Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Schumacher's Support of Gambling

Since we aren't exactly part of the RINO State Senator Paul Schumacher fan club, we thought we'd elaborate a little on the business interests of this disgustingly pathetic example of a Republican.

The following is his statement of potential conflicts from his Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission filing:

"I am involved in 3 private businesses. 1) As a private practice solo-attorney who has numerous clients with Agricultural interests and are unfavorable to regulation and taxation of their activities; 2) As a part owner and officer of Community Lottery Systems, Inc., a Nebraska Corporation, which operates, for a commission on gross proceeds, lotteries under the County and City Lottery Act for approximately 100 Nebraska cities, counties and villages united under a common governmental entity formed under the Interlocal Cooperation Act called the Nebraska Cooperative Government (NCG). The NCG has an interest in maximizing revenues to its members through alternatives to compulsory taxation, such as gaming. 3) As a part owner and office of Community Lottery Systems, Inc. (CIS), one of Nebraska's first rural Internet Service Providers and also a competing local exchange and interexchange licensee, CIS, along with the general public, has an interest in promoting a level playing field for all private telecommunications carriers, open networks, and authorization of Nebraska's public power companies and municipalities to engage in telecommunications activity for hire."

This sad excuse for a Republican apparently has less conflict in voting and supporting gambling interests to his own financial benefit than he does in promoting the efforts of his own party....Perhaps some in 'his' party will keep this in mind when his cronies bring forth more gambling legislation in the future.

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