Friday, January 14, 2011

Suttle Now Breaking Campaign Finance Laws?

It's bad enough that the Suttle campaign in its desperate attempt to prevent his recall has bused homeless potential sex offenders to vote for pay and potentially distribute literature at schools around little children, but now we learn that he is very likely violating campaign finance laws.

Yes, now we find that the mayor's Press Secretary, Aida Amoura (who is paid $64,000 a year!) is sending out press releases pertaining to the recall, a political issue, using your city-paid-for computers. That's a violation of the Nebraska campaign laws.
On top of that Suttle staff member David Sund is spending most of his working day at the offices of Forward Omaha. Although, the mayor's office will probably find a way to 'fix' this violation before the pay records are made official this is again a violation of campaign laws. Even if Sund is taking time off this suggests that the mayor's office is overstaffed, not to mention over-paid, given the reason for his absence.

The citizens of Omaha deserve a mayor who follows the law, who manages his city and campaign ethically. Does anyone believe that his retention could possibly diminish the sideshow we've seen over the last 18 months?

We believe that these potential violations will soon be referred to the Nebraska State Accountability and Disclosure Office.

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