Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Arrogant Councilman Gray Hangs up on Radio Host Becka

The hypocrisy and arrogance of Omaha City Councilman Ben Gray continues to astound although not surprise us.    Yesterday he did an interview with 1290 Radio host Tom Becka on the recently announced effort to repeal 'Gray's' gay, lesbian, transgender ordinance.    Before hanging up on Becka, Gray said of those making the effort that, "It's their way or the highway."   Seems to us it's been Ben's way or the highway.   Gray also said, "We don't have any documented cases." Before hanging up on Becka he said, "Let them do what they want to do."

Gray was his normal testy and arrogant self.   To listen to his pitiful commentary to Becka you can check it out at the following link: 

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