Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quit Lecturing--Change the City Elections

Our staff at the Objective Conservative has just about had enough of the Douglas Street Rag (aka, Omaha World-Herald) and KFAB's talk show hosts telling us that we have to vote today, that the 32% turnout in the 2009 mayoral election was dismal. By the way, 39% of the Republicans voted in that election, 31% of the Democrats. In any event, it's up to the citizen to make that decision. Most times when they end up with a bozo like Mayor Suttle they don't get a redo. This time they do because some, and yes some who didn't vote in 2009, chose to hold Suttle ACCOUNTABLE for his broken promises and his actions.
Yes, many have died to give Americans the right to vote. It's a sacred right. But it is also the right of Americans to choose not to vote. Those Americans who died to protect that freedom didn't die to IMPOSE THE OBLIGATION on anyone.

If the local daily and the radio stations and the other bloviators are so concerned about getting people out to vote maybe it is time to save thousands of dollars every four years and just move our city elections to the the national election calendar. Turnout would increase and the county would save millions of dollars over the next decade by not conducting low-turn-out city-only elections.

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