Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where are those North Omaha jobs?

We're beginning to wonder where those 'green' North Omaha jobs are---or where they are going. If you recall, last summer American Hydraulics announced it was leaving North Omaha and moving to Red Oak, IA where it would hire 135 employees (Monday, July 19, 2010
There Those North Omaha Jobs Go). Now we see that instead of expanding in North Omaha Distefano Manufacturing is moving to 108th and the Interstate. Sure, most of those employees will move west, but any new jobs created will probably be filled by folks from other than North Omaha. And, of course, we'll have another empty building in North Omaha.

His Incompetence, Mayor Suttle, promised 1000 green jobs in North Omaha when he ran for office. Not only has he not delivered on that promise, but he has in fact presided over there being even few and virtually no green jobs.

We're sure Suttle has excuses but the fact remains he just can't deliver.

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