Tuesday, July 19, 2011

C.I.R. Reform? What Reform?

More and more it appears that citizens were sold a bill of goods on the C.I.R. reform bill (LB 397) passed by the legislature in its waning days with the help of Brad Ashford and Steve Lathrop.   The recent article by the local daily indicated just how confusing things remain.  We still don't know what cities Omaha or others are compared to since it seems to be mutually agreed process between the cities and the unions arbitrated by the court.

Today, we read Brad Ashford saying, "Does Omaha get out of the woods? No, "Omaha got themselves into a real fix on pensions. And you're not going to get out of that in this bill."

We were told that the bill would resolve wage disputes by considering pensions and benefits and adjusting pay rates.  But none of this will actually solve Omaha's outlay for the $500,000+ million abyss that Mayors Fahey and Suttle sank the city into by their incompetent management and sell-out to the police and fire unions whose support they bought in the process.   Suttle says the problem was kicked down the road to him, but he set tongue-tied in a coma-like state on the council for four years while the pension funds massively tanked.    He was too busy attending every funeral and public event he could, running for mayor not looking at silly pension reports from the actuaries.

It won't be long before folks in city hall and the business community realize that the LB397 fix wasn't a fix at all and that some like State Senator John Nelson were right in saying that the whole C.I.R. should be abolished.

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