Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nebraska State Senator Schumacher is a a Disgusting RINO

Yes, we said and we won't apologize for. Besides being a disgusting RINO, Senator Schumacher is a disgusting populist progressive who lives in la-la land. Now what do we really think about this poor excused of so-called senator, so-called lawyer devout supporter of expanded gambling in Nebraska?

Apparently this idealistically liberal traitor to the best interests of the party he claims to be a member of simply doesn't get the fact that being one of two of 50 states that proportion their electoral votes by congressional district doesn't make sense. If this stupid excuse for a legislator had any rationale whatsoever he would realize that California and New York, just to name two states will never be influenced by Nebraska and Maine's stupid attempts at populism.

We're not sure why Schumacher doesn't have the gonads to vote yea or nay to kill the bill or move it out of committee. Maybe it's because he's mad at the Republican Party for not supporting his candidacy in 2010 when he was running against a real Republican for the open seat to which Schumacher was elected. Ironically, this is the same Schumacher who has served on the Republican State Central Committee for numerous years--numerous years when he opposed any endorsement of the party for any Republican candidate, even for endorsements of incumbents like Governor Heineman! If he's mad about not getting an endorsement, he can only attribute it to his prairie populist approach.

If Lee Terry loses his congressional seat in 2012 or even worse if our sad excuse for a president wins re-election in 2012 by one electoral vote coming from the Second Congressional District there will be no one to blame other than this pathetic self-serving prairie populist.

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