Wednesday, November 26, 2008

George's Thanksgiving Message

Courtesy of our friends at the Patriot Post, this is George Washington's Thanksgiving message:

"Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor -- and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me "to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness."

Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be -- That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks -- for his kind care and protection of the People of this Country previous to their becoming a Nation -- for the signal and manifold mercies, and the favorable interpositions of his Providence which we experienced in the tranquility [sic], union, and plenty, which we have since enjoyed -- for the peaceable and rational manner, in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted -- for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed; and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and in general for all the great and various favors which he hath been pleased to confer upon us."

And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions -- to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually -- to render our national government a blessing to all the people, by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed -- to protect and guide all Sovereigns and Nations (especially such as have shewn [sic] kindness onto us) and to bless them with good government, peace, and concord -- To promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the encrease [sic] of science among them and us -- and generally to grant unto all Mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as he alone knows to be best."

Given under my hand at the City of New York the third day of October in the year of our Lord 1789. George Washington "

To all, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Let the GOP Criticize

There is an odor drifting back and forth between New York and Washington and it's not even the Clintons. No, it seems that Representative Charlie Rangel (D), NY really can't get his act together as it appears from a continuing revelation of his taxes. Earlier in the year it was revealed that he had four rent-subsidized apartments in N.Y. City and that one was being used as a campaign office against the regulations. Then it was discovered that he hasn't been paying federal income taxes on rent received from HIS VILLA in the Dominican Republic. Now, it seems that the good folks in D.C. have discovered that ol' Charlie got a homestead exemption on a house he owned in D.C. from at least 1995 to 2000.

And we haven't even mentioned his misuse of congressional letterhead..... In fact, yesterday's Washington Post said: "But Congressional records and interviews show that Mr. Rangel was instrumental in preserving a lucrative tax loophole that benefited an oil-drilling company last year, while at the same time its chief executive was pledging $1 million to the project, the Charles B. Rangel School of Public Service at C.C.N.Y. "

Wonder how the Democrats would react to this if he were a Republican? Yes, ol' Charlie's asked for an ethics investigation to clear his name but what do you think will happen with that?

You can read more about Charlie in today's article at: or in yesterday's article at:

We hope that the GOP will start exposing some of the long term bums on their side as we have with soon-to-be-former Senator Stevens. Until then, Charlie Rangel is our nominee for the Objective Hall of Fame.

Republican National Committee Chairman and Nebraska Support

We're beginning to hear a good deal about who will lead the Republican National Committee soon and a race seems to be developing that may well define the party's future. We find it interesting that one of the candidates, Saul Anuzis, the head of the Michigan GOP is counting on the votes of five state chairs, according to Cris Cillizza of the Washington Post (see his summary at ).

Only problem for Anuzis is that perhaps no one has told him there will be a new Nebraska State Chairman replacing his likely vote, that of Mark Quandahl, after January 10 and prior to the late January vote for the RNC Chairman. As we noted earlier in the week that new Nebraska Chairman will be attorney Mark Fahleson of Lincoln.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Banks and tailfins

It seems to us that the craziness just continues. Now the government has bailed out Citigroup. Wasn't it just a month ago that the folks at Citigroup were trying to buy failing Wachovia?

We've said before that there is a fine line between capitalism and socialism and we feel strongly that we shouldn't be creating businesses to big to fail. We've already noted that three banks (including Citigroup), at least back in September, controlled 30% of commercial loans, 40% of deposits and 50% of credit cards. Yet it seems that even with that we have promoted further mergers, i.e., Wachovia by Wells Fargo. What are these banks doing? They're asking for government assistance that is being given them to free up credit while at the same time they are raising credit card rates, cutting credit card lines and restricting credit for other purposes. Tell us where this makes any sense.

Fortunately, the congress decided to pass on aid to the so-called big 3 last week, but listening to President-elect Barack Hussein Obama express his dismay at their lack of presenting a plan all we see is him saying give us some kind of a silly plan and we'll open the treasury's coffers to you as well, thus preserving the union contracts and all the other management flaws that have got these folks to where they are today. Also, remember that if product is the real issue that it takes 3-4 years to design, engineer and produce new vehicle platforms. These guys don't have that much time.

A couple of predictions:
  1. GM nor the other two will fail by the end of the year.

  2. All three will be back with a plan for the new congress to bail them out after Barack Hussein Obama is coronated in January and after all the union-owned new members of congress are added to rolls.

  3. We will give the big 3 a bailout.

  4. Six months later, if not sooner, they will be back to the trough for more.

  5. Ultimately, after billions of taxpayer dollars all three 'domestic' auto manufacturers will fail and file for bankruptcy.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Change for Nebraska GOP

Looks like the Nebraska GOP will undergo some changes as the new year approaches. Chairman Quandahl will step down and it appears that Governor Heineman's selection for the next chair will be Lincoln attorney Mark Fahleson who has been involved in Lincoln and Nebraska politics for many years. Mark has been an unofficial spokesman for the party on several occasions over the last several years. He is articulate and not at all afraid to take stands and take on the Democrats. If Governor Heineman doesn't put too much of a leash on Mark, he will be an effective and formidable chairman.

Also, Matt Miltenberger, the current state party executive director, will be stepping down and he will be replaced by an individual yet to be decided.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Where is the righteous indignation?

Poor Joe the Plumber Wurzelbacher, it appears, had his privacy abridged in a big way by the Ohio's head of the Department of Jobs and Family Services, Helen E. Jones-Kelley. According to an article in today's Washington Post:

"Ohio's Inspector General concluded in a report that Jones-Kelley had wrongly authorized searches of Wurzelbacher through records kept on child support payments, temporary aid to families and unemployment benefits. A state employee concerned that privacy rules had been violated initially disclosed the breaches.

