Monday, November 30, 2009

Wayne Bena New Sarpy County Election Commissioner

We told you last Tuesday to expect an appoint by the Governor to fill the Sarpy County Election Commissioner's Position and today he appointed Wayne Bena, a well-know young Republican activist. It was a good decision.

A Letter from Tom White

Liberal leftist Obama lover Democrat candidate for the Second Congressional seat is sending us letters and we note he is couching next year's election as one that will decide whether he or Lee Terry are for change. Perhaps, White hasn't quite got the drift, but this idea of Obama change isn't going over to well with his nationalization of the finance industry, his nationalization of the auto industry, his desire to destroy millions of jobs through cap and trade, his outrageous and futile stimulus bill spending and his attempt to take over 17% of the American economy through health care 'reform.' The liberal leftist ideas of White and the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama are simply out of touch with where Nebraska's Second Congressional District voters are going regardless of that one electoral vote they gave last year.

Here's part of what White had to say in his letter:

We’re at that point in an election cycle where the pundits obsess over the wind. Who’s running against it? Who has it at their backs?

Lee Terry thinks he knows which way the wind is blowing – as a career politician, he has a lot of practice at guessing that. He thinks that by opposing health insurance reform and voting against the President every chance he gets, he’ll be able to drift to another term in office.

Truth is, it’s way too early to determine which way the wind will blow next November. Here’s what we know: this will be a hard-fought campaign, and we’ll need to invest in building a strong people-powered network.......

Make no mistake – this will be a campaign about the issues and who will fight for fundamental change. But grassroots fundraising is an early, important test. The pundits and both national parties are watching our race closely as they try to figure out which way the wind will be blowing next year."

Senate 'Health Care Exchange" Portion of Nelson/Reid/Obama Plan Will Raise Premiums

It's true, the Nelson/Reid/Obama Health Care Exchange will raise premiums for those who participate by about 10% according to an analysis by The Congressional Budget Office. Of course the good news for those who don't pay taxes is that about 57% of those covered would get government subsidies to cover 56-59% of their premiums.

We wonder how this fulfils the promises of Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama not to raise premiums? Further, those subsidies are going to be paid by lots of folks and we wonder how that fits with Senator Ben Nelson's pledge not to raise taxes--but it seems he has already violated that by voting to debate the Nelson/Reid/Obama Health Care Bill.

You can read more about this at:

Switzerland and The Islamic Backlash

We believe that Europe has put itself in a disastrous position by encouraging Muslims to immigrate to its countries and with little control over immigration and Islamic birthrates, these countries have created a real problem for themselves. In fact, they have created a no win situation for future political and religious strife while allowing themselves to feel good about their openness (political liberalism).

Anyway, the Swiss voted this weekend to prohibit any future construction of more minarets in their country. An interesting thing to vote on. With 57% voting to prohibit, perhaps a message is being sent that it's time to rethink former policies toward unrestricted immigration and accommodation Muslims. But we suspect that in a short time we will hear from those radical Islamists and that the message will be of a major terrorist nature. Let's see what happens.

Here are a few snippets from an article in today's Washington Post:

"PARIS -- Voters in Switzerland decided Sunday to ban the building of minarets, in a referendum that showed an unexpected level of resentment against Muslim immigrants in a country long known for discretion and tolerance.

Opinion polls in recent months had indicated that a majority of voters would reject the measure, fearful of an impact on the country's reputation and ability to do business in the Muslim world. But official results on Sunday showed a surprisingly strong 57.5 percent of those voting endorsed it, against 42.5 percent who opposed.

The ballot was the latest sign of a backlash against Muslim immigrants in Western Europe, where Christian voters appear increasingly eager to preserve their traditional ways in the face of expanded Muslim populations.

The Swiss federal council said four existing minarets would not be affected by the vote, and it specified that Muslim residents of the tiny Alpine country would still be allowed to build mosques and practice their religion. But construction of new minarets, the towers alongside mosques from which Muslims are called to prayer by Koranic chants, "is forbidden in Switzerland from now on," it said in a communique.

"This does not mean rejection of the Muslim community, its religion or its culture," the council added. "The federal council will make sure of that. Religious peace is an essential element that has made the success of Switzerland."

Omaha's Daily Opines Strongly on Nelson and Nelson/Reid/Obama Health Care Bill

Well, it seems the Douglas Street Rag's editorial page has got it right again, and as we suggested last week, it appears that the publisher, Terry Kroeger, rather than the wishy-washy Geitner Simmons, is the author given the clarity of the message.

Here is what the Kroeger, excuse us the editorial, said regarding Senator Nelson in regard to the Nelson/Reid/Obama Health Care Bill:

"Sen. Ben Nelson, the senior senator from Nebras­ka, voted on Nov. 21 to send the health care reform bill to the Senate floor for debate. Nelson was one of 60 senators voting to do so.

Nebraskans should know that Sen. Nelson was in a position to prevent this bill from getting to the Sen­ate floor, as all 60 votes were needed.

At least once more and perhaps several additional times during the Senate debate, a "cloture" vote will be taken. That means 60 votes are needed to allow the bill to move forward. In such situations, Sen. Nel­son will have the opportunity to stop the health care legislation, and he should.

Voting against the bill at the very end of the pro­cess, when only 51 votes would be needed in the Senate, would have no real meaning. Given the num­bers in the Senate, the only "no" vote by Nelson that would have any real-world effect on the legislation is an earlier "no" vote, during cloture situations.

Nebraskans should make note of all votes that Sen. Nelson will cast on this measure. He has already voted once to move this bill toward passage. He has more opportunities, with the cloture vote or votes be­ing the most critical.

The senator should be held accountable for all of them, not just the last one."

We're not sure that Ben has the intestinal fortitude to vote against his party on anything other than the ultimate passage, which as the editorial infers will be meaningless. Like other Nebraskans we will be watching him and waiting for his next excuse to vote for cloture, but we have little or no expectations that he will stop this process.

As we opined recently, the Saturday evening vote of November 21st, moving to debate the bill, with Nelson's affirmative vote being crucial will come to be a watershed event in Nebraska politics and one which will see Nelson retire in 2013 unless he stops the process on the next vote.

You can check out the editorial in its entirety at:

The Republican Party, United or Divided?

There is an interesting article in the Washington Post today about the Republican Party being united and being divided. It's a pretty fair assessment in our minds and worth the read at:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Are These the Actions of a President Who Loves His Country? - Doug Patton

November 30, 2009

I have grown weary of pretending that Barack Obama has anything but disdain for the United States of America. So let us ask the question on all of our minds: Are the actions of this president those of a man committed to what is best for his country?

With small business, the engine of our economy, on the ropes, Obama and his myrmidons in Congress are trying to ram through a health care reform bill that will, in the words of Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, bring about our “fiscal ruin.” Is this the action of a president committed to doing what is best for his country?

Obama continues to push his “Cap and Trade” legislation, with all the taxes, fees, energy price increases and restrictions on freedom that inevitably accompany it, on the strength of junk science that is being discredited every day. A growing number of reputable scientists are expressing doubt that global warming even exists, and recently a hacker or a whistleblower made public thousands of insider e-mails showing that climate change advocates know the whole thing is a scam. Yet the president intends to go to the Copenhagen climate conference and pretend that none of this ever happened. Is this the action of a president committed to doing what is best for his country?

So preoccupied with his domestic agenda is this president, that an urgent request for more troops from Gen. Stanley McChrystal, his hand-picked commander in Afghanistan, has been collecting dust on his desk in the Oval Office since August. It is now December. Gen. McChrystal has said that anything less than 40,000 troops will guarantee failure, so naturally Obama will send fewer than that. Is this the action of a president committed to doing what is best for his country?

