Sunday, October 9, 2011

Michele Needs Your Help but No 'Bomb' Request

Like Ron Paul (see immediate prior post) Michele Bachmann is writing and asking for money today as well.   Bachmann has an interesting and loyal following but we'd feel that her days are numbered.    Her fundraising isn't going to allow her to continue to compete and at some point she'll have to decide to run for re-election or go down with her presidential aspirations--although that hasn't worked too badly for Sarah Palin.

Our bet is a few more debates and Bachmann is out of the presidential race and back into a congressional race.  

Like Ron Paul, we like Bachmann.    She's actually pretty impressive in person, pretty energizing and in a comparison she makes to the current occupant of the White House she doesn't need a teleprompter, although she could sometimes benefit from better research of the fact.  

We hate to suggest that her campaign is moribund, but frankly she'll be gone long before Paul is.

Anyway, here is what she is thinking and asking for:

"October is upon us, and I have great news to share- our campaign's momentum continues to grow and it isn't going to stop until we get all the way to the White House!

Unfortunately, the road ahead of us will not be easy, and I need your support. We all know the challenges we face -- unemployment is as high as it has been in decades, deficit spending under President Obama has spiraled out of control, gas prices have doubled since President Obama took office, and traditional values are under attack in our schools, our government agencies, and our courts.

But the challenges we face are not the entire story. Our conservative cause has resonated with millions across the United States and the American people are fighting back. Liberals are shaking in their boots. because they know we will not stop fighting back against out of control spending with renewed pressure on government at every level to live within its means.

We conservatives have a great opportunity at hand- we can have it all this year because Barack Obama will be a one-term President! We don't have to settle for a moderate for the sake of winning. We can stay true to our values, take back our country and win the White House in 2012!

Like you, and millions of other conservative Americans, I am fed up with Obama's speeches and empty rhetoric. His failed policies have led to our economy sinking deeper and deeper into a financial mess, and they must be stopped.

I am reaching out to you today with an urgent request. As President Obama and the Democrat war machine continues to raise money, we must double our efforts to exceed their intensity. That's why
your urgent donation of any amount is needed today.

In the coming months I will continue traveling across the country, sharing our message of constitutional conservatism and my vision for restoring America with the American people. I hope to see you at events on the campaign trail, and I look forward to strengthening our nation with you by my side.

Below, I've included information about the upcoming Republican Presidential debates and some informative articles about the past week. After reading them, I hope that you will consider
making a contribution of $25, $50, $100, or any amount up to the legal limit to help spread us our message of growth and prosperity in this busy time."

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