Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yet More Speculation on Nebraska's 2014 Governor's Race

Just  yesterday we speculated that there would be additions to the 2014 governor's race with Mike Flood dropping out and with only Rick Sheehy and potentially Charlie Janssen in the race.   We noted that you might see Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg as well as others.     Now we see at least one 'news source' is reporting that State Auditor Mike Foley might be milling over a run.

We like Mike Foley a lot.   But if Mike is to run and have a chance he will need to become considerably more flexible on how much money he is willing to accept and from whom if he wants to win.  

In the interim we would continue to suggest that Don Stenberg is just salivating at the possibility of a multi-candidate race for governor.....

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