Friday, October 28, 2011

Help Needed to Picket Omaha Banks

In today's "We get e-mail" category we have one from our friends at  Seems they want to bring their protests to Omaha on November 5 and are looking for volunteers to coordinate the effort to let those big nasty greedy banks know the 99% isn't going to stand for it any longer.  These folks want to picket those Omaha branch banks.   They want fees cut, foreclosures stopped and the banks to invest in their communities.  

Apparently, these Moveon folks never heard of the Community Reinvestment Act which was passed years ago and really 'enhanced' by the Clinton Administration.   It was that act the purpose of which was to get banks lending to more and more unqualified persons that resulted in the real estate bubble that has nearly brought down the banks and our country.   And those new fees, yes they were brought to you by the current occupant of the White House and associates Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who pushed restrictive and costly regulations on financial institutions.

But we digress.   Here is Moveon's request for your involvement.   See you on the 5th!

Dear MoveOn member,

"It's time to Make Wall Street Pay in our communities.
The 99% protesters have brought incredible national attention to Wall Street's greed and the corporate capture of our democracy, and now a campaign to move our money out of the big banks is spreading virally online, with tens of thousands of people joining in.1
So we're going all in with a big day of action on November 5, picketing Wall Street banks at their Main Street branches all across the country. We'll gather at banks across America to let them know that we're moving our money and asking everyone who's part of the 99% to do the same.

Unless the big banks start investing in our communities again, and stop the mass foreclosures, charging of ridiculous new fees, and undercutting of any chance for economic renewal, it's time for us to take our business elsewhere. The government bailed them out—it's up to us to call them out.

We need someone to lead a Make Wall Street Pay action against a local big bank branch inOmaha on November 5. Can you?

The Wall Street speculation that crashed our economy started with our bank deposits in the Main Street branches of the big banks, which is why we need thousands of people picketing the local big bank branches in their communities.

Instead of investing our money in our communities, the big banks gambled it recklessly, crashed our economy, and got bailed out with our tax dollars. And they're still not done. Through their increased fees, mass foreclosures, and record executive bonuses, the banks have shown no remorse and taken no responsibility for restoring the economy that they destroyed.2
For instance, Bank of America just raised fees on its customers and announced that it's cutting 30,000 jobs, all while pocketing $6.2 billion in third quarter profits.3 That's after receiving a $1.9 billion federal tax refund on their $4.4 billion in profits last year.4
It's an insult to every American taxpayer, and our government has done nothing to hold them accountable. That's why we have to hold them accountable on November 5 in Omaha.

Thanks for all you do."

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