Friday, January 21, 2011

Somehow We Failed

Hard to believe that our staff didn't point out something that appears and is updated daily on our blog but somehow the significance of our 'Messiah Watch' went unnoticed yesterday. Had it not been for the bloviating of the liberal news media about President Kennedy's inaugural speech and the minor mention of the Iranian hostage release (no mention of President Reagan's inaugural or his responsibility for that release) we might have failed to take note of the fact that the Prince of Peace, Nobel Laureate, President of the World of Equal Nations, Commissar Barack Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama has now completed the first and final half of his ignominious term in office as our President.

In an effort to atone for our oversight certain members of our staff will be executed (there we go with those violent words that cause killings of innocents just because of our using) and the rest of our editorial staff will share the same switch as we atone through an act of self-flagellation in the most monastic sense of the word.

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