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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Governor Heineman Says Sarpy County Is Most Important County in the State

It's true, Governor Heineman said that Sarpy County is the most important county in the state when it comes to the November election.     Heineman spoke for about 10 minutes on Thursday evening to the Sarpy County Republican Party Central Committee.   In fact, his staff called its chairman, Ken Ragland, and asked if he could address the group.

If President-elect Romney, oops we're getting ahead of ourselves, wanted a dark horse vice president (we've suggested just that) he couldn't find one more attuned to speaking the proper rhetoric than Heineman.    The governor told the group that Obama (excuse our disrespect, Bob Kerrey) was wrong on jobs, wrong on the economy and wrong on federally mandated healthcare.    WRONG!

Heineman said that Mitt Romney was a business leader, a man that knew how to create jobs, a guy that saved the Salt Lake City Olympics.

The governor then went on to say that Sarpy County truly was the most important county in Nebraska when it comes to November.   He said that Obama now has 10 operatives working in Douglas and Sarpy Counties identifying voters.   Heineman went on to tell the group that there were several scenarios where that one electoral vote that could come out of the Second Congressional District could result in Obama getting 270 rather than 268 votes, thus allowing Nebraska to elect Obama for another term.  

The governor encouraged everyone to get behind a U.S. Senate candidate but to unify after May 15.   He said that Bob Kerrey doesn't live here and that on virtually all issues Kerrey is in total sync with the president.   

Heineman also said that he needed to have the county send Scott Price back to the legislature along with Sarpy County legislative candidates Richard Carter and John Murante.    He said he needed those conservatives and went on to indicate his disgust at the over-ride of his vetoes on LB 599, the illegal immigrant pre-natal bill, and the 1/2 cent additional sales tax bill.     He noted that such authority will only result in higher taxes and said that Lincoln's mayor is already pushing for it, noting that it would produce $18 million a year of additional revenue to Lincoln, but that only $5 million of that would go to replace property taxes.   The other $13 million would go to new spending!

Bottom line---Sarpy County needs to perform come November and the governor and Mitt Romney need it to happen!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lee Terry for Congress Commercial

Congressman Terry has a new ad going up on your local television station.   It's well done and accurate.  

Lee's Republican opponents will continue to criticize broken promises and votes of years ago but clearly they offer limited differences and virtually no opportunity to provide the clout for the Second Congressional District that Terry does.   While other blogs and media may infer the race is heating up the truth is that Terry is just closing the deal.

Hopefully, those Republican rivals will come to their senses after the primary and quickly endorse Terry.   Readers might remember that even a Democratic rival for the Second Congressional nomination, Richard Carter now a candidate for the legislature, came to his senses after his loss and not only endorsed Lee but became a Republcian.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Carter Reports Fundraising Results for Legislative District 45

One of our favorite conservative candidates for legislature in LD 45, Richard Carter has reported his fundraising results since the beginning of the year, a year he started out with less than a stellar financial position.     He has done better, but certainly will need to raise lots more to be effective after the primary when he will continue his face off with Sue Crawford, a liberal Democrat. 

We understand that Carter is doing a superior job in walking his district, but it will take both that and money to win the seat in the fall.

Carter started the year with just $2,060.85 in the bank.   He added $6,975.83 through the reporting period with contributions from political notables including Matt Butler ($500), Bernice Grewcock ($250), Barry Kennedy ($500), James Nagengast ($150), John Orr ($250), Mike Simmons ($1,000), Burlington Northern ($500), the Nebraska Bankers PAC ($500), (John) Nelson for Legislature ($250) and the State Health PAC ($500). 

Carter spent $4,060.41 on what appears to be reasonable expenditures which leaves him with $4,976.27 on hand.  

The results for Carter's opponent, Sue Crawford, aren't up yet but we know she has had at least one fundraiser and we expect she will have done a solid job of raising funds so we will see what Carter is up against when her numbers become available.