Obama was quick to jump to conclusions when Harvard Professor Henry Gates was arrested breaking into his own house. Although he admitted that he didn’t have all the facts, the president nonetheless proclaimed that the police “acted stupidly.” Yet when an Islamist fanatic in our own armed forces murdered 13 innocent people at Fort Hood, Texas, in an obvious act of terror, we were told by our president not to jump to conclusions. Is this the action of a president committed to doing what is best for his country?

The president and his attorney general, Eric Holder, have decided that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11, along with his fellow terrorists, will get a trial in civilian court in New York City, with all the rights afforded American citizens under the U.S. Constitution. This outrageous decision even caused some in the generally uncritical media to question its wisdom, whereupon both Obama and Holder immediately poisoned the jury pool by pronouncing the defendants “guilty” and promising that they will be executed. Is this the action of a president committed to doing what is best for his country?

And finally, there is the tale of Mathew McCabe, Jonathan Keefe and Julio Hertas, three Navy SEALs who should be receiving commendations from their commander in chief, but who, sadly, will instead receive court-martials. The charge? They gave the most wanted terrorist in all of Iraq a boo-boo on his lip! That’s right. The man responsible for murdering four American contractors in March of 2004, mutilating and burning their bodies, dragging them through the streets of Fallujah and hanging what was left of them from a bridge over the Euphrates River for the world press to dutifully photograph, was finally captured by these three brave Navy SEALs. But in the course of subduing him, apparently he got slugged in the mouth. Do you care? I know I don’t. But apparently our politically correct military does, from the commander in chief on down. Obama pardoned a turkey last week, but heroes he court-martials.

For the last time, I ask you, is this the action of a president committed to doing what is best for his country?

© 2009 by Doug Patton
Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and public policy advisor. His work has been published in newspapers across the country, such as the Washington Times and the Tampa Tribune, on web sites such as Human Events Online and, where he is a senior writer and state editor, and featured on the Mike Gallager and Sean Hannity radio shows. Readers can e-mail him at

Nelson and His Pledge

We believe Senator Ben Nelson already violated his no-tax increase pledge by supporting Dirty Harry's move to 'debate' the Nelson/Reid/Obama health care bill, but pressure is growing for him to vote against cloture when that comes. Americans for Tax Reform and it's leader, Grover Norquist, who convinced Nelson to sign the 'pledge' are keeping up pressure on the old' turkey hunter. If he votes for cloture, that will be a sure violation of his pledge as it will ensure that the Senate passes a bill that will go to conference and Ben knows that a conference committee led by Peloisi and Reid will produce an even more unacceptable bill which will still probably pass both chambers with a simple majority.

He can run, but he can't hide or make up excuses. An article today in The Hill deals with this:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

California Now Wants to Regulate Televisions

No, the wacky folks out there in lala land don't want to regulate content. No, they want to set energy consumption limits on televisions sold in California, just as they've set emission limits on autos. And just as their emission limits on autos have now taken on national implications with the administration of Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama, the television energy consumption rules will likely do the same with televisions.

The Washington Post tells us that, "Last week, after two years of debate and study, California became the first state to challenge America's heretofore unquestioned love affair with its TV set. A state panel established the nation's first energy-consumption limits for TVs up to 58 inches wide. Regulations for larger sets will be phased in later. The new rules do not affect TVs for sale now, but they will require TVs sold in California to use about a third less power by 2011 and about half as much by 2013. TVs that can't meet the standards would be banned from sale in California, which accounts for 10 percent of the 35 million new TVs sold in America every year.

The prospect of the government messing with its citizens' God-given right to a super-size TV turned what might have been a mundane regulatory proceeding into a shot heard around the world. At least three other states (Washington, Oregon and Massachusetts) and two national governments (Canada and Australia) then said they, too, would consider energy limits. "

We're certainly not against letting consumers make educated choices on their purchases, but we are simply tired of government telling us how to behave and legislating what our personal choices are, but after all government knows best--at least if you are the wackos in California, Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama, Ben Nelson, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or their fellow leftist liberals.

Throw Out the Ben Nelson/Harry Reid/Obama Health Care Bill

We fully agree with columnist Charles Krauthammer that the best thing to do with the Ben Nelson/Harry Reid/Obama health care scheme is just to throw it out and rewrite with simple individual items.

Krauthammer says:

"Insuring the uninsured is a moral imperative. The problem is that the Democrats have chosen the worst possible method -- a $1 trillion new entitlement of stupefying arbitrariness and inefficiency.

The better choice is targeted measures that attack the inefficiencies of the current system one by one -- tort reform, interstate purchasing and taxing employee benefits. It would take 20 pages to write such a bill, not 2,000 -- and provide the funds to cover the uninsured without wrecking both U.S. health care and the U.S. Treasury.

He has a good read which we'd suggest you check out at:

The U.S. Debt

Want to be awestruck? Check out our new link to the U.S. Debt Time Clock at: . It's amazing and sobering to just gaze at.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

More on the Recent Recall Polling

We were the first to tell you on Wednesday that someone had been polling about a potential recall of Mayor Suttle and possibly other councilmen. Since then we've learned that the poll indeed did survey council districts as well and that some of those whose districts were polled should be a little nervous.

Channel 6 was the only local news media to cover this that we know of as apparently no one has been able to find the source of the polling. Appears that even the 'inquisitive minds" at the Douglas Street Rag have yet to get to the source of this but we are hot on the trail. Stay tuned.

On the Light Side- Politically Incorrect Jokes for the Thanksgiving Table

Okay, we at the Objective Conservative are generally pretty serious, as well as admittedly very cynical. With that said we know some of you will want to enliven your turkey dinner with a few politically incorrect jokes, so we'll give you some starters.

Question: Have you heard about McDonalds new Obama Value Meal?

Answer: Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it.

Question: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?

Answer: A fund raiser.

Question: What's the difference between Obama's cabinet and a penitentiary?

Answer: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers and threats to society. The other is for housing prisoners.

Question: What's the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo?

Answer: Bo has papers.

Question: If Pelosi, Reid, Kerry and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the
ocean and it sank, who would be saved?
Answer: America !

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Breaking News-A Recall?

Our sources tell us that someone has been conducting a poll regarding a potential recall of Mayor Suttle and/or City Council members. Who? We don't know, but Channel 6 News will have a story tonight.

Could it be that the Suttle campaign has done this to assess what their chances of staying in office are?

Jerram Continues Lying Charade

Yesterday, the Omaha City Council excused Councilman Sigerson's stroke/heart attack related absences allowing him three more months to recover and return to the council. It was a victory for fairness, but not exactly a victory for truth.

Once again, the ethically challenged Councilman Jerram lied again and carried it to hypocrisy by wishing Sigerson well. Jerram said that Chuck had his sympathy and even asserted that he hoped the 'controversy' didn't set him back. This from the guy who created the 'controversy.' What a lying hypocrite!

Jerram dismissed the 'controversy' as one of rumor waged by radio entertainers and bloggers. Let's make it clear that this 'controversy' would never have started had it not been the disingenuous original resolution sent to the law department, a resolution that left out the word 'excused' on purpose and was only changed AFTER the 'controversy' that exposed his attempt and that of Mayor Suttle to actually use the resolution to remove Sigerson.


While we are at it, we confirmed again yesterday from several new sources that Mayor Suttle indeed told them several weeks ago that he needed their support in removing Sigerson as soon as possible from the council so he could pursue his agenda.

We were somewhat surprised at Council President Gernandt's lack of comments yesterday since he was also instrumental in the Suttle Jerram scheme. On the other hand maybe we should give him credit for calming down Jerram who appeared to be on the verge of going bonkers last week after being caught in his deception.

Tom White Already Breaking the Law And Not Even In Congress Yet

One of the first things anyone who runs for Congress learns is that you can't transfer funds raised for state or local campaigns to a national campaign committee. Apparently, Democrat Congressional candidate Tom White and his campaign are learning impaired as they transferred $1,000 from his legislative campaign to his Federal campaign. This should give us an idea of the inept, bungling campaign we can expect from this leftist liberal.