"The report said that while the searches "we
re done in the midst of a political campaign," there was no evidence the information was released "in an effort to support any political activity or agenda."

Can you imagine what the Democrats would be saying had the Republicans done this and had they lost the election? Apparently, privacy only matters when it concerns the rights of terrorists.

See the article at:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Republican Failure

Yesterday, congressional Republicans had a chance to turn a new leaf on their way back from the abyss from which they dug themselves into, but failed. With an opportunity to endorse a moratorium on earmarks offered them by Minority Leader John A. Boehner of Ohio and Eric Cantor of Virginia, the caucus turned it down. What a disappointment.

The Republicans had a chance to define itself from Day 1 of the new administration and the new Democratically led congress and failed.

With that said, one person to keep an eye on is Eric Cantor of Virginia. We believe this relatively young congressman offers much leadership opportunity for the Republicans in congress and elsewhere.

For more on this, see:

Shenanigans at City Hall?

It seems to be common knowledge at Omaha city hall that the Fahey team is positioning some of its finest to become civil servants once their jobs as appointees end in June of next year. Take for instance Steve Scarpello whose position of Parks Director will cease under a new mayor. So to keep a job for Steve, the administration has tested him and will hire him as the number 2 in command in the Omaha Parks Department sometime prior to December 9th, making him a civil service employee and preventing his termination by a new mayor who will take office on June 9,, 2009.

Not a very fair way to treat those employees who might after many years of dedicated service expect to have an opportunity for promotion, but that's politics at city hall.

Moment of Truth Coming

It is not with surprise that we learn that Nebraska state government faces a $377 million dollar budget shortfall for the next two years beginning July 0f 2009. So while Nebraska has nearly $600 million dollars in its rainy day fund, one can expect lots of chest pounding as the legislature tries to cut back on spending and avoid new programs when it meets next year. It would appear any of Governor Heineman's ideas for future tax cuts will have to be put on hold.

On the other hand, why not just spend it all and join RINO Governor Schwarzenegger and go get in line for a bailout? No doubt as President Barack Hussein Obama and his congress begin the process of spreading the wealth come January (actually, it'll be almost February before congress quits celebrating the coronation of Camelot's latest anointed and goes to work) there will be aid made available for those states (as well as Detroit, homeowners, banks, etc.) who have been the least responsible but represent the greatest Democratic vote constituencies, i.e., California, automakers, the UAW, etal.

Now that Nebraska has yielded one electoral vote to his majesty, our future savior, perhaps it will qualify for aid from the feeding trough.

Does Daschle Meet Obama Vetting Requirements?

Becoming 44, a blog by Public Citizen that bills itself as providing "a progressive point of view on the creation of the Obama administration," is questioning whether the selection of Tom Daschle as HHS Secretary violates Obama's new ethics policy which states "No political appointees in the Obama-Biden administration will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years."

Could it be that some folks like Mrs. Clinton whose husband raises red flags under Barack Hussein Obama's 63 question questionnaire and Daschle just don't need to comply?
Further credence comes from yet another source, the The Washington Post investigations where they wonder if Mr. Daschle's wife might also be a source of conflict with the vetting standards set up by the president-elect. See this at:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another good-bye to and from Hagel

Soon to be has-been senior senator from Nebraska and soon-to-be- forgotten by president-elect Barack Hussein Obama, Chuck Hagel is at it again this time attacking both Rush Limbaugh and President Bush according to a Newsmax article about Hagel's address to the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

In his speech, Hagel suggested that Rush Limbaugh ought to run for office since he has an answer for everything and so much to contribute to leadership. WE ASK IF THAT IS THE CASE WHY DID THIS SO-CALLED LEADER, CHUCK HAGEL DUCK OUT OF RUNNING FOR RE-ELECTION OR FOR THE PRESIDENCY ?

Hagel further said, "they try to rip everyone down and make fools of everybody but they don't have any answers." WHERE ARE YOUR ANSWERS MR HAGEL AND ISN'T THAT EXACTLY WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING TO YOUR PRESIDENT FOR THE LAST EIGHT YEARS?

Hagel continued "the American people don't like what is going on ... They want us to start doing what leaders are expected to do, address the problems, find some consensus to governing. Get along. There will be disagreements, sure ... but in the end we can't hold ourselves captives to this raw, partisan, political paralysis." WHEN YOU HELD YOUR NATIONAL DISASTER OF A NEWS CONFERENCE TO ANNOUNCE THAT YOU WEREN'T GOING TO ANNOUNCE, YOU SAID YOU NEEDED MORE TIME TO WORK ON PROBLEMS CONFRONTING THE COUNTY. WHAT PROBLEMS DID YOU WORK ON AND OFFER SOLUTIONS FOR? HOW HAVE YOUR SUNDAY MORNING TALK SHOW VISITS DONE ANYTHING TO REDUCE THE PARTISAN POLITICAL PARALYSIS?

The article also notes that, "Hagel’s remarks on Tuesday were not the first he has leveled against the Bush administration. He has criticized the Patriot Act, spoken out against the “surge” of troops in Iraq, compared the Iraq war to Vietnam, and in November 2007 said: "I have to say this is one of the most arrogant, incompetent administrations I've ever seen or ever read about."





More on Letting them stew in their own pot

There is a great editorial in today's New York Times by Mitt Romney in regards to the big 3's 'loan (bailout) request.' We suggest you read it since Mitt knows a little about the automobile business, his father having been the president of defunct American Motors.

