Thursday, March 31, 2011

Redistricting: Will Omaha Lose a Seat?

Talk of redistricting scenarios is beginning to surface. No doubt there will be lots of rumors and potential scenarios floated before all is decided. With that said, we have good information that there is discussion about a plan that would give Sarpy County four seats contained completely within its boarders. For most of the last ten years, folks in Sarpy have felt somewhat slighted that they are only 'partially' represented by most of their senators whose senators they share with other counties.

Sarpy County's gain may be Douglas County's loss under this plan as we understand that Legislative District 9, that of term-limited Gwen Howard, would be moved to Sarpy County, leaving Omaha/Douglas County with possibly one less legislative district and thus one less senator supporting Omaha/Douglas efforts.

For Douglas County Republicans there might be additional concerns as we're told State Senator Mello (whose district now includes a small part of Sarpy) is supportive of the plan. Mello never supports anything that isn't beneficial to him and the Democratic Party.

Bottom line on this potential plan is Sarpy gets what it wants, Douglas may lose a senator and at least one Democrat may be happy.

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