Apparently, the money has been transferred back after being caught. A mistake like this would cost the campaign thousands of dollars if it was done under the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission rules, but he will probably get a hand slap by the FEC. We do wonder, however, if his transfer or reporting will cause him problems under the NADC rules?

Saving Turkeys Not Lives

We just find it a little ironic, and hypocritical, that today the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama will pardon a couple of dumb turkeys (No, we're not talking about Pelosi, Reid or Ben Nelson) while he promotes a 'so-called' right that has resulted in the aborting of more than 40 million human beings in the United States alone since Roe v Wade in 1972. Enough said.

Suttle Still Wants to Take Away Your Second Amendment Rights

We note that Commissar Junior Mayor Jim Suttle continues to be a member of liberal Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign against guns and those who believe in the Second Amendment. In fact, Suttle's mentor on the topic, Bloomberg recently appeared on "Meet the Press" and in response to a question by David Gregory said, "If you look at what the real numbers are, I think that we can pull together here and raise enough money . . . to take on this issue and explain to Congress this is just an outrage." Bloomberg then said, "I`m going to not only do that myself, I`m going to ask plenty of other people to do it. If you want to beat the NRA, you have to go out and get your message out."

Well, as we've said before, Suttle is anti-gun. No doubt he'll find some way to blame guns for property tax increases next year.

More Troops To Afghanistan And A Plan To Get Out

Many Americans have died while Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama has fiddled, but rest assured he has finally made some form of decision and now has found the time to visit with the American public next Tuesday (American lives not apparently being a priority) about his plans to send more troops and his preconceived notion of how he will get us out of there regardless of the ultimate consequences. It's a plan that we suspect even the former failed U.S. Senator from Nebraska, Chuckie (I have an extended case of post-traumatic-stress syndrome) Hagel will be unlikely to support.

We just hope, and now we sound like Hagel, that this isn't a plan that just makes Americans soldiers pawns on a chess board until we can 'find and create' an excuse to get out.....

President Of The World Obama To Go to Coppenhagen and Oslo

The guy that fiddles why our men die in Afghanistan, the guy that fiddles as thousands of our citizens die of H1N1, the guy that bows to lessor emperors and dictators, the guy that has increased the national debt by more in one year than the former president did in eight, the guy that has initiated the nationalization of health care, the finance industry, the auto industry and so many others--that guy--Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama--will go to Copenhagen to reformulate local (United States) and national (world) emission and pollution standards before going on to Oslo for his coronation by the Nobel Committee. It should make us all feel good that the 'President of the World' of equal but not greater nations will be there singing Kumbaya with so many that worship at his alter and now respect the United States because of his apologies rather than its continued exceptionalism.

What is left to say?

P.S. Definition of Kumbaya from Wikipedia: "Kumbaya" (also spelled "Kum Bay Ya" or "Kum ba yah"; literally "Come By Here") is a spiritual song from the 1930s. It enjoyed newfound popularity during the folk revival of the 1960s and became a standard campfire song in Scouting and other nature-appreciative organizations. The song was originally associated with human and spiritual unity, closeness and compassion, and it still is, but more recently it is also cited or alluded to in satirical, sarcastic or even cynical ways that suggest blind or false moralizing, hypocrisy, or naively optimistic views of the world and human nature

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ben Nelson Ignored the Will of the People of Nebraska - Tim O'dell

Nebraska Democratic Senator Ben Nelson has ignored the will of the people of Nebraska and voted to send the dangerous senate health care bill to the floor of the senate for debate. On a recent radio program, Senator Nelson declared he did not know how many callers were for or against voting for cloture on the bill. I say "poppycock." Isn’t it his job to know what his constituents want? You can bet he knew!

On that same radio program Senator Johanns reported that calls to his office were 95% against and only 5% for voting for cloture. All of Senator Nelson’s lines were jammed for days and days and days. It took me three days to get through to Senator Nelson’s phone to express my opinion and I could only reach the Lincoln office.

Ben Nelson, who when he runs for office, always touts how he is of an independent mind. I say "poppycock." Washington Ben Nelson has just sold out Nebraska voters to support the very liberal leadership of Democratic Senator Harry Reid. So it should forever be known to Nebraskans as the Harry Reid-Ben Nelson health care bill.

Anyone who is engaged in this issue knows just how bad this bill is. Suffice it to say that the cost and restrictions on freedom, no matter how amended, are a travesty on the American people. Nelson could have killed this travesty but played politics with our future.

The issue here is Nebraska Ben Nelson. He has "hoodwinked" Nebraska voters for years. But now he has shown his true colors as a Washington partisan. The people he represents be damned!

Like Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana, who was promised $300 million of pork for her vote, just what did Ben Nelson get for his vote? We may never really know.

After this vote against the people of Nebraska, Ben Nelson cannot be elected dogcatcher let alone win re-election to the Senate. Therefore, I formally announce today, and you heard it here first, that our great Democratic Senator Ben Nelson will NOT seek re-election in 2012. Take it to the bank!

We Get More E-Mails From Moveon.Org

From our 'friends' at we continue to get email. You should read the whole thing. They take this seriously. We should too.

Dear MoveOn member,Here's the situation:

Right now we're running our biggest and most intensive campaign since we helped elect Barack Obama last year. In fact, the health care campaign has grown so intense we've ramped up to more than twice the level of spending each month that we'd initially planned.
But to win, we need to expand even further.

We need to maximize the pressure on fence-sitting conservative Democrats in the Senate with a hard-hitting new ad campaign. Do even more to make an example of some of those who voted the wrong way in the House. Take on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's lies about reform to neutralize their opposition.

As of today, we still don't have the resources to do all that. MoveOn members have chipped in over $250,000 since yesterday morning, which means we can do a lot to fight for reform. But we're still going to have to say "no" to a number of powerful health care tactics—unless we can raise another $150,000 by midnight TONIGHT.

To hit that goal, we need 10 donations from MoveOn members in Omaha. Can you chip in $5?

This is one of the most important campaigns we've ever taken on together.
If we win on health care reform with a public option, there'll be historic momentum for the rest of President Obama's progressive agenda—jobs, clean energy, education, and more—and good odds for his reelection.

But if we lose—and right now, the Right is spending tens of millions of dollars a month to defeat health care reform1—we won't get another chance. Democrats will shy away from the big change that we need, and the Tea Partiers will get a big boost going into the 2010 midterm elections"

What the Mayor and His Lackeys Said..

Just a little follow up on yesterday's posting, Omaha's Mayor and His Lackeys.. We were reviewing our notes from the November 10, Omaha City Council Meeting and lest those who voted in favor of giving you a 2% Omaha sales tax protest they didn't mean to do so, here's what they said:

Gernandt: "I would appeal to all of you" to pass this."

Gernandt: "Give people a chance to vote." In other words, bail me out for my inaction over the last four years as I sat on the back bench and said nothing.

Gray: "I don't see what's wrong with letting the Mayor try." Of course, you'd expect this from Gray who has yet to see a tax he doesn't like.

Suttle: "The city can impose a garbage tax with the vote of people with the vote of five council members to put it on the ballot."

Suttle: "The pension short fall this council and I inherited." Guess he forgot he was on the City Council for four years while the pension program crashed and while he showed no intellectual curiosity as to the affects of the Fahey give-a-ways to the unions.

And what did the 'good guys say?

Thompson: "Voting today lets the Unions off the hook."

Festersen: "This is the biggest issue we will face for the next eight years (?). We need to assure ourselves that we've done everything possible before we do this."

Stothert: "No"

Republican State Senators Should Support Their Own

Last week, the legislature elected State Senator Amanda McGill to chair the Urban Affairs Committee rather than Scott Price. While the Douglas Street Rag opined that, "it was reassuring to see the Legislature take a non-partisan approach in electing" her.

