Friday, July 22, 2011

Open Letter To Ben Nellson: Do What's Right for America -- Ted Quick

Mr. Nelson,
While the media (whose childish spin is laughable) are telling us that the last three year’s newly-instituted socialist/Marxist programs are working for America, a look at the jobs and unemployment numbers quickly reveals the truth. Since there is sufficient brain power in Washington to recognize that truth, it’s clear that our direction is intentional and that their goal to destroy America, as we know it, is purposeful. That intent is also becoming increasingly more apparent to others. The remaining believers are those of lesser intellect, those on the take and those trapped in their ideological abysses. But then, that is part of Washington’s plan.
Most in America understand that business and industry employ 100% of the producers, make 100% of the profits and pay 100% of the taxes. (You takers may claim that you pay taxes, but you wouldn’t have your jobs or incomes if first we weren’t producing). So without us, Washington, you would be nothing; vapid and lifeless. In fact, worse than that, because like a baby, you had to first be created and like a baby, you are totally dependent upon us. And to thank us for having made America the greatest country that ever existed or that will ever exist, you misuse our money, increase the size and scope of your reach and redistribute vast amounts of our money to others, most of whom are undeserving. And even though you are genetically incapable of generating income, in tantrum-like tirades you demand even greater amounts of ours.
Well, Mr. Nelson, you are one of those takers and part of our destruction, you and your 60th vote. As a former supporter, I know that you know how incompetently government-owned and managed ventures are run, but you have a chance now to do what is right.
I’ll remind you of what your president said as a Senator in March 2006, “America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” 87% of Americans agreed with that statement as recent as April of this year (Freedomworks). Here is your chance to finally provide positive leadership; you can vote “NO” on raising the debt ceiling and “NO” on any increase in taxes; you can create another “Gang of (insert number)” to downsize government and you can admit that ObamaNelsoncare is wrong and become instrumental in its repeal.
I suspect that you will be retired come 2012 so I challenge you today to do what is right for America. To paraphrase Barry Goldwater; “In your heart you know that I am right”.

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