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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bomber, Terrorist Ayers Not Welcome In Nebraska

Bomber-in-Chief, William Ayers who was uninvited to speak at UNL last year will attempt to return to Omaha courtesy of the University of Nebraska Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska. He will speak at Omaha's Holiday Inn Central on October 14th.

Dwayne Ball, a UNL marketing professor and head of the coalition is the guy behind this. And while he tells us that not a cent of taxpayer's dollars will be spent on the event we wonder. He says they will cover security, but we'd guess that the Omaha Police Department will be there and won't be getting paid by Ball's coalition to ward off threats to this terrorist bomber. We also wonder how many University of Nebraska employees will be attending this event on their paid time? We suspect they will say their attendance will be on non-class time, which given the number of classes most of these professors teach is most of the time. What will also be telling is whether Chancellor Harvey Perlman shows up for this ill-conceived event.

Hopefully, Omaha will also remember that those at the Holiday Inn Central abetted this event when they look to places to look for future events. Hopefully, they will consider the Double Tree or the New Embassy Suites in La Vista.

Gosh, since this is being done on non-academic time, maybe someone could get some of Omaha's firemen to show up and pass the boot on their non-putting-out-fires time. Oh, they would be collecting on city-time.

William Ayers is not welcome in Omaha or in Nebraska. Hopefully, many of Omaha's citizens will be their to tell him so and to demonstrate peacefully against this terrorist, as opposed to his past methods of protest.