Thursday, October 27, 2011

KFAB Fades: Listeners Lose a Friend

At best Tom Becka's voice reminds one of chalk scratching a blackboard.   His face and figure are designed for radio.  But, alas, Tom's job has been 'eliminated' in some woe foe Clear Channel Broadcasting redo to supposedly help Clear Channel 'grow' across the country.    That remains to be seen.

We didn't always agree with Tom.    Neither did Omaha's incompetent mayor or the Omaha Fire Union who are certainly still toasting his demise.   If Tom didn't agree with you he let you know it, but he always gave those (targets) an opportunity to rebut him on his show if they dared and he was respectful of them when they did.  

Tom Becka, unlike a lot of local radio personalities, was always ready to take a stand and we suspect in a way that contributed to his demise.   Perhaps, in the end it was that which cost him his job.

Sadly, this sounds somewhat like an obituary.    It isn't although many in Omaha will certainly miss his presence on KFAB.    We know Tom will land on his feet whether in Omaha or elsewhere.    We hope it will be in Omaha and if it is KFAB and Clear Channel may find they just won't 'grow' in that time segment.

Tom is a friend.    We'll miss his voice and audacious way of tackling issues.   So will Omaha.   We wish him luck.

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