Thursday, January 26, 2012

Call a Rat a Rat and a Fraud a Fraud

We couldn’t help but be amused at the editorial lead by the local daily on Tuesday, “Don’t bet on it’s passage.” The cutesy headline was supposed to be about Nebraska State Senator Schumacher’s gambling proposal, LR 375 CA, the constitutional amendment resolution, the number not even cited.   

While some may have hoped that the new editor of the page might show some occasional guts in calling a spade a spade, the editorial was tepid and euphemistic,

As you might recall, we recently opined on the senator’s bill (Senator Schumacher: Who Does He Think He Is Fooling? ). Unlike the local daily we weren’t as unduly polite. Here are some of the phrases used in the editorial:
  • The proposal "is a genuine head-scratcher"
  • "This curious legislation"
  • "A novel concept....But not exactly convincing"
That’s about blunt as the daily got although to its credit it did say:
  • “It is remarkable that the Legislature is being asked to take up its time considering such an idea.”
  • “The vagueness of the proposed amendment is another problem.”
  • “Should this proposal be approved, casino legalization could take place in Nebraska without the casinos having to spend a dime.”
  • “The Nebraskan who called in 2003 for a statewide vote was Paul Schumacher, a lawyer and keno representative from Columbus heavily involved in promoting the 2004 casino proposals.”
In its final iteration the editorial opined, “Schumacher is an energetic lawmaker who offers constructive ideas on a lot of issues, but on this one, he should fold his cards.”

So much for cuteness, the local daily picked euphemism over a tough stand. What it should have said is:
  • This bill is a sham to get around a real debate on legalized gambling.
  • It’s not a “head scratcher”, it’s a fraud pepetrated on the citizens.
  • On the surface, if you were to believe the earnestness of the proposal, it’s extortion
  • Its “vagueness” is intended to confuse and hide the real purpose, legalize casino gambling in Nebraska
  • Schumacher is not just the guy that proposed the 2004 casino proposals, he is a self-enriching slime ball whose legislation was proposed then and now to further enrich himself and his cronies in the casino business.
  • This is a pure case of a conflict of interest and Schumacher should be ashamed of himself.

We’d suggest that both Schumacher and the local daily ought to be ashamed of themselves: Schumacher for his continued efforts to foist casino gambling on Nebraskans under an unethical guise to enrich himself, and; the local daily for its refusal to call a rat a rat (Schumacher) and his bill a fraud.

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