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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Republican Congressional Race: New Losers, Potential Losers and Bad Losers

We haven't much discussed the 2nd District Congressional race which pits Congressman Lee Terry against millionaire Democrat John Ewing, but we'll be spending more time on that in the future.

But for now, we have some interesting news regarding Terry's former and potential Republican opponents.

You heard this here first--not from some watchdog or street blog, but we have reliable information that former county board member and state senator Chip Maxwell is considering a fall campaign against Lee Terry.   We've been told that he was looking at a potential campaign in 2014, but this one surprises us given that Maxwell would not only potentially damage Terry in such an effort but also damage any possibility for an effort in 2014.   We'll continue to monitor this development.
Chip Maxwell
Jack Heidel

Now for the others who lost to Terry in the May primary:
  • Jack Heidel -- Heidel graciously congratulated Lee Terry on his victory on election night.  That was the responsible and gentlemanly thing to do.
  • Brett Lindstrom did not congratulate Terry and has already declared that he will run against Terry in 2014.   If he thinks Congressman Terry will give him any ammunition in the next two years, he's wrong.   He should have at least stepped forward and congratulated Terry on his victory.
  • Brett Lindstrom
  • Glenn Freeman also avoided congratulating Terry since election night.   Glenn's a great man but we would have expected more of him.

Glenn Freeman
So here you have the losers and the potential loser(s).  Stay tuned for additional developments.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Guns Loaded for May 15!

This item which, will come as no surprise to anyone, came in today's 'we get e-mail' category.   It speaks for itself.   We might add that these kind of endorsements don't go to non-incumbents unless the incumbent isn't standing up for gun rights.   Terry's opponents Freeman, Heidel and Linstrom might be pro-gun but there is never a reason to take a chance on someone that hasn't demonstrated himself with votes.  

"The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) has proudly endorsed the following candidates for the May 15th primary election:
U.S. House of Representatives:
District 1:
* (R) Jeff Fortenberry – A
District 2:
* (R) Lee Terry – A
District 3:
* (R) Adrian Smith - A
If you are not sure what district you live in or the place of your polling location as a result of redistricting, please contact the Nebraska Secretary of State at (402) 471-2555 or via
Be aware that early voting starts Monday, April 9th . Encourage your family, friends, and fellow hunters and shooters to vote Freedom First on May 15th! "

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Freeman Throwing Pebbles at Congressman Terry

Seems Republican 2nd Congressional candidate Glenn Freeman is attacking incumbent Lee Terry for not attending a Sierra Club event, inferring Terry isn't accessible. Let's think for a minute--do you think the Sierra Club event with its anti-Keystone XL Pipeline agenda is a place that a pro-U.S.-energy/national security congressman should waste his time at?   What did Freeman tell those folks?   That he was against the pipeline????

Glenn continues to attack Terry for violating his three-term promise.    Apparently, Joe Jordan and his Nebraska Watchdog (GOP Primary Heating Up) think this is news--must be a slow day.

Glenn is beginning to sound a lot like Don Stenberg.   We might just ask where was Glenn's criticism when Terry broke his promise and when he was running for re-election to his fourth term?   Oh, he was drawing a paycheck from the federal government and the liberal out-of-step Obama-supporting U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel whom he was working for.

Freeman should be careful about the stone-throwing.   It may break his own windows.  Well, actually, Glenn is just throwing pebbles.  

P.S. To infer that the G.O.P. Second Congressional District Primary is 'heating up' is just creating news....

Friday, January 6, 2012

Freeman Kicks Off Congressional Campaign

Yesterday morning at 10:00 at the Omaha Press Club Glenn Freeman announced that he was officially a candidate for the 2nd Congressional District Seat Republican nomination, the seat held by Lee Terry.  In his speech, Freeman proved to be both articulate and quick to respond to questions.   Despite his assertions that he would not run a negative campaign against Republican incumbent Lee Terry, Freeman was vocal in his criticism of the congressman.

Freeman summarized his candidacy as dedicated to reducing income taxes, fixing Social Security, reducing the national debt and restoring state sovereignty

Monday, December 21, 2009

The UnConstitutional Health Care Bill -- Glenn Freeman, Chairman, Naional Council of Censors.

Not just Nebraska....there are at least two/three other states that got special deals in clear violation of Article IV, Section 2, paragraph 1, U.S. Constitution. This clearly makes this piece of legislation the most brazen UNCONSTITUTIONAL act that I can historically recall. The other 47 or so states should be in an uproar...states are not being treated the same.

