Monday, October 24, 2011

Local Daily Exposes itself in Fischer Hit Piece

We're not quite sure what the local daily attempted to accomplish in its front-page-below-the-fold piece on State Senator and want-to-be G.O.P. U.S. Senate candidate Deb Fischer in it's Sunday edition, "When ranch practices butt up against politics".   Is it the beginning of what we expect to be a continuing series of hit pieces against anyone other than their yet unendorsed hero, Ben Nelson?  

Fischer's ranch which abuts federal land which her family leases isn't doing anything wrong.  The family ranch has grazed cattle on the land for decades and she married into the family.    We're told 136 other Nebraskans take advantage of the program which we would agree is obviously under-priced when it comes to what the government charges.   That's not Fischer's fault.

Maybe as the headline implies, the Fischer family 'ranch practies', i.e., leasing federal land, will 'butt' up against politics, but so far it hasn't--at least until the local daily brought it up.    Candidates Stenberg and Bruning wisely chose not to comment on the issue since the local daily will obviously be having follow-ups on their already mentioned or unmentioned 'transgressions'.  

Now, what we would like to know since the local daily brought up the issue is where Fischer, Stenberg, Bruning and YES the Omaha World-Herald's beloved Ben Nelson stand on the issue?  Do they favor revision of the lease rates to make them at least pay for the costs of the administration of them?   Yes or No?  Do they favor the elimination of the program entirely?   Yes or No?

Not asking the latter questions simply shows the local daily to be justifying its ultimate endorsement of Ben Nelson.   It simply augers what will be more hit pieces on Bruning and Stenberg and Fischer  

Of course, we're not particularly surprised that the writer of the piece, Robynn Tysver who typically lacks any intellectual curiosity, didn't ask the questions.   Perhaps we are too hard on Tysver given that no doubt she sacrifices that curiosity, assuming she has it at all, to job security and the editorial page's efforts to re-elect Ben Nelson. 

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