While Mitt (and, frankly, no Republican presidential candidate) was our favorite, he gets kudos from us on this one.

An E-mail from General Motors

It appears from our friends at Real Clear Politics that General Motors is desperately e-mailing its customers trying to justify their 'loan (bailout) request' from Uncle Sam and asking those customers to e-mail their senators and congressmen in D.C. in support.
There have been some great and compelling editorials in places other than here that would suggest that the big 3 work their way out of this in the same way others, i.e., the airlines, have--bankruptcy. We couldn't agree more.

For more on this, see:

Ted Stevens - RIP (In Jail)

It's pretty much official that skum-bag Senator Ted Stevens, our previous Hall of Shame nominee, has lost his bid for re-election and with that given the Democrats another vote on their way to a filibuster proof U.S. Senate.

One of the things that the Republican party must do to re-establish it's moral pulpit is to quickly rid itself of bums like this that steal and abuse their positions. But then this guy has been in the Senate since Abraham Lincoln was president so without term limits (which we basically oppose) how can one be sure that ultimate power doesn't ultimately corrupt?

Time to give the Democrats that opportunity and to hold them as accountable publicly as they deservedly did the Republicans.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Left Coast Moves to PA

From our friends at the American Diabetes Association we learn the following:

'Menu Labeling Law Passed in Philadelphia'
"On November 6th, the Philadelphia City Council passed an ordinance which will provide customers with easy-to-find, easy-to-read nutrition information (such as calories and carbohydrates) on menus and menu boards of chain restaurants in Philadelphia, PA. This new law, which will take effect January 2010, is a huge win both for people with diabetes and those at risk for developing diabetes. Philadelphia’s menu labeling law is the strongest in the country, and ADA hopes other cities will follow Philadelphia’s example."

While we recognize diabetes as a dread disease, we also think that the mentality of requiring private businesses to provide such information is just plain wrong. No doubt this follows the California left coast mentality supported by RINOs like Governor Schwarzenegger, but the fact is that folks are responsible for their own lives and those who choose to ignore their health and eat junk food will continue to do so despite what is posted on the menu board. And why doesn't the same law apply to non-chain restaurants?

One might suspect that those who eat regularly at chain restaurants are less educated than those who don't. Maybe, the bureaucrats should pass a law that requires proof of completion of a certain education level or proof of IQ should be next?

Detroit's Failure a Done Deal

You might have read yesterday's column here by contributor Patrick McPherson, "No Bailout for the the Big 3", and today we call your attention to a great column by George Will, "In Detroit, Failure's a Done Deal." You can read it at:

Like Mr. Will and McPherson, we at the Objective Conservative think it's time to let the big three fail and restructure. We have enough welfare recipients without spreading our wealth around to save those who refuse to and/or are unable to change. Enough said.

P.S. To be fair and balanced we thought you might want to look at a viewpoint that is the virtual antithesis of ours and that would be that of Republican Conservative Patrick Buchanan who seems to have a very different approach in his editorial, "As GM Goes, So Goes the GOP" at:

The Bailout -- An American Heist?

Ed Koch has a good editorial today titled "The Largest Heist in American History" and it is not very complimentary to Secretary Paulson, Ben Bernanke or President Bush and others, but one which is hard to disagree with. You might want to check it out at:

GOP Needs More Sarahs and Fewer Arnolds - Doug Patton

November 17, 2008

At the recent Republican Governors Conference in Florida, one superstar (Sarah Palin of Alaska) was center stage, while another (Arnold Schwarzenkennedy of Caleefornia) was conspicuous by his absence.

Fresh off her rollercoaster ride as the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee, Governor Palin gave a speech that was simultaneously humorous and serious, confident yet self-deprecating. Unshackled from the nitwits who ran the disorganized John McCain for President Campaign, she was relaxed and back in her element. She spoke of the states as a proving ground for the future leadership of the nation, and of the governors as the alternative to Washington’s visionless business-as-usual. She is truly a political rising star in the midst of several political rising stars.

Conspicuous by his absence was the governator, celebrity potentate of an increasingly ungovernable state that comprises most of the Left Coast. Apparently, he was too busy begging the federal government for a bailout of his state to bother attending the RGC. Either that or he was pouting because he is no longer the biggest fish in the shrinking pond of GOP governors.

Emboldened by the largesse of the feds in recent corporate bailouts, Arnold now says his state needs a five billion dollar infusion of cash in order to maintain that infamous profligate California lifestyle — at least for a while. Like the “Big Three” automakers, Schwarzenegger is in the process of trying to convince the nation that his state is “too big to fail.” He no doubt believes that after nearly a trillion dollars of handouts to corporate America, the country is ready to start bailing out the states — especially if it means avoiding increased taxes at the state level.

Ironically, Arnold seems to see no conflict in the fact that a few years ago (on his watch) California committed that exact same sum to the highly questionable field of embryonic stem cell research. Always compelled to live on the cutting edge of everything, the state committed to this funding to show how much more progressive it was than the federal government. (Kind of like legalizing “medical marijuana.”)

God forbid that the citizens of California should actually see their government exercise some fiscal restraint and cut spending. (Where is it written that governments always have to grow?)

Consider just a few of the other expenses incurred by the Golden State in the last few years, expenses that Schwarzenegger seems to have no stomach for cutting. California leads the nation in sanctuary cities, whereby the mayor and city council of a city give their official blessing to harboring criminal aliens. The poster boy for this nonsense is Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco, whose city has become a “progressive” magnet for every deviant in the Western Hemisphere.

