Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Run the Country for One Week

We're sure most of our readers are already aware of the demagoguing of President Obama on the taxing of the rich which would have an insignificant effect on the the budget deficit and reducing the national debt--enough to run the the country for a week or so.    Of course, punishing the rich is worth it for this president even if it ultimately hurts the economy.

Our friends at the Daily Caller provided this commentary from U.S. Senator John Thune which is worth keeping in mind as more and more Republicans seem to be giving in to this poor excuse of a president who has never held a real job in a capitalist society.

"Republican South Dakota Sen. John Thune said President Obama seems to have an 'obsession with raising taxes' as part of a deficit reduction deal between the White House and congressional leaders to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. Thune, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, added that such a policy would only raise enough revenue to fund 'about a week' of government spending. ... 'Anybody who studies this knows full well that that doesn’t solve the problem. Even the $800 billion, which would include income tax rate increases on marginal income tax, as well as capital gains and dividends, gets you $800 billion, which funds the government for about a week.'"


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