Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fuzzy Accountability By Nabity's Citizens For Omaha's Future

We mentioned the Miami recall in a recent entry (Two Recalls Different Results) and took note of the Omaha attempt to recall Mayor Suttle and Dave Nabity's failed efforts. We thought we might follow up with an analysis of the money that Nabity's PAC, Citizens For Omaha's Future, spent on the recall effort, primarily since the successful gathering of the necessary petition signatures after which he established his own PAC and effort to recall the mayor. Unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to determine where Nabity and Citizens for Omaha's Future spent all of the $195,000 it claims it spent on behalf of the recall.

The N.A.D.C. reporting of expenditures shows primarily those funds spent as an 'Independent expenditure (designated 'D' below) without any real designation of whom the money went to or for what purpose. Most expenditures simply show the money was spent on behalf of the original Mayor Suttle Recall Committee, although that committee never received any of those funds. We were able to establish from some late reporting where some of the monies went but there certainly isn't any reliable breakdown of who received the funds and where they went in many cases.

This is supposed to be the way the N.A.D.C. provides for clear reporting?

Here's a list of the dollar amount of expenditures, not including some $34,000 shown as expenditures on behalf of the Mayor Suttle Recall Committee for December of 2010

Reported expenditures on behalf of the MAYOR SUTTLE RECALL COMMITTEE

  1. 3,000.00 D

  2. 825.80 B

  3. 2000.00 B

  4. 2396.64 D

  5. 1060.09 D

  6. 435.19 D

  7. 55000.00 D

  8. 14469.56 B Polish Enterprises

  9. 9399.78 D Nebraska Strategy Group

  10. 1420.05 D Quality Press

  11. 2000.00 D Nebraska Strategy Group

  12. 4260.15 D

  13. 5077.78 D Postmaster

  14. 2448.29 D Nebraska Strategy Group

  15. 2500.00 D Strategy Group Media

  16. 1348.97 D Postmaster

  17. 5077.78 D Postmaster

  18. 10000.00 D

  19. 22287.70 D Company HQ (Brooklyn, IA)

  20. 2840.10 D Quality Press

  21. 540.35 D

  22. 2034.18 D Company HQ (Brooklyn, IA)

  23. 1500.00 B

  24. 482.52 D

  25. 393.73 D

  26. 7000.00 B

  27. 655.36 B

  28. 344.54 B

    (1) Total Expenditures to or for the benefit of Nebraska
    (non-federal) Candidates and B.Q. Close of Last Period $ 64717.72
    (2) Total Expenditures to or for the benefit of Nebraska (non-federal) Candidates and B.Q. This Period
    (To Summary of Disbursements, line 11(a)) $ 96080.84
    (3) Total Expenditures to or for the benefit of Nebraska (non-federal) Candidates and
    B.Q. for the Calendar Year to Date (Line 1 plus line 2) $ 160798.56

    KEY: A - Direct Contribution to Candidate or Ballot Question B - In-Kind Contributions C - Loans D - Independent Expenditures

At best the N.A.D.C. reporting by Citizens for Omaha's Future is inadequate. In fact, we don't know whether Nabity or any other employees received compensation for their efforts.

Once again, it would be nice if someone from the media had the intellectual curiosity to follow up on this. It will also be interesting to see if the N.A.D.C. has the curiosity to ask for a better explanation of the spending.

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