Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ashford Greeting Give us Angst for 2013

 In an earlier post we mentioned the 'political' Christmas cards we'd received here at our spacious downtown Omaha office.    Of course, that mention didn't include the e-mailed ones we got from Dan Welch, Jean Stothert and Brad Ashford.   Apparently, and not surprisingly, we failed to get e-mail cards from our current mayor as well as from Dave Nabity who has struck us from his list for being naught rather than nice.   Presumably before long we'll merit attention from some of those who did e-mail us cards.

Of course in Brad Ashford's case, he's had our e-mail for years but never chosen to use it or to communicate his liberal doings in the legislature.

We can't wait to start hearing from Brad about his major accomplishments in the legislature as he ramps up his mayoral campaign.  Yes, we have:
  • The Learning Community which has become yet another new inept and inefficient taxing authority and done nothing for educating children in Douglas and Sarpy Counties
  • Truancy reform which has created many more jobs for lawyers in Don Kleine's County Attorney's office while harassing innocent parents and kids
  • The 'revised' C.I.R. law that has accomplished nothing to help the people negotiate with public sector unions.
  • The increased sales tax authority given the cities to raise your city sales tax by an additional 1/2 percent to 2% - something that as your next mayor would certainly be a priority of his
Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to Senator Ashford.   We can hardly wait until he uses his great skills as Mayor of Omaha......

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