Friday, March 18, 2011

Congrats to Nebraska Congressional Delegation For NPR Vote

Some of our contributors will admit, sheepishly, to some of their confidants that they do listen to such public radio shows as Prairie Home Companion and Click and Clack. Some will also admit they watch Public Television occasionally which does have some very good shows from time to time, covers our legislature, etc. Given the content of cable that probably isn't surprising.

Having taken note of the above we are still unanimously opposed to any public funding of NPR. Some of its content could be covered by local stations or syndicated to network for that matter. While it is easy to criticize the liberal opinion of NPR and its reporters, a bias evident to the most uneducated of listeners/watchers, the real reason is that there is no reason for tax payers to pay for something that competes against private business. These folks will either survive on their own by raising most of their funds from donors, as they do today, or their worthwhile content will be picked up by other non-publicly funded entities.

With that said, we applaud Congressmen Terry, Fortenberry and Smith for their votes yesterday to eliminate NPR funding.

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