Monday, July 18, 2011

Ewing: The Difference is Black And White

We listened to John Ewing in his brief KFAB interview this morning and to say the least, we were not impressed.    He did say one thing that we agree with--that business needs certainty before it starts creating jobs again.   Unfortunately, his answers to creating certainty are the same as the guy (Obama) who has got us to this pinnacle of economic collapse and uncertainty.

Ewing will be a great Obama running mate as he, like his hero, supports raising the debt ceiling by taxing those bad rich guys.   He promotes the same class warfare saying that those nasty millionaires need to pay more taxes and need to be part of the debt solution.  Forget that 47% of the population pays no federal taxes at all and that those evil millionaires, the ones that create jobs, pay a huge percentage of the tax revenue collected by the government now. 

Ewing, like his hero, voiced his support for the stimulus while acknowledging it didn't work as well as expected but he did provide the Obama/Democrat talking point that it saved millions of jobs and cut the job losses.   Yeah, 9.2%!

Ewing is the Democrat's best hope at beating Lee Terry in 2012, but he is a false hope.   His campaign will be based on Obama's success of getting out blacks in the 2nd Congressional District, a district that now has more Republicans than it did in 2008 when Obama won the electoral vote and more Republicans than id did when Nebraska Democrats' 'white' hero was resoundingly defeated by Terry in 2010.

If Republicans were smart, they'd demand Ewing resign as Douglas County Treasurer.  Running for the Congress is a full time job.   And of course, Ewing has the benefit of his huge police pension and his health care paid in full by it until he is 65 so he can afford to give up his other $100,000 plus-a-year job.   If he doesn't give up the job, Republicans should make very sure he isn't making phone calls and running for Congress unobserved from his private office in the Douglas County Courthouse.

The media will delight in this race.   The local daily will try to sell lots of papers as it tells us how close the race is going to be--just as it did in the last 'White' race and those before.   

Bottom line, is Ewing is just another liberal, Obama supporting Democrat.   The difference between Ewing and Terry is black and white for the voters.

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