Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scandal Sheet: Herad on the Street

Okay, unlike the news media that did such a good job of confirming their facts as they reported them last week in the case of the Connecticut murders, we haven't been able to confirm this from several sources, but because we know our readers look to us to break news others won't report (sometimes we're right), here we go.

Some of you are aware that a certain individual has recently left (been fired) by a local television station.    Seems there is more to this story and that includes a police sting that found a television celebrity and several of Omaha's finest in a prostitution bust.

Reportedly, because of the nature of the case, the FBI is now in charge of the investigation since it includes law officers.

Can we confirm this?   No, but stay tuned.   Maybe Omaha's 'Watchdog' Joe Jordan will get on the case.....

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