We disagree. Scott Price was more than capable of doing a superior job in chairing this committee. Too often, the Republican majority fails to help advance their generally conservative philosophy and prevents Republicans who want leadership opportunity from getting the chance. With Republicans controlling more than 30 seats in the Legislature, there is no reason for any Democrat to have a chairmanship!

Shame on those Republicans who hid under the scam of a secret vote for not supporting one of their own!

Poll Numbers Down and Soldiers Die While Obama Fiddles

More and more the Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama reminds us Nero fiddling while Rome burns. It seems that the Commissar has a plan to deal with our situation in Afghanistan but apparently he'd rather let a few more of our soldiers die while he waits for an 'opportune' time next week to tell our citizens what he intends to do. How many of our soldiers have died over the last 10 weeks while he procrastinated?

Perhaps, that and the move to debate the Ben Nelson/Harry Reid/Barack Hussein Obama Health Care Bill in the Senate is the reason that the Rasmussen Reports tells us today that Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama's approval numbers have reached a new low with only 27% strongly approving while 42% strongly disapprove of his performance (we use the latter term loosely).

You can check out the Rassmussen report at:

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Ben Nelson/Harry Reid Health Care Bill and Abbetors

A good Wall Street Journal Op-ed piece Monday, 'The Senate's Health-Care Act' which you can read at:

It puts the actions of Senators Landrieu, Lincoln and Nelson in perspective on the Ben Nelson/Harry Reid Health Care Bill.

Since we failed to comment on last week's editorial by the Douglas Street Rag, we think that deserves some attention as well. That editorial, said, among other things:

"Those considerations need to ccupy the very forefront of Sen. Nelson's thinking as he ponders how to vote on the proposal. Is he more worried about making sure that the vital interests of Nebraska are protected, or about pleasing Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

There ought to be no question about what the proper answer should be. And that answer---making absolute sure health care legislation does not harm the interests of Nebraska---should lead the senator to vote "no" on sending the legislation to the floor."

Too bad Ben didn't follow their advice.

With that said we thought the editorial was interesting in its decisive tone. It was obviously the work of the publisher, Terry Kroeger, and not the normal wishy washy diatribe of Geitner Simmons.

Sanford Should Be Impeached

Yes, even Republicans deserve to be impeached and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, facing 37 ethics charges should go quickly. We said in our posting of Thursday, June 25, 2009,
Our Last Word on Sanford that Sanford should resign. We still believe this and we're not sure how he has the effrontery to stay in office, but then we have lots of scoundrels who have no ethics such as Charlie Rangel, John Murtha, Jim Suttle and Chris Jerram just to name a few who seem to be slightly more than ethically challenged.

A New Sarpy County Election Commissioner

Expect an announcement soon from the Governor's office of a new Sarpy County Election Commissioner to replace Kay Forsland who is retiring. The governor is in the process of holding interviews for perspective candidates as we speak.

Fahey Street Rethought

We were just wondering what Mothers Against Drunk Driving and all the neighborhood associations that are concerned about alcohol abuse think about the fact that we will soon have a street named after a guy who was picked up for drunken driving in the 70's?

If you happen to be the 'bought and paid for' members of the City Council (Jerram, Gray, Gernandt and Festersen), a little alcohol infraction doesn't take precedence over those campaign contributions past and future. If you are Chris Jerram and alcohol is involved, he'll find some way to ignore the problem and vote for his buddies.

The Audacious Behavior of Mayor Suttle

There is no question that Mayor Suttle is a little taken with himself but sometimes he lacks total propriety. In a recent case, he attended a Salvation Army Tree of Lights reception at Champions Run. Finding he was not on the agenda he decided that 'he was the mayor' and should be able to speak. Not wanting to offend the Mayor, the agenda was altered and Suttle got his words in and once again showed the arrogance that seems to have defined his administration thus far.

Omaha's Mayor and His Lackies.

We're not sure we've actually documented what happened at the last Omaha City Council Meeting, but Commissar Junior Mayor Suttle pleaded with his council members to vote to allow the city lobbyist to pursue an increase in the city sales tax to 2%. Councilmen Jerram, Gray and the mayor's lackey, Council President Gernandt, all voted November 10th for the mayor's proposal. They can say otherwise, but that was a vote, failed thankfully, to increase Omaha city sales taxes.

Despite this setback, Suttle is still trying to find someone to take his request for an increased city sales tax to the floor of the legislature next year, even trying to sell his idea to the Nebraska League of Municipalities. From what we're told all of these folks think that Omaha has dug its hole and its up to it to dig its way out.

Heard on the Street

Although the Democrat State Chairman Covalt says that his party might not have a candidate for governor until next summer, rumors on the street in Lincoln today are that former State Senator Jesse Rasmussen is cogitating over a run. If you recall, she was defeated in her re-election attempt several years back when Jim Jensen soundly defeated her. Last we heard, she was hiding out somewhere in Des Moines in some bureaucratic job.

We still think Scott Kleeb is the guy the Democrats ought to run. He is used to using and seems willing to take on any political pursuit. Beside, he would achieve a political trifecta that very few ever have, being defeated in a U.S. Congress race, a U.S. Senate race and a gubernatorial race as well. Come on Scott, give it a try!

Ben Nelson/Harry Reid Health Care Plan Support Reaches New Low

That's right, according to Rasmussen Reports, Support for the Ben Nelson/Harry Reid Health Care Reform has now fallen to 38% while 56% of those polled oppose the plan. Despite Nelson's unconvincing comments, clearly 90% of Nebraskans who contacted his office did so in opposition.

Conspiracy Theory or Shenanigans?

Conspiracy Theory or shenanigans? Not sure but one of our readers reports hearing strange things over the police radio about things going on Saturday night at City/County Building. Probably just some innocent event.

According to our source:
First Communication:
"I had my scanner om last night about 11:15 pm the guards were allowing people into the Civic center, and said they were to park on level B and enter the building from there. I do have a couples names they mentioned Mike Fahey and Caroline also called Candy Willis. They also they had security with them and a very large briefcase was mentioned at one point."

Second Communication:
"I guess I need to know if the the guards radios are monitored by Douglas County like Police/ Fire, their radios broadcast over the same 800 mgz and show on my scanner A10 Civic Center. There were other names mentioned and a driver and three cars would be entering the building under tight security also advanced instructions with how operate the doors and gates what I heard was cross talk between the guards and the one was telling the other one what as going on. I did not hear Suttle's name mentioned, but the one guard told the other they had a very large briefcase and they mentioned other things they hope they got an attaboy or something for their service. I would think the alarms would have a monitoring log somewhere. If someone could check the tape starting about 11:00 PM on 11/21, I really started listening about 11:15 PM and did hear them mention when they were leaving about something about the gate and if the right name for Willis was Caroline or Candy and the one said she always had candy in her office hope this was picked up on tape, and also who the guards were that were on duty. I don't what to accuse them of anything until I get more information on what they were doing, and with the guards it would be my word against theirs if they were breaking any rules, but I find it very odd that kind of activity was going on at that time of night. My scanner does not lock on transmissions because it also monitors 911 and police and fire and will switch by priority so I may have missed other activity it is programed on the same ORIN network that they are on. I know this is pretty jumbled, but is is the best I can do trying to write it."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Give Me Character Over IQ Any Day -- Doug Patton

November 23, 2009

Oftentimes, I draw political lessons from one of my favorite movies, Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart.” In one particularly poignant scene, the protagonist, Scottish hero William Wallace, is exhausted from fighting the forces of England’s brutal monarch, Edward the Longshanks, which continue to occupy and oppress Scotland. Wallace has distinguished himself time and again on the battlefield as fearless, honorable and zealous for the cause of freedom, and he is ready to deploy with his men for another attack, this time against the northern English city of York. He is talking to the Scottish nobles, who are trying to convince him to compromise with their enemy.

“I will invade England and defeat the English on their own ground,” Wallace defiantly declares.

“Invade? That’s impossible,” says one of the scoffing nobles.

