Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Huckabee Endorses Bruning

In today's 'We get e-mail' category we received one from our candidate for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination, Jon Bruning. It's an announcement of Governor Huckabee's endorsement of Bruing for the nomination. Since we published Don Stenberg's endorsement by yesterday it's only fair that we provide Huckabee's herein":

Lincoln, NE - Nebraska Attorney General and U.S. Senate Candidate Jon Bruning announced today he has the endorsement of former Arkansas Governor and 2008 Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee in his campaign to unseat Ben Nelson.

“I’m proud to endorse my good friend Attorney General Jon Bruning,” said Governor Huckabee. “I know he has the conservative record and proven leadership that Nebraskans need in the United States Senate. I’m confident that he’ll be a strong voice in the fight to balance the federal budget, eliminate the deficit, and repeal the federal takeover of health care......

"Governor Huckabee has been in the arena; he knows how to govern effectively, how to make the tough decisions we need our leaders to make, and he knows how to lead. I'm humbled and honored by his endorsement, which continues to provide momentum for our campaign,” said Bruning."

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