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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Senator Brasch Follow-up

In fairness to Senator Brasch and our readers after reviewing our notes from her Monday night appearance before the Washington County Republican Party Central Committee, there are some things pro and con that we left out.

First we failed to mention her introduction of LB 775 at the request of State Auditor Mike Foley.   That bill would eliminate unnecessary paperwork requiring him to go to three different state entities before getting permission to go to a law enforcement agency when he finds potential criminal issues.   This effort makes good sense.

Brasch also seemed supportive of  Governor Heineman's effort to cut state tax rates and the inheritance tax.   On that note, however, it appeared that Brasch was being heavily lobbied by county board members to not vote for elimination of the inheritance tax.   The inheritance tax is an anachronism and should be eliminated and we hope Brasch will not be deterred by folks like her mentor Bill Avery from voting its elimination.  It's time to quit taxing the dead....

When asked about voter i.d. laws and Senator Janssen's bill which was recently withdraw (temporarily we understand) she seemed a little ambiguous.   Yes, as she noted in small counties and cities most who show up at the polling place are known by the workers there.   She needs to recognize that such is not the case in big cities.  Those present made it clear to her that virtually all of them support voter i.d. legislation.   We again hope she listens to her constituents and some of her fellow conservative lawmaker colleagues rather than Bill Avery.