One of the dirty little secrets hidden in the nation’s mortgage crisis is the fact that five million of those bad loans were given to illegal aliens! How many of those loans were in California?
In many ways, it is unfair to compare the task of governing California and Alaska. While they are two of the largest states physically, the former is the most populous state, while the latter is the most sparsely populated. But the principles of responsible governance remain the same. For example, Sarah Palin has utilized the natural resources of Alaska for the benefit of the people of Alaska. Arnold Schwarzenegger has shackled the taxpayers of his state by embracing much of the silliness of the environmental movement: opposing offshore drilling; supporting the continuation of numerous designer grades of gasoline to conform to “clean air” standards, etc.

One other important difference between these two governors: Sarah Palin believes in the principles laid out in the Republican Party platform, including those that revere the sanctity of human life and traditional marriage. Arnold Schwarzenegger does not.

She, not he, is the future of the GOP.

© Copyright 2008 by Doug Patton

Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and public policy advisor. His weekly columns are published in newspapers across the country and on selected Internet web sites, including Human Events Online and, where he is a senior writer and state editor. Readers may e-mail him at

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Mayoral Race in Omaha

Looks like the field for Mayor is getting more crowed and the major players are gearing up.

Hal Daub has established a headquarters operation and officially announced last Monday. We're told he is well on his way to having the necessary petition signatures to file (1000) and is finding no difficulty securing financial support.

Soon to be declared candidate Jim Suttle is attending event after event. We understand he has a fundraiser coming up at the Dundee Dell. It's a $100 ahead scotch tasting event. We wonder what Mothers Against Drunk Driving would think of that?

Jim Vokal appears to be well on his way to file at any moment. From the "Run, Jimmy, Run" signs around Omaha, how can he refuse such a 'draft' movement?

In addition to the above, there is a new candidate in the race as of November 14th. He is Jerry Odum whom we don't know a lot about as of yet, but he has formally announced.

Van Argyrakis, an attorney who once worked in Hal Daub's Washington congressional office is running, at least by the sign in his window.

Will there be others? Rumors still persist of Brad Ashford, Dan Welch among others.

One election just over, one just begun.

The myths of the 2008 election

Our conservative (and liberal) readers might want to check out a piece by Cris Cillizza of the Washington Post about the 5 myths of the 2008 election. It's worth contemplating. Check it out at:

State Senators Need to Take Action

It's evident that Barack Hussein Obama will get one electoral vote from the Nebraska's Second Congressional District. In Barack Hussein Obama's total this doesn't represent one iota of difference. But for Nebraskans it should. For a state that is two-to-one Republican over Democrat it should. The very method of electoral vote allocation the state has adopted could have cost the state a Republican congressman and replaced him with a guy that was clearly an empty suit. No doubt, it did cost several Republicans there re-election or election to other offices.

One of our action points for the next Nebraska legislative session is reversing this silly electoral vote method that only Nebraska and Maine employ. With more than 30 Republicans in the upcoming legislature there is no reason why they can't and shouldn't allow Nebraskans an opportunity to rescind the mistake they made when they changed the allocation method.

We hope the governor and Republican leaders will 'encourage' the new legislature to give Nebraskans an opportunity to revisit this mistake. Republicans should hold each of their senators accountable for this if they do not. Failure to do so basically constitutes deserving the appellation of RINO.

No Bail out for the 'big three' - Patrick McPherson

Well, the push is on to bail out (save) the big three (a no-longer relevant term) of Detroit so they don't bring our economy to an even worse state. But how does giving GM, Ford and Chrysler money to keep them operating change a thing? At best, any taxpayer funds advanced will just represent what will be a monthly allowance if they are to survive, because their problems won't go away and their problem represent an abyss into which taxpayers will have to continually sink their dollars simply to provide life support for a moribund industry.

That probably sounds harsh, but it's a fact. The cure for the big three is bankruptcy. That will allow them to restructure, get rid of onerous union rules and costs of outrageously liberal benefits and pensions.

How can sinking tax payer dollars into life support for these 'Detroit' auto makers make them any more competitive against Honda, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, etc., who build cars here in the United States and don't require a bailout? How is that even fair in a capitalist society where the innovative grow and survive while the un-evolving pass into history?

Many would have you believe that the problem with the big three is that they staked their bet on big SUVs and big trucks that provided wide profit margins. To a real extent that is true. However, they have also offered smaller fuel efficient vehicles which have either not been marketed effectively or weren't competitive price-wise against better built, better equipped 'foreign' products produced in this country or overseas.

It takes three to four years to engineer and produce totally new automobile platforms. If that is the solution to the big three's dilemma (which we assert is not the case), the tax payers will be paying an allowance to these folks for years to come. Why should they be on the hook when they can clearly make market decisions with what is out there now? Why should they pay more taxes for cars they don't want or choose not to buy?

Detroit, the Democrats in congress (and sadly many Republicans who want to act like Democrats rather than fiscal conservatives--further watering down their brand) and president-elect Barack Obama apparently believe that spreading your wealth around to keep the dinosaurs from Detroit from becoming extinct is the right economic solution. They are wrong!

If Detroit wants to ever be the economic power it once was it needs to be allowed to fail. It needs to be allowed to abrogate it union contracts and restructure itself on a competitive basis with other auto manufacturers in this country who were smart enough to avoid such entrapments. For the union worker and those that will surely be affected by the big three's failures, we are sympathetic.

To bail out Detroit will only cause more unintended consequences and result in continued support for folks that aren't competitive. It's life support at best to a very terminal patient. Whether they use the money to keep operating or build cars with tail fins, Detroit will ultimately fail if continues to operate as it does today, and the tax payers will simply be prolonging the inevitable. Let them go bankrupt!