“Why?” Wallace asks. “Why is that impossible? You’re so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from Longshanks table that you’ve missed your God-given right to something better. There is a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position. I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom. And I go to make sure that they have it.”

In the next scene, Wallace is talking to Robert the Bruce, the rightful heir to the Scottish throne, who admires Wallace’s courage and passion, but cannot bring himself to admit it publicly. “Your title gives you claim to the throne of our country,” Wallace tells him, “but men don’t follow titles, they follow courage. Now, our people know you. Noble and common, they respect you. And if you would just lead them to freedom, they’d follow you. And so would I.”

Robert’s father, a leper secretly living in the tower of the castle, tells his son, “It is exactly the ability to compromise that makes a man noble.” When Robert objects to his father’s plan to betray Wallace to gain favor with Longshanks, he says, “I know it is hard. Being a leader is.”

To place all this in modern political perspective, Barack Obama is Longshanks; Robert the Bruce and the other “nobles” represent every Republican politician for whom pragmatism has paralyzed his ability to do the right thing; the rotting leper who values lands, title and position more than character is the Republican Party hierarchy who would rather toil in the useless minority than to fight for freedom.

And William Wallace?

The only leader on the scene with the passion, the integrity, the character and the intestinal fortitude to fill that role right now is — a woman. While Barack the Longshanks is doing all he can to steal our liberty, and Robert the Gingrich is betraying the principles that once made him noble, and Olympia the Leper is telling us to compromise on every principle handed to us by the blood of our Founders, Sarah Palin alone seems to be asking why it is that we are selling our birthright for a bowl of gruel.

It remains to be seen whether this upbeat, gutsy woman, who has been underestimated at every point in her steady rise through the political ranks, will decide to take on the most daunting task in the world — becoming President of the United States — but one thing is clear. She will be a formidable candidate should she choose to run.

What kind of person has the guts to face what she did last year and come back for more? Perhaps someone who saw the hope in the eyes of the throngs that cheered her on the campaign trail. Perhaps someone who has the integrity to continue honoring the sacrifice of the man who put her on the ticket last year, despite the fact that he let his campaign operatives snipe at her in the media like the childish fools they are. Perhaps someone who may not possess Barack Obama’s IQ, but who has more character in her trigger finger than he will ever have in his whole being. That’s my kind of president.

© 2009 by Doug Patton
Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and public policy advisor. His work has been published in newspapers across the country, such as the Washington Times and the Tampa Tribune, on web sites such as Human Events Online and, where he is a senior writer and state editor, and featured on the Mike Gallager and Sean Hannity radio shows. Readers can e-mail him at

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Just to make it clear, we at the Objective will henceforth refer to the senate health care bill as the Nelson/Reid Health care Plan, given Nelson's vote this evening in support of debating this bill which as we have said he will vote against for any number of reasons having paid his Democrat duty by putting it on the floor for debate. He also ignored the majority opinions of those Nebraskans he was elected to represent.

Having recognized the above, we also nominate Ben Nelson as our December Objective Hall of Shame Member.

The Angry Councilman Jerram

We're told by several folks that our ethically-challenged November Hall of Shame nominee Chris Jerram really has his panties in a wad. Yep, we're told he is not a happy camper after having his scheme to remove Sigerson exposed and he's acting like a cat on a hot tin roof trying to cover his fecal matter.

We're not sure which of his lies he's so upset about having exposed but the truth will out in the end. For those of you who doubt, you might do some further checking to see what the resolution sent to the City Attorney's office actually said originally and a little investigation will indicate that it somehow lacked the word 'excused'. Don't forget to ask Jerram about it when he goes on one of his bloviating monotonic rampages.

Nelson Wimps Out and Votes For Obamacare: A Watershed Day In Nebraska Politics

We told you on Wednesday that Nebraska's 'independent' U.S. Senator Ben Nelson would wimp out and he surely has. He has announced that he will vote to move Dirty Harry's health care vote to debate so, in other words, he has done exactly what his Democrat colleagues want. They now get to debate a flawed bill which Nelson, having let the horse out of the barn, will ultimately vote against. He'll come home and tell us he did his best to change it, but just couldn't overcome the objections of those rascally 'belt way' folks after they duped him.

This time Nebraskans won't believe it. His vote constitutes a breach of trust with all Nebraskans to whom he promised he was pro-life and not going to raise his taxes. His vote today assures that he and his bride will be seeking retirement at the turkey farm come January 2013, well at least he will as we understand Diane hasn't exactly been a frequenter of Ben's Platte River paradise.

Who will run against 'Uncle Ben'? Could be that this climatic vote of November 21 will be enough to change the mind of a promise-keeping governor, Dave Heineman, or a young, well-regarded Attorney General Bruning. What's for sure is that Ben's vote today is a watershed day in Nebraska politics.

Just for the Record here are some of Ben's statements and a listing of the times that he has voted against debate in the past:

Sen. Ben Nelson: “This weekend, I will vote for the motion to proceed to bring that debate onto the Senate floor. … Throughout my Senate career I have consistently rejected efforts to obstruct. That's what the vote on the motion to proceed is all about.” (Brian Beutler, “Nelson: Let's Debate This Health Care Bill,” Talking Points Memo, 11/20/09)


On July 9, 2003, Sen. Nelson Voted To Block Debate On The Patients First Act. (S.11, Roll Call Vote #264: Failed 49-48; D 0-46 R 49-2; 7/9/03)

“A bill to protect patients' access to quality and affordable health care by reducing the effects of excessive liability costs.” (S.2061, Roll Call Vote #15: Failed 48-45; D 1-42 R 43-3; 2/24/04)

On February 24, 2004, Sen. Nelson Voted To Block Debate On The Healthy Mothers And Healthy Babies Access to Care Act. (S.2061, Roll Call Vote #15: Failed 48-45; D 1-42 R 43-3; 2/24/04)

“A bill to improve women's health access to health care services and provide improved medical care by reducing the excessive burden the liability system places on the delivery of obstetrical and gynecological services.” (S.2061, Roll Call Vote #15: Failed 48-45; D 1-42 R 43-3; 2/24/04)

On April 7, 2004, Sen. Nelson Voted To Block Debate On The Pregnancy and Trauma Care Access Protection Act. (S.2207, Roll Call Vote #66: Failed 49-48; D 1-45 R 48-3; 4/7/04)

“A bill to improve women's access to health care services, and the access of all individuals to emergency and trauma care services, by reducing the excessive burden the liability system places on the delivery of such services.” (S.2207, Roll Call Vote #66: Failed 49-48; D 1-45 R 48-3; 4/7/04)

On April 22, 2004, Sen. Nelson Voted To Block Debate On The Fair Act. (Sen. 2290, Roll Call Vote #69: Passed 50-47: R 49-0; D 1-47, 4/22/04)

“A bill to create a fair and efficient system to resolve claims of victims for bodily injury caused by asbestos exposure, and for other purposes.” (Sen. 2290, Roll Call Vote #69: Passed 50-47: R 49-0; D 1-47, 4/22/04)

On May 8, 2006, Sen. Nelson Again Voted To Block Debate On The Healthy Mothers And Healthy Babies Access To Care Act. (S.23, Roll Call Vote #116: Failed 49-44: R 49-2; D 0-42, 5/8/06)

“A bill to improve women's access to health care services and provide improved medical care by reducing the excessive burden the liability system places on the delivery of obstetrical and gynecological services.” (S.23, Roll Call Vote #116: Failed 49-44: R 49-2; D 0-42, 5/8/06)

On May 8, 2006, Sen. Nelson Voted To Block Debate On The Medical Care Access Protection Act. (S.22, Roll Call Vote #115: Failed 48-42: R 48-2; D 0-40, 5/8/06)

“A bill to improve patient access to health care services and provide improved medical care by reducing the excessive burden the liability system places on the health care delivery system.” (S.22, Roll Call Vote #115: Failed 48-42: R 48-2; D 0-40, 5/8/06)

