Thursday, March 17, 2011

Heineman Impresses. Heineman for President!

Yesterday, Governor Heineman spoke to the local Republican Forum luncheon group. He had some interesting things to say that go beyond the Joe Jordan Nebraska Watchdog Heineman/Kleeb fight. With little discussion of the latter (the governor shouldn't be arguing with some self-appointed Democrat left-wing operative in the first place), Heineman talked about everything from taxes to the economy.

On Omaha's incompetent mayor (our words) and his quest to tax citizens more Heineman said that he was glad that Suttle's 'bad-neighbor' policy of taxing those outside the city (wheel tax) has been removed as an option by the legislature, that Suttle needs a 'good-neighbor' police that doesn't have one entity taxing another.

On Omaha's incompetent mayor (our words, again) and his request for an additional half-cent sales tax, Heineman continued to assert that it was a bad idea and he would veto.

Heineman indicated that Suttle had apparently asked how he was to develop a budget without his desired tax increases to which Heineman said, "I'll tell you how to balance your budget if you'll enact it!" Suttle apparently doesn't appreciate that offer of help nor the suggestions of many others.

On the C.I.R., Heineman again stated he wanted substantial reform or the business community would simply do away with it altogether (referendum).

On the future, Heineman noted that he has two major thrusts. First is economic development and second is educational improvement. On the current state of African American education he noted that the Omaha Public School system has the worst black/white educational gap in the country, anywhere. He suggested that Superintendent Mackiel doesn't get it.

Heineman was rightly proud in discussing Nebraska's prominence and that of many of its towns and cities in many categories. On tax climate, he noted that since 2008, three-fourths of all states have raised taxes while Nebraska didn't (sorry Jane Kleeb, New Nebraska Network, etal.). In fact, Heineman noted that Nebraska's business tax climate rating has improved under his governorship from 45th to 29th.

One of Heineman's most direct and frankly candid comments came on the issue of energy and oil. Heineman forcefully said that because of our nation's reliance on oil, "We are putting our sons and daughters in peril because our nation has no energy policy."

On Obamacare, the Governor wasted no words saying that, "It is a disaster for America and a disaster for Nebraska." He proudly noted that he was one of twenty-nine governors who actively joined in seeking its repeal. He continued by saying that Nebraska needs more flexibility in dealing with federal mandates like Medicaid.

We couldn't help but be impressed with Heineman's candor. While Larry Sabato (Sabato's Crystal Ball) might regard Heineman as a Tier 2 or Tier 3 potential candidate for the presidency, we can't think of a guy that from a policy standpoint, from an economic and trade record of accomplishments, from a tax-cutting standpoint, from an overall success standpoint and from a social issue standpoint would be more in tune with what the Republican Party needs as a candidate against the current resident of the White House come 2012. Yes, we were and are impressed.

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