Friday, May 27, 2011

The Rumor Mill

We're hearing more and more that Senator Fischer is looking to get into the Republican primary race. She seems serious but we still don't know where she gets the money to take on Bruning or what she can do to overcome Bruning's or Stenberg's name recognition.

2014 is a long way away but everyone seems to think that Senator Lathrop is going for the Nebraska governor's seat. He'll use his LB 397 accomplishment as a credit.

In the same 2014 spectrum we're hearing that Lt. Governor Sheehy and State Senator Tony Fulton are a potential governor/Lt. governor team. Pretty early to be talking about such at this point, especially since it is still possible that Governor Heineman may be enticed away from his job prior to that if political dominoes fall in the right direction after next year's election.

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