One thing remains sure---Carter needs to raise a lot more money to win come November.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Terry Campaign Offically Kicks Off

A crowd of about 150 was present at the German American Club on Sunday for the kickoff of Congressman Lee Terry's 8th campaign for Congress.   Terry's father, Leland, served as Master of Ceremonies and introduced several folks whose iterations proclaimed the need for Terry's re-election.   Among them were Richard Carter, a candidate for legislature who first ran for congress as a Democrat in 2008 and then joined the Terry campaign, realizing he had more in common than not with Terry.   Also, legislative candadate Vernon Davis, a long time supporter of Terry's spoke briefly.   Megan Lucas, the departing head of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce spoke and described Terry as 'accessible' and as a man of 'character and integrity'.   Lindsey Rai Reasner talked of Lee's efforts in youth programming and the number of disadvantaged youth who have earned Congressional award status, noting that his district is among the top 10 nationally in the effort.   Others, including, Terry's wife Robyn also spoke.

When introduced, Terry talked of family and had his and Robyn's family as well as their 'campaign' family come forward to stand with him during his brief remarks.

Terry said that his efforts were about his and the audience's children and grand children.   He noted that many feel, probably for the first time in our nation's history, that their children and grand children won't enjoy a better life than they do.  

Terry said that to change that perception, the government:
  • Has to get the national debt under control.  
  • Has to reform the tax code which picks winners and losers.
  • Has to deal with and lower the corporate tax rate which is the highest in the world if it is to be competitive and create new American manufacturing jobs.
  • In addition, Terry said that the country can be energy independent and needs to be in order to prevent its energy dollars from supporting terrorists in the Middle East and those promoting communism in South America.  
Terry's remarks were well received in a crowd of familiar faces and new faces.   There seems to be plenty of enthusiasm and no sense that the campaign is taking the forthcoming election for granted in any way.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Candidate Richard Carter Has Challenges

In our continuing review of fundraising by legislative candidates we wanted to look at the efforts of Richard Carter who is running for the term limited legislative seat of Abbie Cornett.  We like Carter a lot.   He is a solid conservative and would compliment the philosophy that would-be senators Murante, Hilgers and Turco will take to Lincoln next January.  

Carter is a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who served over ten years in the Air Force.  He is currently a reservist.   He is an economist by profession and serves as Congressman Lee Terry's Campaign Chairman.   Some will recall that he ran for the Democrat nomination for congress, hoping to oppose Terry in 2008.   After losing the nomination he saw the light and changed to a Republican and has been one of Terry's strongest advocates.   Carter also was appointed by Governor Heineman to serve on the Nebraska Judicial Resources Commission and continues to do so.  We believe him to be a capable conservative who would well represent Legislative District 45.

Noting the above, Carter has been campaigning for a long time and frankly we're a little disappointed that he hasn't raised more money and doesn't have more money in the bank.  Like other first-time candidates he started with nothing in the bank.   He raised $11,990, much less than aspirant state senators Turco, Hilgers and Murante.  He spent most of that, $9,929 leaving him with only $2060 at year end.   Clearly, Carter needs to do better and as we suggested with Murante, Carter might want to tap some of the low-hanging dollars from the folks that Turco went to.  

Carter has drawn contributions from lots of notables, however, including: Kyoung Bonn, $2,500; Hal Daub, $500; Bill and Bernice Grewcock, $250; Andrew Northwall, $1,020; Tim O'dell, $500; Pete Ricketts, $5000; Gail Werner Robertson, $500; and, Mayor of Bellevue Rita Sanders, $500.  Carter's only business contribution was $250 from Kutak Rock.  Again, he has lots of low-hanging dollars to tap from solid Republican and conservative business donors.  

The majority of Carter's expenditures have gone for campaign management/consulting with nearly $5,300 for that purpose and more than $3,100 for fundraising.   Carter apparently needs some real professional help there and we would guess he needs to make a lot more personal calls on prospective donors given the limited amount of money raised thus far.   He'll need to do so as the Democrats will no doubt believe they can win this seat given that Abbie Cornett was elected as a Democrat in the district prior to 'converting' to a Republican. 

Sue Crawford, a forty-five year old Bellevue Democrat has filed for this seat recently.  She had not raised any reportable funds as of year end and she makes every effort to sound like a conservative although conservatives should be wary of anyone who claims the support of former Democrat liberal State Senator Paul Hartnett.     

Carter can and should win this race but he'll have to devote considerable more attention to raising funds to provide for mail and media if he is going to do so.   We repeat that he would be a great senator who would bring conservative values to the legislature.