Johnson overturn in his grave we now find that his Great Society has also taken a slide over the last three years (darn that George W., the Tea Party and those recalcitrant Republicans).   Here is what CNN tells us today about the U.S. poverty rates:

    "More Americans fell below the poverty line last year, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released Tuesday.
    The nation's poverty rate rose to 15.1% in 2010, up from 14.3% in 2009 and to its highest level since 1993.
    Last year marked the third year in a row the rate increased. All told, 46.2 million people are considered in need. In addition, real median household income last year was $49,445, a 2.3% decline, the Census Bureau reported."

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Barack Obama Has No Clothes -- Doug Patton

    Some of the best children's stories convey moral messages that speak universal truths. One of my favorites is Hans Christian Andersen's 1837 yarn, "The Emperor's New Clothes," which tells the tale of an arrogant king obsessed with his appearance.
    Posing as tailors, two con men convince the emperor that they will weave for him a suit of clothes from material so fine that it can only be seen by those who are worthy. In fact, they tell him, anyone who cannot see his new clothes is "hopelessly stupid." Of course, neither the emperor himself nor any of his advisors can see the cloth, but desiring to appear worthy, they make believe they can.

    When the suit is finished, the two "tailors" pretend to dress the emperor, who then parades down the street in a grand procession in front of his subjects, who all play along with the charade — except for one little child, who blurts out, "the emperor has no clothes!"

    This simple tale has come to mind many times in the nearly three years of Barack Obama's presidency, but none more vividly than in his "jobs bill" speech last week. After spinning trillions of dollars worth of imaginary fine cloth, out of which he was going to fix the economy, alleviate poverty, institute "fairness," heal the sick, part the seas and end war by making our enemies love us, the President of the United States paraded into a joint session of Congress last week wearing — absolutely nothing!

    The speech was billed by the national media as the biggest thing since FDR introduced the New Deal. It wasn't even close. In fact, it reminded me of the ridiculous non-press conference given by Chuck Hagel in 2007. Hagel, then a U.S. Senator from Nebraska, called the national media to Omaha to announce that he had not yet made a decision about whether to run for president. As John Podhoretz wrote of Hagel's performance in National Review, "How do you spell 'megalomaniac'?

    Obama read his speech masterfully, as he always does. In fact, as Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert sardonically opined the next day, "I was right in the president's line of sight through his left teleprompter, and I have to say that we have one of the most talented readers we have ever had in the White House." However, it was, as usual (with apologies to the bard), a great deal of sound and fury signifying nothing.

    "I am sending this Congress a plan that you should pass right away," Obama intoned urgently. "It's called the American Jobs Act. There should be nothing controversial about this piece of legislation. Everything in here is the kind of proposal that's been supported by both Democrats and Republicans — including many who sit here tonight. And everything in this bill will be paid for. Everything."

    I kept waiting for the entire chamber to erupt, ala Joe Wilson, with "You lie!"

    For the most part, the president's "plan" is simply more tinkering around the edges, augmented by additional horrendous Obamaesque spending, "paid for" by imaginary cuts and tax increases foisted upon future Congresses ten years down the road — something no president or Congress has the authority to do.

    As usual with this president, there is no bill. There is only a speech. As Nancy Pelosi so farcically stated when she rammed through Obamacare last year, apparently Congress is just supposed to "pass the bill in order to find out what's in it."

    The truth is that if the president actually had a bill that did what he is promising for the economy, he wouldn't need to come before the nation like a snake-oil salesman selling an inferior product. He would simply send the bill to Congress and release it to the public for open discussion. That is the beauty of great ideas. They don't require a sales pitch.

    There is no hope that the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate will save us from this nonsense, which leaves us with the Tea Party House members elected last year. Call them. Write them. E-mail them. Tell them to continue passing real legislation that gets government out of the way of those who can actually put Americans back to work. Tell them the emperor has no clothes.
    © 2011 by Doug Patton
    Doug Patton describes himself as a recovering political speechwriter who agrees with himself much more often than not. Now working as a freelance writer, his weekly columns of sage political analysis are published the world over by legions of discerning bloggers, courageous webmasters and open-minded newspaper editors. Astute supporters and inane detractors alike are encouraged to e-mail him with their pithy comments at