Ladies and Gentlemen.....I SAY TO YOU Again, This is about the Constitution.... nothing else. All the other issues are symptoms of the problem. The problem, and I reiterate, is the USURPATION of the Constitution.

I continue to say it is not about political parties or candidates....Nelson's election is three years away. Who's going to remember his action then....if, WE THE PEOPLE, don't truly understand what he has done to this country. It is not about "right to life", cost, special deals, etc, although they are extremely important.

The people must understand that this is irrefutable evidence that we HAVE LOST OUR GOVERNMENT and well on our way to LOSE OUR COUNTRY. I SAY AGAIN, no elected official speaks of the Constitution when discussing this matter.....what next.....guns, religion, the right to protest.


Monday, August 10, 2009

What's Race Got to Do With It? - Glenn Freeman

Glenn Freeman is the Chairman of the National Council of Sensors. His website address is:

This is Glenn's first contribution to our blog and we hope for more.

August 9, 2009

Throughout my lifetime, I have been embarrassed many times…sometimes because of my own lack of propriety, sometimes by my children, and even by my wife at times. However, the fiasco between the President of the United States, Professor Gates and Officer Crowley certainly exceeds even the most minimum of expectations.

Let me say that I did not vote for Candidate Obama. And thus far, I believe President Obama has done a miserable job. Even with the many criticisms I have against him, I never believed that he would have taken a position which was so obviously wrong and entirely “race motivated”. Also, with his appointment of a Judge to the Supreme Court who clearly supports racism and discrimination as long as it is against the “white male”, I had hoped that I was wrong in my assessment of his character, ability, and the reason why so many Black Americans voted for him as the person to provide “change” to America.

I find the following coincidences ironic: November (the month in which candidate Obama was elected President) President Reagan signed into law the bill that made King’s birthday a holiday and the third Monday in January (the month candidate Obama took office as the President of the United States) was established as the official day of observance. Many Black Americans saw Obama’s election as the fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream of a society where color was insignificant. Many Blacks believed with this one election the trials and tribulations of Blacks were at an end. Only to learn seven months later that “race relations” would be set back for many years to come due to the “lynching of a white man”.

As I reflect on this sordid affair, it is obvious Black America has again been taken for a ride and Blacks must understand that having a beer at the White House to resolve a controversy of this nature makes it a “joy ride”. The reality is simply this….electing a Black person as President of this country will do little to change the social, economic, and political status of Blacks in America. During the past few years, we have elected Black governors, mayors, and we even have the Congressional Black Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. Blacks again must ask themselves how the plight of Black America has improved due to any of these elections. If Blacks had asked themselves this question before the Presidential election, maybe they would not be in the humiliating situation that they find themselves in today.

Black America’s overwhelming support for Obama’s candidacy proves that Black America, to a fault, has selective memory. Here’s what Dr. King had to say about political elections:
“Any program that elects all Black candidates simply because they are Black and rejects all White candidates simply because they are White is politically unsound and morally unjustifiable.”
The legacy of Dr. King is not one wherein the government supports reverse discrimination, but one of decency and self-respect through equal opportunity for all, Blacks and Whites.

Before next January, Black America must understand that time is running out. The problems that plague the Black community began taking shape some forty years ago when political and social policies lured many Blacks into a lifestyle of poverty. Blacks now make up an abnormally large portion of the country’s underclass. As such, Blacks suffer from Black on Black violent crimes, drug abuse, unemployment, and an alarming rate of illegitimacy. For Blacks to survive as viable citizens of this great nation, Blacks must understand that each individual is responsible for himself/herself. Blacks, like everyone else, should be rewarded for their own grit and determination, not because they possess certain characteristics over which they have little or no control. Nor should there ever be any presumption of entitlement because you know the President or because you and the President share ethnicity.

Although it has been a long time since I attended high school, I still remember a line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “The fault dear Brutus, is not in the stars, but in ourselves….”

To be eligible for President you must be: (1) a natural born citizen, (2) thirty-five years of age, and (3) a resident within the United States for fourteen years (Article II, Section 1, paragraph 5, U.S. Constitution). Considering the nation’s current situation, maybe the People should consider a Constitutional amendment to require the individual to possess some degree of “common sense”.