Missing a Democrat who stood for Life

Former state senator Bernice Labedz passed away this weekend. She was a classy lady who had values, among them respect for life. She was appointed to fill the South Omaha legislative seat of former senator Gene Mahoney by then Governor Exon. She also served on the Douglas County Board.

Our friends at Nebraska Right to Life issued the following press release with which we agree whole-heartedly. Sadly, most of Bernice's party members have lost their way on this issue.


"LINCOLN ---Former State Senator Bernice Labedz is remembered fondly by Nebraska Right to Life upon her death Saturday, November 15th.

"Bernice was a gracious, yet tenacious, advocate for the pro-life cause." said Julie Schmit-Albin, NRL Executive Director who worked with Senator Labedz to pass pro-life legislation in the early 1990's. "Her likeability(sic) disarmed her adversaries when they found out she meant business."

"Senator Labedz was recognized as the floor leader of pro-life issues during her tenure in the Legislature, said Schmit-Albin. "Senator Labedz persisted in her quest to pass a parental notification law, even after having her early efforts challenged in court in the late 80's. I remember gathering in her office at midnight on the last day of the 1990 session when the parental notification bill had been filibustered to its death. She resolutely comforted the pro-life lobbyists present with the remark, "we'll just be back next year." She came back in 1991 and got the law passed which is in force today."

"Her strength came from her strong faith and belief that all innocent human life deserves the same protection as the rest of society, whether that be a baby in the womb, or the elderly or mentally or physically challenged at risk of active euthanasia." said Schmit-Albin. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the Labedz family as they lay Bernice to rest."

Friday, November 14, 2008

We Are Nervous

Yes, we are a little nervous. Seems the Washington Post, yesterday, agreed with our premise on whales and our national defense (See Supremes Hear). Check out their thoughts at or better yet, just go back and read what we said yesterday.


There's a lot of news about who the president-elect wants to serve in his administration. Rich Galen has an interesting commentary about the questionnaire being used in today's Mullings. You might find it instructive:

We'd tend to agree with Galen's thoughts on the issue. It will be interesting to judge just how some of the president-elect's appointments get through this process.

Youth May be lost on the young, but it is an election factor

There is a good column today by Rich Lowry about president-elect Barack Hussein Obama's youth and how it may have affected the vote. We mentioned this in our election night analysis of what we saw as the incipient breast-pounding mea culpas that Republicans could expect to hear, and which we are hearing, as to the need to revitalize and broaden the base and outreach of the party to avoid further disasters.

Lowry posits that the twenty-five year difference in age had a marked impact on the election of Barack Hussein Obama. We agree. Check it out at:

Incidentally, Lowry also points out the Camelot notion that we will no doubt be exposed to for, hopefully, only the next four years. Maybe the president-elect can use that as his theme song for 'senior' events.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Supremes Hear

Thank goodness all the Supremes with the exception of Ginsburg and Souter saw fit to realize that the Navy's operations are more important than a bunch of environmental wackos who would jeopardize the defense of our country for an iffy notion that sonar might hurt a few whales. See:

Obama, a Democratic congress and Amnesty

If you are a little concerned about President Barack Obama and what he and the Democratic congress might do in regard to boarder security/amnesty you will be blown away by what is moving through congress. It is AMNESTY plain and simple. Take a Tums and check out this video:

Bums are bums and GOP needs to say so

It appears the voters of Alaska are about to officially oust our former Hall of Shame member, Ted Stevens at the cost of one more Republican vote in the U.S. Senate. Alaskans are right to reject this convicted felon. It's a shame that his ego prevented Alaskans from nominating someone who might have kept the seat in GOP hands. No tears should be shed over Steven's demise. He gets what he deserves and hopefully will be sentenced appropriately.

With that said, the GOP ethics group shouldn't fail to take notice of the fact that Representative William Jefferson's appeal to have his case thrown out failed and he will hopefully soon go to trial for his solicitation of $500,000 in bribes, not to mention the $90,000 in 'cold cash' bribe money found in his freezer.

The GOP needs to clean its house of the bums like Stevens and demand strong ethical behaviour of its elected officials. But it also, as the loyal opposition, needs to actively expose and take on those across the aisle for their outrageous, unlawful, unethical behavior as well.

Bums are bums and the GOP needs to say so.

Harvey Perlman

Harvey Perlman seems to be the target of lots of criticism from our contributors and readers as well as the general public. His responses and alleged responses to the William Ayers editorial (see yesterday's local paper), the Omaha World-Herald editorial regarding William Ayers and the so-called news article on the front page of yesterday's local paper as well as his Public Pulse response today and his appearance on KFAB earlier this morning only show what a hopeless case Perlman is.

Perlman's most recent iteration on KFAB this morning was typical Harvey. First he said, as he did in his Public Pulse piece that he never said that he thought Ayers' editorial was "terrific". He claims the lady who works for him must have somehow got it wrong. He says he can't remember the context of his conversation with her and that she thinks she was misquoted. Even his subsequently alleged comment in the evening addition of the local paper was apparently inaccurate if you are to believe Perlman. Once again, Perlman doesn't seem to be in control of his own subordinates and once again he points the finger (the blame) at someone else. Shame on you, Harvey, for your continued refusal to accept responsibility and accountability for your actions!

We could go on about the bungling responses Perlman has given in this instance, but here is where we really find him to be disingenuous. When asked on this morning's KFAB show whether Ayers has been paid the promised $1000 honorarium because of the withdrawal of his speaking engagement offer, Perlman said that really wasn't the issue. In other words, he just didn't answer the question.

We can only wonder how long Nebraskans will continue to tolerate Perlman's evasive non-answers and his continuing public relation blunders.

