Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Interesting Interview

Tom Cotton
If you don't follow Ginni Thomas (The Daily Caller, former Nebraskan married to Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas), you might consider doing so.   Each week she has an interview with some political figure of interest and this week it is freshman U.S. Congressman from Arkansas Tom Cotton, who incidentally wasn't afraid to author a Wall Street Journal editorial printed here earlier questioning the fitness of Chuck Hagel to serve as Secretary of Defense.

Here is her commentary and you can follow the interview with a click:

Dear friend,

Washington rumors foretold for weeks that President Obama wanted to go over the fiscal cliff and blame Republicans for future leverage in negotiations once the impact of tax increases and the sequester cuts start being felt by Americans.

An extra bonus to that cynical team in Washington is that Republicans started negotiating away principles out of fear of economic warfare arguments. Republicans divided.

The conservative base became disaffected, knowing there was no assuaging the beast of class envy once their leaders started to cave on agreeing to further tax "success" in these challenging economic times. Democrats and their allies, not to mention many Republicans, seem uninterested in serious spending reductions, so welcome to President Obama's coming economic and political brinksmanship that American voters helped bring us with divided government. Perilous times, indeed.

This week's interview is with a fresh face joining the House of Representatives in January. Tom Cotton did two tours as an Army Ranger after Sept. 11 and has graduated from Harvard Law School. A farmer, soldier, lawyer and patriot, Tom Cotton is already making waves by penning a Wall Street Journal op-ed against Chuck Hagel being named secretary of defense by President Obama. This is no ordinary freshman.

Watch the interview here

Next week: A special "year in review" highlight clips of our Leaders series!

May you have a most blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year, fellow patriots!



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