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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Acela Turco on Fox News

Republican candidate for Legislative District 31, Acela Turco made national news on Fox News with an interview on Hispanics in the Republican Party.   Although the clip is over 50 minutes long you can find her 4 minute interview beginning just after the 9 minute mark on the clip by going to:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Murante Bound for Legislature

We've noted the outstanding non-incumbent fundraising effort of Mike Hilgers who is running against incumbent Ken Haar for Legislature (in Lincoln) and the effort of Acela Turco who has also done an outstanding job of raising funds to take the place of retiring State Senator Rich Pals in Legislative District 31.   These are both conservatives whose efforts should terrify their incumbent and any non-incumbent challengers.
Another conservative who has done a great job putting together a campaign and funding it is John Murante.

Murante, like Turco, started the year with zero funds.    During the year he raised $32,151.49, spent $6,153.43 and finished with $25,998.21 in the bank.   At this point, Murante has no opponent and any token one that the liberals/progressives/Democrats will come up with to fill this new Sarpy County legislative seat is going to have one tough time. 

While Murante's list of prominent individual donors isn't nearly as long as that of Turco's, his list includes such as: Matt Butler ($1145), Pete Ricketts ($2,500).   Somehow we suspect a trip to some of Turco's donors could/well reveal some low hanging fruit ripe for the picking.  

On the business side, Murante has done a formidable job: Senator John Nelson (Murante's boss), $500; Nebraska PAC, $1600; Nebraska Realtors, $500; Nebraska Chamber of Commerce, $545; Nebraska Bankers, $644; Chiropractors of Nebraska PAC, 544; A T & T, $500, Cox Communications, $1,044; NE Telecommunications Association, ($1000); Radcliff (Walt) & Associates, $644;

To augment his campaign and showing belief in his candidacy, Murante has also lent his campaign $7,356.55.   We don't think he'll have any trouble getting that back come next year.   Our bet in Murante's case is we'll be calling him Mr. Senator next year.