In this case, we hope state auditor Mike Foley will look into this matter and clarify to all Nebraskans what Harvey Perlman won't, "Did Ayers get paid for his non-appearance and did it come from taxpayer (university) dollars?"

Harvey Perlman can run from answering tough questions as he often does, but he can't cover up for long. One would think a law professor with presumably a solid ethics education (presumably offered by his law school) would understand this. Apparently, Perlman doesn't and it's time for someone to simply tell the public the truth. We hope Mike Foley, or perhaps even the president of the university system will tell us the truth.
P.S. Havey Perlman is the nominee for the Objective Conservative November Hall of shame

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama's Endorser

While the race for the presidency is over, we here at the Objective Conservative have been overdue in taking note of one of president-elect Barack Hussein Obama's supporters. No we aren't talking about Lilibet Hagel (who acknowledged her support for the president-elect through her purse) or her weasle of a husband who wouldn't tell us that he was supporting and voting for Barack Hussein Obama.

No, we're talking about the endorsement of Department of State employee who happens to be an ex-Hagel chief of staff and an ex-employee under RINO Republican Collin Powell. We're talking about Lou Ann Linehan who is stationed in Bagdad for the Department of State as a computer specialist although she has no credentials that anyone is aware of to suggest she is qualified for the title.

Yes, Lou Ann Linehan endorsed Barack Hussein Obama. So what makes her any different than her former boss' wife or the weasle himself? Nothing other than the fact that she is covered by the Hatch Act which you may recall prevents government employees from being involved in political campaigns.

McCain, Not Palin, Lost This Election - Doug Patton

November 10, 2008

In the week that has elapsed since the 2008 election, spineless weasels inside the McCain campaign have begun piling on Gov. Sarah Palin — anonymously — and blaming her for the landslide that has elected Barack Obama to the presidency.

It is interesting to observe the apparent timidity of John McCain himself as this savagery is being played out behind Gov. Palin’s back. McCain, who has never shied away from coming to the aid of a liberal when attacked, has been strangely silent about the ridiculous charges leveled against his hand-picked running mate. Remember his defense of Obama over the Rev. Wright issue? When the North Carolina Republican Party ran commercials addressing this legitimate issue, McCain slapped them down for it.

John McCain ran one of the worst campaigns in recent memory. Barack Obama sat for twenty years under the tutelage of an America-hating bigot, called the man his mentor and the inspiration for his first book, had him perform the Obamas’ wedding and baptize their children, and then told us he never heard any of the vitriol being spewed from the pulpit during the two decades he sat there. McCain would not use the issue.

Obama sat with his friends, domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn while another mutual friend, former Palestinian apologist Rashid Khalidi, spewed hatred of Israel at a dinner in 2002. When an article came out about the incident last spring, McCain could have used that information and demanded a copy of the tape held hostage by the Los Angeles Times, but for inexplicable reasons chose not to.

Barack Obama spoke to the abortion-promoting leaders of Planned Parenthood and promised them he would sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) as soon as he became president. FOCA would strip away every restriction on abortion, including the ban on partial birth abortion and all parental notification laws. McCain had this information available to him, but never used it, thereby allowing many ignorant pro-life voters to go to the polls without that information.

John McCain had a chance to side with the American people and oppose the massive $700 billion bailout. As the maverick, the reformer, the spending hawk who claimed to want to stop the very waste represented by the bailout, McCain missed a golden opportunity to say to Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike, “No, this is not how we do things in America. We are not a socialist nation. We are a capitalist nation. With great opportunity comes the possibility of great failure, and I, for one, will not lend my vote to this bailout — made necessary, I might add, by the very Democrats who are crying the loudest for its implementation. We are Americans. We are better than this.”

Instead, McCain made a big deal out of suspending his campaign, and then took his time getting back to Washington, stopping for interviews with the likes of Katie Couric along the way. He made a show of standing with the House Republicans who opposed the bailout, flirted with canceling a campaign debate, and in the end went along with the flawed thinking of President Bush, Treasury Secretary Paulson and Rep. Barney Frank, D-MA, who seemed to suddenly think that the sky was falling.

Imagine if McCain had stood against this boondoggle and it had passed anyway, over his protestations. When the stock market tanked, he would have been in the position to say, “You see? Where is the stability we were promised?” In one master stroke, he could have distanced himself from George Bush and left Barack Obama with egg on his face.

Meanwhile, Gov. Palin was out on the stump, doing exactly what she was chosen to do. She energized the base of the Republican Party, drew crowds ten times the size of McCain’s and solidified conservative support behind a man who was almost universally distrusted within his own party.

Sarah Palin was the right person at the right time in the right position. She was vilified by the media, and John McCain let happen. Now she is being vilified by anonymous sources within his own campaign and he is saying nothing. He’s probably too busy preparing to work with his new president.

© Copyright 2008 by Doug Patton

Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and public policy advisor. His weekly columns are published in newspapers across the country and on selected Internet web sites, including Human Events Online, and, where he is a senior writer and state editor. Readers may e-mail him at

Fox at the Orpheum -- Jan Ream

I attended the event at the Orpheum Theater yesterday featuring Vicente Fox. Without reservation, I found that what he had to say was very distressing and clothed in deceit.

He made a joke out of the fact that, although his country has armed military on their own southern border, the wall that we are attempting to build is being constructed with Mexican labor. That is not true. The portion of the wall that has been completed has been built by our military, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corp, government contractors and the governor of California. Are there some Mexican laborers in the mix, hopefully legal, probably there are. However, that was not the message that he conveyed.

