Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Thought From Lee Terry

In our "We get e-mail" category we received on from Congressman Lee Terry wherein he says he is introducing a bill to make regulators tell us the impact on jobs. We think it's a good idea. It's kind of an E.P.A. environmental impact statement for those bureaucrats.

Here's what Lee had to say in this regard:

"I recognize how important it is to allow our economy to create new jobs which is why I will be introducing legislation in the near future which will require Federal agencies to submit to the American people the impact these regulations would have on existing or new jobs. It is time for the Federal government to use common sense when proposing new rules on our nation’s small business and energy producers. If a new rule must be created then Americans need to know the impact it will have on American jobs. My bill simply states that when an agency decides to act it must include a statement describing how many jobs will be gained lost or sent overseas should this regulation be enacted.

In these tough economic times, with unemployment at 9% and an economy struggling to grow, government needs to play a more responsible and balanced role when it comes to regulations and their impact on jobs. Americans and Nebraskans have the right to know how their lives will be affected by an agency action, especially when it comes to their job.

It is my hope that this common sense bill advances quickly through Congress and the President signs it into law as soon as possible."

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