Friday, October 26, 2012

Say No to Jane's Candiates

We just got Jane Fonda Kleeb's list of recommended candidates to vote for on November 6, so we'd say here is a list of folks you definitely don't want to vote for:
  • John Ewing, 2nd District U.S. Congress
  • Ken Harr, Nebraska Legislature District 21
  • Vern Barrett, Nebraska Legislature District 23
  • Fred Christensen, NPPD Director District 11
  • Rachel Wise State Board of Education District 3
And here are some of John Ewing's comments about the Keystone Pipeline straight from Kleeb's website:  “To argue that we need the pipeline because of the jobs it will produce is a false argument; no one knows how many jobs the pipeline will actually produce and no one believes that the jobs it will produce will be long term. It’s a fallacy to argue that jobs are the reason energy companies are pushing the pipeline.”

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