Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thoughts On a Plethora of Issues

The News just seem to offer so many target rich opportunities for us to comment that we thought we would for the sake of brevity offer a few comments on the issues below:

THE OCCUPIERS: If you read our postings lately, you might have taken note of the 'want list' for those 'occupiers' of the Lincoln Centennial Mall 'tent city'.    These folks need blankets, heaters and things to keep them warm.    We have a better idea:  These reincarnated 60's leftists (all across the country for that matter) could use some help and we think President Obama is in a position to do so.   Yes, he could take all of those empty unfairly repossessed homes and offer them to these folks.    They could establish their free  love communes just as their grandparents did.   Of course, they'd need energy assistance grants to turn on the heat and electricity.    In fact, on reflection, maybe Solyndra has some energy panels that could be put on the roofs of these homes by workers under a new federal jobs program.   Now all the occupiers would need is Timothy Leary and some LSD to erase the memories of our repressive society?

Chris Jerram and the Super Committee:The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that the 'Super Committee' is plodding along with nothing more happening than bloviating on raising taxes, cutting spending, etc.  Apparently, some of the participants are more interested in talking than doing.    In that regard the Chamber reports that: "The circular nature of the discussions, the ethereal talk about 'modernizing Medicare' and 'reforming the tax code' has frustrated some panel members, with Senator John Kerry in particular being called out as overly talkative and aspirational." We're rather inclined to think that Omaha City Councilman would be a welcome addition to this 'committee' as we know of no one politician that can bloviate and drone on ad naseum longer than Jerram who apparently just loves to listen to himself while wasting his associates' and the public's time.

Joe Jordan and Herman Cain:   Omaha's 'watchdog' 'investigative reporter' Joe Jordan seems to think that Hernman Cain's donations to 'moderate Democrats' during the 1990's was something to expose.   He notes in his latest iteration that Cain donated $250 to Bob Kerrey in 1993, $250 to New York Congressman Joe Serrano in 1993, $500 to Nebraska Congressman Peter Hoagland in 1994, $500 to Governor Ben Nelson in 1996 and $500 to Michael Scott in 1998 for his run against Lee Terry. Jordan does note Cain was the C.E.O. of Godfather's Pizza from 1986-1996.   But like most of Jordan's 'investigative reports', he provides no logical connection.   And that would be that any C.E.O. of a business given the ask will make a contribution to a candidate that is likely to be elected or have an impact on his business.

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