Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lee Terry, Let's Get Creative

After reading Roll Call this morning we've decided that Lee Terry is boring. He obviously doesn't have the slightest way to raise money for his election campaigns. Let's face it, Lee just doesn't have the creative ability to raise in-kind donations of wine totalling $340,000 like some of his peers, for instance Mike Thompson (D-CA). He doesn't have the ability to collect more than $56,000 in ''art" in-kind donations, for instance Lynn Woolsey (D-CA). Others are getting such in-kinds as helicopter flights, raft trips, fishing trips, hogs, birdhouses and cigars! If you want to read more on these in-kinds, which are apparently auctioned off for more campaign funds, check out today's Roll Call at:

Let's tell Lee to get with it. Maybe he could have a fundraiser where folks could bring in-kind contributions of Big Red tickets, College World Series, Stormchasers or Beef Tickets, Nebraska wine vintages, Nebraska beef, air-boat trips down the Platte, etc.

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