Congressional Research Service Report Shows 97 Percent Of Bills Brought To Debate Are Passed By Senate. “A new study of Senate voting patterns shows the chamber has approved more than 97 percent of all bills subject to a cloture motion to begin debate — a finding that could undercut Democratic efforts to paint a key health care vote on Saturday as procedural. According to a new Congressional Research Service report, since 1999 the Senate has approved 97.6 percent of all bills when lawmakers first voted to begin debate.” (John Stanton, “CRS Report Shows Most Bills Subject to Cloture Pass,” Roll Call, 11/19/09)

Sen. Nelson Voting For Bill Despite Claiming Language Barring Abortion Funding Not Good Enough. “The language in the Senate healthcare reform bill designed to bar federal funds from paying for abortions is not good enough, Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) said Thursday. … Reid did not succeed, according to Nelson, a key centrist swing vote Reid needs to advance his healthcare bill at a crucial test vote set for Saturday. ‘We have looked at the language,’ Nelson told The Hill. ‘That language is not language that I would prefer.’” (Jeffrey Young, “Ben Nelson: Senate Bill's Abortion Provisions Not Good Enough,” The Hill, 11/19/09)

Sen. Nelson: “I think you need to have it eminently clear that no dollars that are federal tax dollars, directly or indirectly, are used to pay for abortions and it needs to be totally clear. [It’s] not clear enough, I don’t think.” (Jeffrey Young, “Ben Nelson: Senate Bill's Abortion Provisions Not Good Enough,” The Hill, 11/19/09)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Righteous Indignation of Liars

We are most amused at the righteous indignation of Councilman Jerram, who apparently finally got his story straight in his own mind such that he was willing to talk to the press today. Seems he couldn't be found yesterday after he got caught with his pants down trying to kick a man (Sigerson) when he was down.

The righteous indignation of the mayor is equally amusing since we now have reports from several folks who have heard him opine about his desire to get Sigerson removed as quickly as possible so that he (Suttle) could move his agenda.

We repeat our assertion that both of these guys are absolute liars. They've been backtracking and trying to cover up their clandestine effort and now act like they are the victims. Had it not been for the several sources who revealed the scheme and the bravery of Tom Becka of KFAB to take the issue public, next Tuesday might very well have been Councilman Sigerson's last day in office.

If these guys, along with Council President Gernandt, Chief of Staff Oltmans and Communications Director Gerard want to prove their innocence, integrity and lack of simple prevarication in this incident we'd suggest as we did last night that they take a polygraph test. They won't because they know they'd fail it!

As for Councilman Jerram accusing our staff at the Objective Conservative of being cyber-bullies, we can barely wait to hear the monotonic bloviation he threatens to deliver at next week's council meeting. We'll be there to watch him make a fool of himself and his already special interest, conflict of interest, lying image as he feigns outrage and drones on for what will no doubt be an interminable and agonizing length of time.

And as to Jerram's suggesting that our revelation of the facts is sinful, we'd simply suggest that it is he, Councilman Jerram, that needs to seek the sacrifice of Penance as soon as possible. After his vote on Fahey Street, we suspect Creighton's Father Schlegel might make special arrangements for a quick confession.

Here is what Channel 6 carried earlier today:

"A blog called “Objective Conservative” accuses democrat, Chris Jerram, of “leading the charge to replace Sigerson.”

However, Jerram told Channel 6 News there is absolutely no truth to that allegation. "The people who are spreading those rumors are not only engaging in very deceitful and dishonest endeavors, but it's hurtful, sinful."

As far as the resolution to save Sigerson’s seat, Jerram says, "I am totally supportive of it. I think that Council member Sigerson has given the city many, many years of his service, and he deserves to take as much time as he needs to recover."

Jerram says the blogger is a “cyber bully” who simply makes things up, including an allegation that the mayor is “actively working to remove Chuck.”

To that, Mayor Jim Suttle says, "If we start running ourselves on gossip an innuendos instead of facts, we're in trouble."

Suttle added, his most important priorities right now are the budget shortfall and the police and firefighter pension funds, key to their successful contract negotiations.

“I’d love to have Chuck Sigerson get back on the council. He had a major hand in the Bates task force in shaping the alternatives to get this thing staged,” Suttle said. “I want him back on that council so he can vote yes on his idea that we’re bringing in on the details of these two contracts.”

Suttle says the blog may have provided fodder for talk radio, but has no factual basis.

Jerram adds, "There's someone, or some bodies, that are spreading a rumor for whatever reason that have gotten a lot of people riled up. And I think they'll find out on Tuesday that they got me riled up, too."

For the full story, you can click on:

A Cap-and-Trade America while Borneo Burns

There is a very interesting article in the Thursday Washington Post, "A Climate Threat Arising From the Soil." It's about burning peat in Borneo and the Post notes, " The lopsided struggle is part of a battle against one of the biggest, and most overlooked, causes of global climate change: a vast and often smoldering layer of coal-black peat that has made Indonesia the world's third-biggest emitter of greenhouse gases after China and the United States." The Post goes on to note that this burning peat plot, "has wrought as much damage on the planet as has exhaust from all the cars and trucks in the United States."

The fallacy of the movement by Al Gore's Church of Global Warming , the House bill and Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Barack Hussein Obama couldn't be better illustrated. They would have our country unilaterally adopt their feel good, make-me-rich (Al Gore) Cap and Trade policies that will result in huge job losses as China, India and other third world countries ignore same at the cost of millions of jobs and American competitiveness.

You should read this article at:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Forty-Five New House Seats for Seven New States

There seems to be some confusion about the extra 45 house seats that the were created by Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama and his 'stimulus' bill which in addition to creating these extra house seats created numerous jobs in the them.

We think we've found the solution--those seats and jobs are in the other seven of the 57 states composing our great country, of which the Commissar has by his drop by in Alaska last week now proudly visited 50.

The Rise of the Conservative Woman - Doug Patton

One of the most annoying things about liberals is their insistence that only they can define a “real” minority or a “real” woman. In the eyes of the left, Clarence Thomas, Ken Blackwell and J.C. Watts will never be “real” black men. Likewise, Michelle Bachmann, the smiling firebrand conservative congresswoman from Minnesota, and Sarah Palin, the popular former governor of Alaska, will never be “real” women.

How can they be? After all, these women don’t support abortion. In fact, Palin actually had the audacity to give birth to a baby with Down Syndrome. As one embarrassed liberal wag put it during last year’s presidential campaign, “If abortion isn’t for that, what is it for?”

These female leaders believe that marriage is a sacred bond between one man and one woman and anything else is a counterfeit. In the case of Bachman and Palin, they have lived out their values by staying married to the same men for decades.

They believe in allowing families to keep as much of their hard-earned income as possible. What a concept: let people keep more of their own money rather than sending it to Washington for Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi to squander on their latest wealth redistribution scheme.

They support true energy independence, and they know that the best way to get there, as Sarah Palin put it last year, is “Drill, Baby Drill!” At the same time, they believe in responsible conservation that takes into account the fact that human beings not only have a responsibility to be good stewards of the earth but that they are the key component in the environment, not an afterthought or some kind of unwelcome virus, as liberals would have us believe.
These women have faith in America’s small business owners and believe that they should be free to grow their businesses without excessive government taxation and regulation, and to access the entrepreneurial opportunities this nation affords.
They are adamantly opposed to the Obama-Pelosi-Reid takeover of health care, believing instead that the American people should be given more choices, not fewer, and that government involvement inevitably means government control.
They believe in school choice so that America’s children — especially minorities — are not trapped in the war zones we so casually call “public schools.”
They understand what the Founders knew instinctively — that the First Amendment is worthless without the Second, and the Second is constantly under attack by those who favor big government. They know what all freedom-loving people know: that tyrants hate guns in the hands of the people. As Jefferson said, “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when government fears the people, there is liberty.”
Women like Palin and Bachmann — attractive, conservative, content in the marriages, devoted to God, family and country — are as comfortable in politics as they are in their homes, caring for their families. They are a new breed of woman, and they are a threat to the liberal orthodoxy. They are the true representation of American women, as evidenced by the fact that the last time a Democrat presidential candidate won a majority of white women was 1964.
Liberals are angry and unhappy people, and they hate and fear the new breed of female politician represented by Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. These women are cut from the same bold cloth as Margaret Thatcher. They love liberty, and that puts them at the top of the hit list for every leftist in America. Nancy Pelosi has targeted Michelle Bachmann for defeat in next year’s congressional election because Bachmann threatens Pelosi’s extremist agenda.

