Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Republicans Should Save Their Dollars on Legislative Candidate Fish

Erica Fish
Three candidates for legislature spoke to the Douglas County Republican Party Central Committee meeting of 70 activists last evening.   They included candidates for Legislative District 9, Erica Fish and Vernon Davis and candidate for Legislative District 31, Acela Turco.  

At the risk of feeding the liberal diatribes of the New Nebraska Network and the Nebraska Democrat Party and perhaps so-called Republican Senator Schumacher, each of the three candidates were asked if they would support the return of the state to the 'winner-take-all' electoral vote method used by 48 other states.   Both Davis and Turco said definitively that they would.   Erica Fish simply equivocated saying that it was not a yes or no question and mentioning California which incidentally is one of the 48 states.    We suspect Fish would support the National Electoral Vote Coalition as well given her response.   

Fish seems very concerned with social issues in the vein of the current occupant of LD 9, Gwen Howard.   Howard's daughter, a carpetbagger, has returned to Nebraska to seek a legacy election to her mother's seat and no doubt will be the 'Democrat' winner of the primary for this 'non-partisan' seat.

Perhaps Fish, the stepdaughter of Nebraska State Senator Mark Christensen, has been drinking the liberal populist Kool Aide of George Norris and those who find destroying the electoral vote process intellectually pleasing.   That's not in the best interest of Nebraska which under the current allocation process simply chooses to put one of its five electoral votes in play unlike the other 48.  This is not an 'intellectual' issue of saying that if we do it California and others will follow.  They won't.  If that were the case 49 other states have had since the 1930's to adopt a 'non-partisan' unicameral.   How's Nebraska's example worked there?????

If Fish was using any intellectual capacity she would understand it will be the very system that Nebraska has now that will prevent her from ever being called 'senator'.  She would realize that it will be Barack Obama's effort, beginning March 15, to organize the Second Congressional District that will result in a a Democrat slate that will prevent her from ever being elected.

Having said the above, the Nebraska Republican Party should save any effort to elect what appears to be another Brad Ashford or Paul Schumacher.   We can only hope Vernon Davis will end up as the nominee for the fall election. 

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