Friday, December 21, 2012

We Get Christmas Cards

This is the time of year when we see whom among the current crop of politicians we haven't yet offended.    In that ever increasingly small group we have received a few.

Most notably, for what will be the fifth straight year, however, we have not and will not be receiving one from the current occupant of the White House or from his V.P.

Alhough our prior posts have apparently removed us from any invitations to this past year's tailgate parties at the governor's mansion we were surprised we still got one from Governor Heineman and wife Sally.  It was a nice card in front of the mansion, oops the governor's residence, with Dave, Sally, son Sam and his wife Jessica and of course Snickers Heineman (the family dog).

Among other cards we received was an interesting one from Lt. Governor Sheehy whose difficult last year prevented him from a photo card of a wife and family.   Instead we got a photo card of the Lt. Governor taken with his mom, dad and siblings about what we would guess to be 40 years ago...On the inside fold was a more recent color photo of his family (devoid of wife and children).   No dog.....

Apparently, in the case of both the Governor and Lt. Governor, it was cheaper to mail the cards from the Republican State headquarters in Lincoln, the return address shown on both.   

Yes, we probably won't get cards next year from any of the above.

Not wasting any time to communicate, we got a nice photo card from Deb and Bruce Fischer.   Among others who sent us nice cards were Omaha mayoral candidate Dan Welch, State Senator Beau McCoy and his family, kids, wife and all.

Jon Bruning sent a family photo card with himself, Deonne, Jack and Loren.  Hopefully that means he is thinking about running for re-election or higher office even after a not-so-successful year.

Hopefully, we will not do too much to offend those who were kind enough to remember us this year, but then sometimes we offend by telling it the way we see it so nothing is for sure.

As we sorted through this years cards, we found lots of older ones received from at least then political friends.   One of the coolest ones was a postcard we received from Hal Daub probably 25 years ago with a photo of him, former wife Cindy and kids Natalie, John and Tammy.     How time flies....

For those of you who received no card from the Objective Conservative, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

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