As for Palin, she is a tough-as-nails mother of five who took on the corruptio of her own state party officials, tamed the Alaskan oil industry and rose from city council to governor to vice presidential candidate. Her very existence incenses the left. Not since Phyllis Schlafly infuriated them with her organized opposition to the ERA in the early 1970s has anyone so unnerved the liberal forces of “hope and change.”
When you hear elitists across the political spectrum vilify conservative women like Palin and Bachmann, know that it is because they fear them. Left wing politicians of either gender represent the politics of the past. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann represent the future. That makes them dangerous.
© 2009 by Doug Patton
Doug Patton is a conservative freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and public policy advisor. His work has been featured on the Sean Hannity radio show, published in such publications as Human Events, the Washington Times and the Tampa Tribune, and on web sites such as, where he is a senior writer and state editor. Readers can e-mail him at

Nelson Will Wimp Out

We've already suggested that our "independent-minded" Nebraska U.S. Senator Ben Nelson will vote for debate on the Senate health care bill to begin and then vote against the health care bill so he can tell us he was really against it all along. Kind of like saying, "I voted for it before I voted against it."

Nelson knows he is going to vote against whatever the Senate bill ultimately looks like. He will do so under the guise that it raises taxes (he wouldn't want to break his pledge), creates a public option and doesn't deal with abortion funding to his liking. But he will vote for debate to begin to satisfy his Democrat Comrades and Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama so that he isn't exiled from the caucus or frequent visits to the White House. And having foisted this abortion of legislation (pun intended) on Nebraskans and citizens of our country, and having winked as he enabled Dirty Harry and comrades to start debate, he will come home and tell us how much he fought the good fight to not pass the bill. He won't be honest as was former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey who at least admitted that this vote for Clinton's tax increase was one to save his presidency.

Here is the process. Sen. Reid has filed cloture on the motion to proceed to HR 3590, the Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act. Remember he is using HR 3590 as a “shell” to offer his 2,074 page health bill as a substitute amendment. The cloture vote on the motion to proceed will be Saturday evening at 8:00 pm. Remember Democrats need 60 votes to achieve cloture.

On Friday, the Senate will convene at 10:00 am and debate the merits of Sen. Reid’s 2,074 page bill until 11:00 pm on Friday evening.

On Saturday, the Senate will convene at 10:00 am continuing the debate leading up to the vote at 8:00 pm on cloture on the motion to proceed. Under the agreement, if cloture is invoked (they get 60 votes) all post-cloture time will be yielded back, the motion to proceed to the bill will be agreed to and the bill will be reported. Once the bill is reported Sen. Reid will be recognized to offer up his substitute amendment.

Senator Jim Demint said in an interview recently, '"Because once this bill gets on the floor it's almost impossible to stop. So those folks who are voting -- you see, they need 60 votes to proceed to it, but they only 51 to pass it.

So some of those who vote to proceed can say I voted against the final bill. But Americans need to know if whether it's Blanche Lincoln or Evan Bayh, Ben Nelson, if they vote to proceed, they are voting for this bill. "

Ben Nelson is Harry Reid's wild card. The Washington Post says, "But Reid said Wednesday night that he was "cautiously optimistic" that he could move the bill to the floor, and one of the three undecided Democrats -- Sen. Ben Nelson (Neb.) -- suggested in a statement that he would support Reid's effort. "

This time Nelson won't get a pass from Nebraskans. He and wife Diane had best enjoy their trips to the White House and the A-list parties they frequent in Washington because come 2012 Ben's best hope will be for an ambassadorship to nowhere land or permanent retirement to his 'turkey farm' if he tries to pull this sham on Nebraskans.

Duped by the Lies?

If you read the morning Douglas Street Rag and the article written by Robyn Tysver, you will see that she happily reported what several members of the Omaha City Council and the mayor's chief of staff wanted her to report after being exposed for their attempt to remove Councilman Sigerson after his nearly three months absence due to his stroke and heart attack. We'd expect this weak, uninvestigative report from Tysver, who lacks any intellectual curiosity to go beyond the pablum fed her by these liars who got caught in the act.

We at the Objective Conservative stand by the truth of our revelations. If Councilmen Jerram and Gernadt and Mayor Suttle would like to dispute what we have said we can suggest some folks that know how to administer polygraph tests.

Mayor's Spokesman Lies to Media

Yes, that is right. Mayor Suttle's Spokesman, Ron Gerard, lied to the media yesterday when he said the mayor was supportive of allowing Chuck Sigerson's seat to remain vacant until he returns to the council or until the six month period allowed in the charter runs out.

As we wrote yesterday, Suttle has actively sought to get some leading members of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce to join him by hastening Sigerson's removal from the council. We have confirmed this from two independent sources, one of them being a councilman. So despite what Mayor Suttle has told the media and despite what his spokesman has told the media, their sympathetic statements that they are wishing Sigerson well and await his return are no more than downright lies.

Perhaps, someone should ask the mayor's public-trust breaking chief of Staff (You recall he was fired by the Missouri-Papio NRD for breach of public trust for lying to his board about an affair) Steve Oltmans what he was talking about behind closed doors in various city councilmen's offices on Tuesday. Let's make it clear--it was about the Mayor's scheme to remove Sigerson after the end of November.


Democrats at City Hall Ready to Oust Sigerson

Nothing like kicking a man when he's down but that's exactly what the cabal at Omaha City Hall is planning on doing. Because they haven't 'excused' Chuck Sigerson, who had a heart attack and a stroke in early September, Mayor Suttle and his Democrat lackies on the Omaha City Council are actively working to remove Chuck from his council seat so they can replace him with another Democrat. Here's what we know:
  • Mayor Suttle doesn't want to wait until six months have elapsed before replacing Sigerson.
  • Mayor Suttle, six weeks ago, told members of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce that he couldn't wait for Sigerson to come back and he asked those Chamber big-wigs to help he replace Sigerson a.s.a.p, so he could move on with his agenda. The reception they gave Suttle was at best quiet amazement.
  • Chris Jerram, who doesn't have enough problems given his conflict of interest issues, is leading the charge to replace Sigerson.
  • Council President Gernandt, who barely has the skills to push a vote button let alone run a meeting, has told others that he intends to see Sigerson replaced by a Democrat.
  • A contrived 'excuse' proposal was sent to the City Attorney, Paul Kratz. The proposal purposely left out the term 'excused' so that even after it was passed so magnanimously by the council, Sigerson could be replaced after November as having 3 months of unexcused absences.

We understand the world of politics and we can't blame the Democrat cabal at City Hall for seeking an opportunity to replace a powerful Republican with a robot Democrat to further their agenda of tax increases, union favoritism and cronyism, but have these folks no shame?

The local media should expose this travesty and citizens should tell their mayor and council (some of who may very well face recall in the near future) that they should quit their partisan shenanigan's.

We'd like to hear the responses of Suttle, Jerram and Gernandt, but they're not apt to admit their scheme or the truth.

Your Regents and Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The radical leftist liberals, represented by impressive sounding groups like The Nebraska Coalition for Life Saving Cures and less obscure sounding groups like the New Nebraska Network (a liberal Democrat front group) who lack any real moral or ethical standard are going bananas over the possibility of the University of Nebraska Regents making a decision to not expand the holocaust against human embryos when they meet this Friday.

