Friday, December 28, 2012

Hagel Was Among First to Support Obamacare

Over the past few weeks we've shared a number of articles and our own opinions about the failed, un-re-electable, indecisive, un-reliable, anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish, anti-gay, Obama ass-licker former Nebraska U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel.    One of the things we failed to share with you was that had he been a U.S. Senator at the time, he would have likely sold out just as Ben Nelson did on Obamacare.    Yes, we checked our archives and found two very interesting articles we published over three years ago, one which included a statement issued from the White House on Hagel's behalf.

So here is what we wrote back in October of 2009 regarding Hagel (you can check all of our Hagel commentary by going to the 'label' listing on the bottom right of our blog and clicking 'Chuck Hagel'.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where was Hagel?

With the Nebraska Republican Party celebrating its annual Founder's Day this last Friday evening, one might have thought that Chuck Hagel, whom some in the party might have mistakenly felt deserved some form of recognition, would have shown his face in Omaha. He didn't and he wasn't missed. In fact, we understand that he didn't even acknowledge an invitation to attend.

Maybe that was best. Had he been given an opportunity to talk he would have probably lectured the gathering on the wrongs of the G.O.P. or maybe even pre-empted the White House release of his health care statement. Had he been given an award, the sounds of silence would have been something to behold.

The Commissar's Lackey, Chuck Hagel Speaks

We just keep hoping the Nebraska's failed, liberal loving, former U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel will go away but like a bad case of cancer he seems to keep coming back. Yes, this guy who didn't have the personal integrity to out rightly support Barack Hussein Obama (and relied on his wife and former chief of staff to do so), but wouldn't support fellow Vietnam Veteran and Republican John McCain just keeps talking. This time, he issued a press release on health care. Probably no one would have cared or paid attention had it not been ISSUED THROUGH THE WHITE HOUSE. That in itself should tell you who is pulling his chain. But, of course, if you still cling to the hope that you might hold some kind of cabinet post in Mr. Peace's administration, that's probably what you do. You become a useful idiot, a lackey and certain Chuck Hagel is that.

To be fair and honest, we'll include his statement below. We are inclined to wonder, however, why he thinks he should lecture congress when he's no longer a part of it (thankfully)? Perhaps, its because he could never have been re-elected last year......

“Right now in this country we have the best opportunity we’ve had in recent history to begin to create real health care reform that will expand coverage for those who don’t have it and lower costs for those who do. Access to affordable quality health care for all Americans should be our nation's goal. Families and businesses across our country are struggling every day under the health care status quo. We are a country that can do better, and our citizens deserve better. The Congress and the Administration are working on bipartisan, practical solutions to improve our health care system. I urge all Members of Congress to put aside their narrow partisan differences and seize this moment for health care reform. We will fail our country if we do not succeed. This can also be the beginning of entitlement reform. We know that our entitlement programs cannot be sustained unless we begin with health care reform.”

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