He spoke of NAFTA and the WTO and how they have benefited his country, but he did not mention that it is at the expense of American workers whose jobs are going south of the border,leaving them either unemployed or scrambling to make ends meet at lower paying jobs. And he certainly did not mention that those same companies that moved to Mexico are now going to China for even cheaper labor, putting more Mexicans out of work. Just where do you think they will go, across our border, perhaps, to pursue their dreams?

He proceeded to compare our income levels with that of England. England has essentially become a communistic one that has 'spread the wealth'. We live in a capitalistic country where a persons income depends upon his capability. That is what makes Americans unique, in that it encourages us to strive to better ourselves, kind of like Bill Gates. Mr. Fox would prefer that we all share what we have with anyone who needs or wants it. Well, we are already doing that by employing his Mexican brothers who have come into our country without documentation, taking good paying construction, meat processing and landscaping jobs from hard working citizens. The middle class worker is disappearing which accounts for the spread in income level. We can thank our government for issuing outrageous numbers of work visas to other countries and greedy corporations who, either go to Mexico and China for cheap labor, then import those same products so that we Americans can buy them or bring thousands of workers in to fill jobs that Americans used to fill for a decent wage.

The Chamber of Commerce, both local and national, is working hand in hand with people like Vicente Fox to further the demise of the ability of the middle class citizens of our country to pursue their dreams. The fact that he appeared in our community [country] on Veterans day was a slap in the face of all those who are serving to defend our country and it's borders.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Our president-elect will soon give credence to the fears of many conservatives by undoing many of President Bush's executive orders including ones on embryonic stem cell research, abortion related family planning in the third world and global warming.

We feel better already knowing that those children Barack Hussein Obama will prevent from being born will not have to worry if they are accidentally born and not allowed to die thereafter about the demise of the human race from global warming.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Abandoned Child

If you haven't seen it yet, the subject of Nebraska's upcoming special session was fodder for the good liberals at the New York Times today. Their solution of course is more programs and services.

We've not discussed the issue here because frankly we don't know what the solution is.

Somehow all these problems, whether they be abandonment of children, crime or education go back to the integrity of the family. A check of those kids abandoned would probably support that most are from single parent families.

Check out the editorial at:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Initiative 424 passes -- Is the sky still falling?

One of the bright spots for Nebraskans yesterday is the passage of Initiative 424, The Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative. It's passage represents the rejection of the elitist academia mentality of Harvey Perlman, Chancellor of the University of Nebraska, the Omaha World-Herald and their equally elitist leadership and that of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce as well as all the victim-groups who are now rejoicing somewhat incongruously at the election of Barack Hussein Obama.

For these elitists, the passage of 424 is a nightmare albeit the creation of their own self-serving, liberal mentalities. They've told us the sky is falling and no doubt will continue to do so in hopes that the courts will overturn the well of the citizens who overwhelmingly supported its passage.

The other big loser, of course, is Dave Kramer who has sold his conservative credentials in his attempt to support the sky is falling mentality of these elitists. Surely, he will walk away a much richer man for his failed (hopefully) efforts, but one whose respect as a purveyor of Republican principles is much diminished.

No hand wringing, no mea culpas

In what seemed almost anti-climatic, Barack Hussein Obama became the president-elect just a few short hours ago. It was fairly evident to most observers long before (days) Pennsylvania fell that it was a fate' complete. The American public bought Barack Hussein Obama's message of change and hope and now he and a highly Democratic congress will have to deliver. Our guess is that two years from now, the American public will strongly express their views on what the president-elect and company have accomplished.

For conservatives (presumably that means Republicans) there will be lots of chest pounding, mea culpas, what-ifs and self-introspection to figure out what went wrong. They will spend several months doing this and trying to figure out what they must do to change the dynamics in the future. Some like Rich Galen (see Mullings may suggest that the Republicans will have to see what they need to do to broaden their base. That's not necessary.

The reason that Republicans were defeated this year as they were in 2006 is that the public no longer understood what they stand for. It certainly isn't, as displayed by their performance, fiscal conservatism. It certainly is, as displayed by their performance, the ability to mind the store as displayed by the economic tsunami they watched overcome them, their nation and the world (as a result) by their negligence and inability to anticipate. And it certainly isn't by their nomination of man twenty-five years older than his opponent, a man more than a generation older than the average voting populace. And it certainly isn't by their inability or their candidate's inability to provide meaningful and tangible solutions to a populace who has watched for eight years as they perceived their country going in the wrong direction, led by a well-meaning but inarticulate president who failed to communicate with his countrymen.

Party officials don't have to look much farther to understand what went wrong.

What conservatives, and hopefully Republicans, do need to do is articulate what they stand for and then actually stand for it. They don't need to change what they stand for to attract more voters. That's how they got to where they are are. The public didn't recognize the difference!

Barry Goldwater stood for conservatism but failed to convince a public enthralled by a dynamic and youthful man offering much hope. But out of that movement came Ronald Reagan, who stood for conservative principles, who articulated a need for a strong defense, who related to Democrats and blue-collar workers and who stood for moral values. And while he was certainly a generation older than his opponent he was able to capitalize on his opponent's failure as the new president-elect capitalized on Bush's failures and tied those to John Sydney McCain.

In 1994, Republicans offered a real agenda for change that the American public bought into and for a while those newly elected Republicans seemed to stand for much of the same values that President Reagan had articulated. But within a few years, they became comfortable with their power, afraid to pursue much of what they had promised, and simply forgot what they stood for.

Republicans can forget the hand-wringing and soul searching. For the next two years they need to play the part of the loyal opposition and stand up for conservative fiscal and moral issues and articulate them against what will be an overpowering swing to the left.

