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Monday, September 5, 2011

A G.O.P. Legend Passes: Jan Morrison

We just received the news that Jan Morrison of Sandpoint, ID has passed away.  Although Jan left Omaha approximately two decades ago after serving as the Douglas County Republican Party Executive Director, she influenced and impacted many lives and particularly Republican ones.   Just ask Hal Daub, Governor Heineman or the late Ron Staskiewicz, all who owe much to Jan's sage advice.   There were hundreds of others who gained much from Jan's advice and her friendship.  She inspired so many to become involved in the political process in the country she loved.

Jan was a devoted friend and a caring individual who made everyone feel they were important and could have an impact.   For all of those Jan will remain a legend and will own a part of their hearts until they, too, are no longer here.

As her family mourns her passing we hope know they will know that her life touched so many others in significant and beneficial ways.   Jan and her daughters and extended family will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

For more information or to sign her family's guest book, go to: