Monday, October 24, 2011

Governor Continues to Astound on Pipeline Issue

Pipelines Already Crossing the Ogallala Aquifer from South
Dakota to Texas
We're not at all sure what the governor is thinking but he has now called for a special session of the legislature to deal with the Keystone XL Pipeline.   He surprised us when he came out against the current route but this really is astounding.

From his message, it appears that the is grasping for any legislation that might be held to be legal and could have an impact on the routing.  

Given Senator Floods well researched efforts and his letter last week suggesting that a special session wouldn't make sense, we just wonder what the governor thinks can be done.

It seems to us that if the governor wants something done he ought to be prepared to submit his version of the legislation he thinks can pass and actually accomplish something.   

We continue to believe the governor has been duped by this anti-pipeline, anti-tar sands Jane Fleming Kleeb Bold Nebraska mentality.    The anti-pipeline folks want one thing--NO PIPELINE AT ALL!   NO TAR SAND OIL. 

The Governor's Press Release:

"Nebraska to Hold Special Session Regarding Oil Pipelines

Gov. Heineman and Unicameral to Seek Solution on Pipeline Siting
(Lincoln, Neb.) Today, Gov. Dave Heineman announced that he will be calling the Nebraska Unicameral into Special Session to determine if siting legislation can be crafted and passed for pipeline routing in Nebraska. The purpose of the Special Session will be to find a legal and constitutional solution to the siting of oil pipelines within the state.

“The key decision for current pipeline discussions is the permitting decision that will be made by the Obama Administration, which is why I have urged President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to deny the permit,” said Gov. Heineman. “However, I believe Nebraskans are expecting our best efforts to determine if alternatives exist. Therefore, I will be calling a special session of the Nebraska Legislature to have a thoughtful and thorough public discussion about alternative solutions that could impact the route of the pipeline in a legal and constitutional manner.”

Gov. Heineman worked with State Senator Mike Flood of Norfolk, Speaker of the Legislature, to set the starting date of the Special Session for Nov. 1."

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