Two years from now the American public will have an opportunity to evaluate where Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have led them. If Republicans join them in the process they will be indistinguishable from them. If they stand up for what they believe in and articulate it, they will offer the public a choice which may make a lot more sense to them by that point in time.

As conservatives we'd rather fail fighting for what we believe our vision of America should be than become what we claim to oppose simply to win.

Oh, and by the way, the sun will rise this morning and we will still be fortunate enough to live in the greatest country on God's green earth. Let's work to keep it.

You might check out the column today by Tony Blankly for a somewhat supportive thought:

Let's Just Take the Next Four Years Off - Doug Patton

November 3, 2008

As I write this, the United States of America is 24 hours away from the closing of the polls on Election Day, 2008. My fervent prayer is that voters are not so stupid as to elect Barack Obama president. But stranger things have happened in American politics.

Many red flags have been flying for months about this radical from the Chicago political machine. There are his associates, a motley collection of Marxists, criminals and terrorists: Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Rashid Khalidi, Michael Pfleger, Tony Rezko, and ACORN. There is his collectivist desire to, as he told Joe the Plumber, “spread the wealth around.” There is his plan to surrender in Iraq. There are his utopian ideas about fairness and justice, his scheme to destroy the energy industry and his disdain for those of us in Middle America clinging to our guns and religion. Then there is his chilling disregard for the Constitution.

On the eve of this election, we discovered new revelations about his plans to “bankrupt” the coal industry. When asked about the skyrocketing cost of electricity under such a scheme, Obama admits it outright.

Barack Obama is the Hugo Chavez of American politics. He is radical beyond anything we have seen come out of the Democratic Party before. His Marxist ideas could do permanent damage to the people of this country. Far too many of us are already dependent on our government, so much so that when a crisis looms, that is where we turn for solutions to our problems.

That is why an insignificant little commercial the Obama campaign ran just days before the election was so disturbing to me. In the commercial, voters were told to take the day off from work, from school, from any other productive activity in which they might otherwise be engaged in order to work for the election of Barack Obama. Michelle Obama also called for supporters to take the day off to work for her husband.

He is, after all, “The One,” and what could possibly be more important than working for him?

The message contained in that simple commercial is revealing. Barack Obama will take care of you. That is the message. Go ahead, take off work; skip school; take off from caring for your children; forget about providing for your life and your family in order to help elect the man who will provide you with everything.

Can’t pay your mortgage (or don’t want to)? Don’t worry, Barack the Messiah will save you. In fact, why shouldn’t you have an even bigger house? You deserve it just as much as those evil rich people (you know, those people making more than $42,000 per year). Need a new car? If health care is a right, shouldn’t housing and transportation be also? And what about sending my kid to college? That’s a right, too, right?

Well, productive Americans, I say we take him at his word. He wants us to set aside one day to get him elected, I say we follow the example of John Galt and his industrialist allies in Ayn Rand’s classic tome, “Atlas Shrugged.” Let’s just take the next four years off. If Messiah Obama is elected, let’s just get on the gravy train and let him figure out how to provide us with everything we need — without our productivity to pay for it all. Let’s just see how many tax dollars he can collect from us if we stop working for the government and let the government provide for us for the next 1,461 days.

Let’s all file for unemployment, collect a welfare check, sign up for food stamps, public housing and government health insurance and then spend the next four years sitting in front of our big-screen, flat-panel TVs plotting how to take back the Republic in 2012.

Just don’t get too comfortable there.

© Copyright 2008 by Doug Patton
Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a political speechwriter and public policy advisor. His weekly columns are published in newspapers across the country and on selected Internet web sites, including Human Events Online, and, where he is a senior writer and state editor. Readers may e-mail him at

The Fat Lady

In our continued dismal and despondent mood about this election, we find support from Stuart Rothenberg, whom we think provides a realistic assessment of what you can expect to see tonight. We can only hope both he and we are wrong.

Check it out at:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hagel and his true colors

We got this from our friends at Nebraska Right to Life. This is the same Chuck Hagel that for years purported to be a conservative. Incidentally, and we've mentioned this before, this is the same Chuck Hagel who when he appeared on his first TV interview with KMTV's Joe Jordan didn't know quite whether he was pro-life or pro-gun. It took serious effort on the part of his advisors to position himself to be what Nebraskans wanted.
Now when he has made himself history (thankfully) we're seeing the real guy and there isn't much good to be said.

See below:

Sun Nov 02, 2008 at 01:32:31 AM CDT

The New Yorker features Chuck Hagel in its latest issue. As Nebraskans say goodbye to Hagel after two terms as our U.S. Senator, he offers some words of wisdom we'd all do well to learn from as we move into what will hopefully prove a new era for American democracy:

Hagel on his decision not to endorse John McCain for president
"In good conscience, I could not enthusiastically - honestly - go out and endorse [John McCain] and support him when we so fundamentally disagree on the future course of our foreign policy and our role in the world."

Hagel on his disappointment with the McCain campaign:
"He gave one unifying speech [at the GOP convention] and then has spent fifty million dollars to destroy his opponent."

Hagel on McCain's choice Of Sarah Palin for vice president:
"I don't believe she's qualified to be President of the United States...The first judgment a potential President makes is who their running mate is - and I don't think John made a very good selection."

Hagel on the dangers of single-issue voting, especially over the abortion issue:
"There was a political party in this country called the Know-Nothings...and we're getting on the fringe of that, with these one-issue voters - pro-choice or pro-life. Important issue, I know that. But, my goodness. The world is blowing up everywhere, and I just don't think that is a responsible way to see the world, on that one issue."