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Sunday, November 4, 2012

KMTV Misleads Voters While Trying to Expose Others who do so.

KMTV, Channel 3 in Omaha, seems to be on a constant 'investigation mode' when it comes to 'exposing' candidates and candidate activities.  Most of its efforts seem to be toward the liberal view point.  But, Sunday night this station that seems to be so concerned with accuracy got it wrong.

While it was trying to make a big deal of some one's stupid effort to confuse what would surely be stupid voters, it gave polling times for Nebraska and Iowa.  While what the anchor noted was correct, the message shown on the screen said Nebraska polling places were open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., the same hours it gave for Iowa.   Sadly, this station so concerned about not confusing potential voters did exactly that.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Election Commissioner Phipps and LB239 -- Gerald (Jerry) R. Florine

Let us begin with the premise that the responsibility of the Douglas Co. Election Commissioner is to manage local elections in as efficient, transparent, and effective manner as possible, making the voting process as accessible to the voting public as possible, while managing it in as economic a manner as possible. The economy of the process will obviously be secondary to the former. And what trumps everything is the viability of the franchise.

The very foundation of the democratic / republican form of government is the certainty that every legitimate voter has the opportunity to vote, and the ONLY legitimate voters are ALLOWED to vote! We often smile at the jokes about “Chicago voting”; i.e. Vote Early, Vote Often; cemeteries are occasionally the voting addresses for “voters” in certain areas, etc. In all seriousness, unless there is complete confidence in the process, the very fundamentals of the system are undermined.

There is currently a movement across the country to enable legislation requiring voters to provide identification in order to vote. More than half the states have enabled such legislation, and the Nebraska legislature is scheduled to vote on similar legislation, LB239, on Tuesday. Democrats are opposing the legislation, with the argument that it will keep the poor, elderly, minorities, etc., from easily exercising their right to vote, and that this is the result of a “right wing conspiracy” enabled by a few billionaire businessmen. They are also contending that fraud is not really an issue. And, perhaps not currently in Nebraska. But it is, and has been, in various locations, primarily larger urban areas. The notorious ACORN organization has been under indictment in numerous locations for fraudulent registrations.

David Phipps
The opposition to LB239 has become a cause celebre by some of the local media. KMTV did a recent “investigative report” that that essentially sided with the opponents (KMTV - Omaha’s MSNBC? -- Gerald Florine, March 9, 2012). Subsequently, it has been reported that Election Commissioner Phipps, under the guise of the 2010 census, and enabling legislation, has expanded precinct sizes to the extent of virtually cutting in half the number of polling locations in the county, for the suggested purpose of saving roughly $100,000! KMTV has subsequently aired another “investigative report” featuring Ernie Chambers that attempts to show the added time it would require one, without transportation, to reach a new polling location.

The local Democrat propaganda machine has now tied the Election Commissioner’s unilateral precinct changes as another Republican effort to suppress potential Democrat votes, and compared it to LB239. Monday’s World-Herald featured a guest editorial by former local union leader Terry Moore, who attacked the polling changes, stating that “we must stand firm in protecting the principles that govern our free society and the rights of all citizens to register and vote” . Moore then goes on to say that “When someone wants to vote, our reaction should be welcoming.” Moore’s statement would be valid if he stated “a valid citizen” rather than “someone”! And isn’t that the crux of the issue?

The question arises as to whether Commissioner Phipps has been somewhat penny wise and pound foolish in his polling location reorganization! Was it necessary to make such a draconian change without some semblance of community input and pre-education? The Commissioner’s decision is now being used to undermine the legitimate rationale for LB 239, and is assisting the opposition with added talking points and emotional support. One has to wonder if their isn’t an element of political myopia resident in the Election Commissioner’s decision and implementation thereof.

Gerald R. Florine is a longtime political activist and a contributor to the Objective Conservative

Friday, March 9, 2012

KMTV - Omaha’s MSNBC? -- Gerald Florine

If one has been paying attention to Omaha CBS affiliate KMTV newscasts over the past few weeks, one has to be somewhat startled by the approach taken to “reporting” on Nebraska Unicameral bill 239, which would require identification for voting.

One would suspect that such reporting might include the basic requirements of the bill, and pros and cons from various legislators and interested groups. But KMTV has chosen to do an “Investigation” into the alleged background on LB 239, featuring sometime meteorologist, sometime anchor, sometime reporter, and now Joe Jordan wannabe Liz Dorland.

On 02/24, (See link below) Dorland did a five minute “expose” on LB239, essentially alleging that the bill is patterned after a template from a “Secret National Group” called ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), a national conservative oriented organization funded by some wealthy conservative donors, as well as major national corporations, that addresses various legislative issues in the context of a conservative federalist philosophy.

Senator Charlie Janssen indicated that he was a member when he first joined the legislature, but is no longer active. Papillion Senator Jim Smith is a current member. Dorland essentially accused Janssen of using this allegedly nefarious organization to provide the template for his bill, which Janssen denied. There are apparent similarities between the Nebraska bill and the ALEC template.

The alleged result of LB239, as described by Dorland and KMTV, would be to keep young and poor from voting in one instance, and in another, to keep poor, disabled, and elderly from voting! At the same time, the bill requires voter registration cards to be provided by the county voting offices!

To substantiate its obvious opposition to the bill, KMTV & Dorland use two quotes from Bob Kerrey, quotes from Douglas Co. Election Commissioner Phipps and Nebraska Secretary of State Gale saying there is no voter fraud in Nebraska, and then references Daily Kos, a notorious left-wing web site, as well as The Center for Media and Democracy, described as “a counterculture public relations effort disguised as an independent media organization”, an essentially two person operation of “self-appointed progressive (i.e. leftist liberal) watchdogs”.

So how is that for “fair and balanced” reporting? One of the obvious precipitators of the need for such legislation has been the activities of the activist group ACORN, which has, in fact, been indicted in multiple instances in various states, for voter registration fraud. Somehow, they were never mentioned. Just the “secretive” ALEC, to which some Nebraska legislators are, or have been, associated!

One has to wonder just what is really going on at KMTV! Careless journalism, or a defined attempt to woo Democrat and liberal viewers, i.e. Omaha’s MSNBC! Stay tuned!

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