Friday, December 14, 2012

Nominate Hagel and Kerrey!!

Our regular readers know that we haven't been exactly excited about the potential nomination of Chuck Hagel to the position of Secretary of Defense.   Well, we've changed our mind.   Yes, and not unlike calling a press conference to announce that we are going to do one thing and then deciding we're going to announce that we're going to do nothing, we're not even ashamed of our change of position.  So why would we now support Hagel (We'll get to Kerrey shortly)?

We think America deserves Chuck Hagel:
  • The president will finally have given Chuck Hagel a reason to stay home in his comfy east coast so folks in his home state will not have to put up with his sporadic appearances back home.
  • The president's appointment of Hagel would put one more unemployable back to work.   Certainly, he could never have been re-elected to any position back home in Nebraska.
  • The president will have someone working for him whom he can't rely upon but he can tell the country how bipartisan he is by nominating a Republican--one who no Republican has any respect for.
  • Nominating Hagel will send a message to those pesky Jews and to Israel.   Let's face it, both Hagel and the president are anti-Jewish.   In any event no one will accuse Hagel of being a 'f--king instrument of AIPAC' as Hagel once accused Nebraskan Ally Milder of being.
  • Hagel will be able to help destroy the Department of Defense which he never liked to begin with.
  • Hagel will be able to be part of the president's efforts to diminish America's place in the world.
  • Hagel will finally and once again, in his own mind, become relevant.
  • Hagel who obviously suffers from delayed post traumatic stress disease will be a great example for returning veterans although he won't be a good example for their prognosis.
  • Hagel's appointment will give all who serve him in his department an opportunity to stand at attention at all times and not interrupt him least they be fired as demonstrated by his prior actions as a U.S. Senator.
  • The president will be able to constantly rely on Hagel to follow his directives and to provide support to his policies--just as Hagel did for George W. Bush.
  • Oh, and about being an Obama 'ass licker'?   We'll see how well that works for the president after Hagel becomes his Secretary of Defense
Yes, we support Hagel for Secretary of Defense.   A great pick for a great president.

Oh, and about Bob Kerrey.   We now know that Susan Rice isn't going to become Secretary of State, but should someone so embattled continue to be the Ambassador to the United Nations?    We think not and now is the opportunity to reward Kerrey, another failed, un-relectable former Nebraska U.S. Senator (see above) for following Harry Reid and President Obama's walking orders and coming back to his 'home state' of Nebraska and offering himself up as a sacrificial lamb in the last U.S. Senate race.  Yes, we think the president should give Kerrey the pay-off he was promised and that would be to appoint him to the position of Ambassador to the United Nations.  Fire Rice and give Kerrey a job where he can 'continue' to live in New York City.  By the way, this will give Kerrey a chance to finally sell that silly house in Omaha that he has yet to sleep in......

Now is the time for President Obama to boldly nominate these two truly heroic Nebraskans to help lead his and our country's efforts over the next four years (Hagel won't last that long).  

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