Monday, December 10, 2012

Senator Janssen: Running for Governor

Although he didn't announce his candidacy for governor, State Senator Charlie Janssen certainly sounded like he was going to get into the race "sooner than later" as he addressed the Republican luncheon group at noon at the Rockbrook Garden Cafe.

When asked whether he was going to become a candidate for Nebraska's highest office Janssen opined that he was looking at that opportunity and would make a decision "sooner than later".    When asked what his priorities would be if he ran for and became governor he said they would be small business and retaining retirees.

Earlier in his speech he spoke of a number of his priorities for the upcoming legislative session.   He indicated he would continue to pursue voter identification issues, work to overturn LB599 which provides pre-natal medical services to illegal aliens and work to eliminate taxation on military retirement and social security income.  

Janssen noted that many military retirees and senior citizens often move elsewhere to avoid taxation on their retirement pensions.

In regard to LB 599, Janssen opined that the bill was an immigration issue not a pro-life issue since prior to passage illegals were provided those services by charitable organizations.

With regard to his upcoming initiatives Janssen seems realistic as he noted that Republicans lost three of the 33 seats they held in the last session and that a potential problem (Ernie Chambers) was returning to furthe complicate them.  We'd suggest that the senator is correct in his assessment and that he is unlikely to prevail on any of those priorities.

Janssen's comments appeared to be will received by a conservative audience.

Whether Janssen becomes a candidate or not it would be safe to assume that there will be three to five credible candidates in the race to take over the reigns of government from Governor Heineman come 2014.    Already, we are seeing talk of Jon Bruning and perennial 'the-more-the-merrier' Don Stenberg.    On the other side it is safe to assume that Senator Lathrop will be the Democrat pick.    However, in the end, Lathrop would be much safer and much more likely to have a chance were he to seek the Attorney General's office.   Fortunately, his ego will lead him to be just another victim to a solid Republican sentiment across the state to elect conservatives to that office.

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