Thursday, September 22, 2011

Replace and Revamp the Omaha School Board

From the the low grades, the excuses and all the recent revelations about the Omaha School Board it is clear that it has allowed itself to simply become the pawn of Superintendent Mackiel. It is virtually a rubber stamp board which rather than setting policy allows Mackiel to do so.

We've said in the past that every one of the twelve members should be fired by the voters, even the only male on the board who when he has had an occasional lucid thought is torpedoed by his other eleven peers and an organizational structure that refuses to answer or pursue board member requests.

It's not an issue of board members trying to micromanage the organization, it's an issue of the organization telling the board members what it will do for them and what their role is.

Our rumor mill tells us the Omaha Public School System may be in line for a rude and well-deserved awakening. There are apparently some in the legislature who think it is time to legislate a new structure for this out of control and incompetent organization. It appears that would mean severely reducing the size of the board and hopefully the election of an entirely new board with accountability for managing and directing, and hopefully, for placing accountability on those whose job it is to educate the children.

Suffice it to say 2012 may bring a much needed change to this rubber-stamp, excuse-making bunch of incompetents.   Heads will roll.   We can't wait!

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