Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Harbinger for Obama and the Democrats

Roll Call's Joshua Miller has a good article today, "Bob Turner Upsets Democrat David Weprin in New York Special, ( As you will recall this was a special election to replace the shameful Democrat Culture of Corruption Poster Boy Anthony Weiner whose perversions somehow escaped being drained from her Democratic swamp by Nancy Pelosi when she was queen--oops, Speaker.

Turner, a septuagenarian (as Rush would say, 'for those of you in Yorba Linda, that's 70 years) defeated his Democrat opponent with approximately 54% of the vote.  It should be noted that this is the first time that this district has gone Republican since 1920. That's 91 years ago.    Add this win to the one in Nevada (Mark Amodei, a former state legislator and ex-state GOP chairman beat his Democrat opponent with 57% of the vote) yesterday and one might suggest a harbinger against Obama and his policies--particularly as regards the economy.

Here are some of the points made in the Roll Call article:
  • Turner’s win came despite a late blitz of Democratic money trying to save the seat formerly held by Rep. Anthony Weiner (D), including a half-million-dollar television ad buy from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
  • Despite the district’s more than 3-to-1 Democratic voter registration advantage, his massive fundraising lead and his campaign’s enormous voter identification and get-out-the-vote effort, Weprin came up short.
  • ....the election became, in many ways, a national referendum on the state of the economy and whether the country was on the right track. And voters made clear they were deeply unhappy with the status quo.
  • In a recent Siena College poll of likely voters, 74 percent said the country was headed in the wrong direction. In another survey by Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, President Barack Obama’s job approval in the district was at a surprising 31 percent, with 56 percent saying they disapprove of the job he is doing.
  • Democrats note that regardless of how Weprin performed as a candidate, he was seen as the incumbent in an atmosphere toxic to those associated with the status quo. And unlike the recent Democratic victory in the special election in New York’s 26th district, where Democrats were able to define the GOP candidate early, the Big Apple’s expensive media market made substantial TV buys before the final days impossible.
  • No matter the mitigating factors, losing a Democratic district in the heart of New York City is terrible news for Democrats from Rep. Joe Crowley, the Queens County Democratic Party chairman, to the president.
Maybe even the Democrats have begun to realize that 'Hope and Change' is about anything other than Obama.

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