If you have listened to the radio or other media you can see that these liberals aren't going to give up on their evil mission without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to influence a few folks to contact one regent.

Because their great leader, Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama, has redefined the morality of embryonic stem cell research to include killing any human child embryo they can get their hands on, the radical leftist liberal Democrats in Nebraska have joined their Messiah to foist that decision on the taxpayers who support their Nebraska university.

While these radical leftist liberal Democrats opine that the vote is shaping up to be the ultimate test of how far these extremists (people and regents opposed to the haphazard killing of human embryos in the name of research) are truly able to push their anti-science agenda they would have the Nebraska Board of Regents approve a method of research that can best be associated with Adolf Hitler and the eugenics movements of the early 1900's to purge society of those not fit to live while deciding who should.

The groups promoting this immoral, unethical holocaust against the unborn are focusing their attention on Regent Jim McClurg (see photo), who was originally appointed by Senator Johanns. McClurg was also endorsed by Nebraska Right to Life, based on his commitment to ban human embryonic stem cell research at the University. Here is what they (The New Nebraska Network) say: "Right now, it appears that only one man is standing in the way of this giant step backwards for the state of Nebraska. Only one man is standing in the way of our sending the message to the rest of the country and to the entire world that Nebraska is an unsafe place for science. This man is a scientist himself - Regent Jim McClurg of Lincoln (Ph.D. Biochemistry, University of Nebraska Medical Center, 1973)."

We hope that the Board of Regents, and Regent McClurg, keep their promises to Nebraskans who voted for them because of their pro-life commitment. Keeping promises may not be easy for politicians, but abandoning moral and ethical principles should be even harder unless you're some liberal leftist who believes that an embryo is just a mere piece of tissue to play with.

Dressing for Sucess

Note to the Douglas Street Rag (Omaha World-Herald) and star reporterette Maggie O'Brien: Your employees and you might want to read this article from today's U.S.A. Today on dressing appropriately or professionally. While the article specifically discusses problems in identifying waitresses and lawn care workers, the message is the same, particularly since star reporterette Maggie O'Brien might be mistakenly identified as either of these given her normal lack of professional attire, not to just mention her normal appearance.

The Douglas Street Rag will probably not pick up this piece given that others such as we might draw similar conclusions, but you can read it at:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nelson: Between The Rock and The Hard Place, Part 2

Earlier today we opined about Senator Nelson (Nelson: Between The Rock and The Hard Place), discussing what he might or might not do on health care reform. In our mail to contributors this morning we got example of the pressure being put on Nelson from none other than

Here's what they exhorted we good Democrats with and to do:

Dear Nebraska MoveOn member,

The Senate is ready to take up health care, but Senator Ben Nelson may help Republicans block a fair, up-or-down vote on reform.

We can't afford to wait. Nearly 45,000 people a year are dying because of inadequate health insurance—more than from drunk driving and homicide combined.And if we don't pass reform, insurance premiums could double in the next ten years.

Because of procedural rules in the Senate, just one Democrat can doom health care reform by helping Republicans filibuster. Sen. Nelson is one of the only Democrats who hasn't promised to give reform an up-or-down vote. As he decides what to do, he needs to hear from his constituents that blocking a vote is unacceptable.

Can you ask Sen. Nelson to support an up-or-down vote on health care?
Senator Ben Nelson Phone: 202-224-6551

Say No To Expansion of Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Patrick McPherson

I'm hearing the barrage of commercials from the Bonness family and others about embryonic stem cell research, sponsored by those who want the University of Nebraska to have free reign in using your tax dollars and facilities to destroy human embryos in order to save folks who suffer from diseases today. In other words the lives of the living, who survived the abortion holocaust of the last 40 years are more important that the human embryo that they grew from to childhood or adulthood.

I was the chairman of the Nebraska Chapter of the American Diabetes Association for about 5 years in late 90's through 2003. I had a twin brother die from the affects of the disease and have an older brother who has lost his eye site from the disease and also has Parkinson's. Despite these things, there is no way I can justify the killing of embryos/human beings for moral and ethical reasons, particularly when other more viable and proven methods of research are available.

Nebraska's University has plenty of opportunities to do ethical and impactful research on non-embryonic stem cells and has available to it the original lines approved by the Bush administration in 2001.

As Nebraskans and as ethical humans we don't need to play God by destroying one life to save another.

Palin: Smarter than We Thought

If you are looking at the national media today, you'd think that Sarah Palin was the President. There are as many articles and columns about her and her new book as there are articles about Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Obama prostrating himself before the emperor of Japan.

Palin may be a lot smarter than we have thought. She's going to make millions from her book and the speaking fees will keep her traveling from one state to another through 2010. Not a bad plan if you are running for president or just want to get paid for the angst you've experienced by running for vice-president.

In the end we at the Objective Conservative would say that Sarah is maybe smarter than we've given her credit for (even if it is in taking advice from folks who know how to sell books) for, but we still believe she has been 'Quayled' by the press and will never be a serious contender for the Republican nomination for president.

Nelson: Between The Rock and The Hard Place

Yep, the vice seems to tightening on good ol' Ben, Nelson that is. With Dirty Harry trying to move his version of the largest takeover of government in history and the agenda of Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate Commissar Barack Hussein Obama, Nelson continues his 'let me see the final bill' comments as D-day approaches.

We know what the citizens of Nebraska want and it's not this health care abortion (oops, no pun intended). Nebraskans may want health care/insurance reform but not what Queen Nancy passed in the House and they don't want Dirty Harry's version of the same.

We know what Republicans want and it's not what has been offered.

We know what Democrats want, including some liberal Nebraska Democrats, and that would be Queen Pelosi's bill with a public option, but with no restrictions on killing babies in the womb.

And it's becoming increasingly evident what independents want and it's not more control of their lives, more taxes, more spending. You can check the November gubernatorial results to see that.

We're amused at what the Nebraska Democratic mouthpiece, the New Nebraska Network, is saying to Nelson today: "Senator Nelson needs to come back to his roots, forget that he has become a multi-millionaire, remember the middle and working class people that were his neighbors in McCook, forget the millions he has received from insurance and health companies, ignore his former employees who are now agents of the insurance companies whispering in his ear, and vote yes three times to help the people of Nebraska. Vote yes to start debate, vote yes to end the filibuster, and vote yes for strong health reform with a public option." See:

What we do know about Nelson is that despite his agonizing (that's what he would have us believe) public ruminations he enjoys being the potential king pin on this vote. Just as he could never wait for invites to the White House from former President Bush, he relishes the attention now.

Nelson may ultimately play his game by voting for debate, by voting for cloture (so he can keep his Democrat credentials and respect) so that he can 'help' refine the bill to meet the 'real needs's of Nebraskans and then vote against the bill on final passage so he can say he voted against the government takeover of health care as most Nebraskans want. That would be his most logical scenario.
If Nelson votes for cloture, however, neither Nebraska Republicans or independents are likely to forgive him when 2012 rolls around. Ben (and wife, Diane) love their prominent social position in D.C., and don't want to come home as long as the Democrats are running things. He's already spent campaign money on advertising to tell Nebraskans what his 'principles' are when it comes to health care reform.

Ben has done three things that will make voting for advancing Dirty Harry's agenda difficult. He said he will oppose the public option and he says he will not vote for any public coverage of abortion. He also signed a pledge saying he wouldn't raise taxes, which is plainly what Dirty Harry intends to do to pay for this legislation. On the latter, we again wonder why Ben was ever so dumb as to sign a pledge, having been badly bitten by signing a pledge not to run for the Senate if re-elected to governor in 1994.

In the end what will Nelson do? It's hard to know, but we still believe he will find someway to advance Dirty Harry's bill by voting for debate and cloture and then by voting against a bill that he will bare personal and ultimately sole responsibility for advancing and passing. Wonder what odds the Las Vegas bookies would make on this???????