Friday, January 21, 2011

The Hypocrisy of It!

No doubt many of our Omaha readers have received the latest evidence of why Mayor Suttle should be recalled and what is wrong with the power of the unions in Omaha, NE. We're talking about the mailing from 'Putting Omaha First', the police union funded organization that formed in the last week to save their bacon-provider Mayor Suttle.

The fancy full-page glossy mailing must have cost ten of thousands of dollars to produce and mail with it's message being, "Stop Special Interests from Wasting our Tax Dollars!" Of course, the police union isn't a special interest, right?

Not only is their bold statement total hypocrisy, an oxymoron to be sure, but the reverse side of the mailing goes on to condemn their former hero Mike Fahey for the underfunding of the pension plan, the loss of Omaha's AAA bond rating and for costing Omaha millions of dollars! Condemning the guy that they negotiated the deal with that took the city to the edge of bankruptcy, that they benefited to the tone of hundreds of millions of dollars over! Now that's bold.

Then they tell us what a great guy the new mayor, Suttle, is for negotiating a deal with them that allowed the city to get back its bond rating.

This mailing demonstrates exactly what is wrong with this mayor and with the influence of the police (and fire) unions. Former mayor who helped get this city to this huge financial burden=bad. Former city councilman, and now mayor, who sat on the finance committee and never opened his mouth during four years to tell the citizens what was happening, who negotiated the best deal the union could have hoped for=good.

Now if Suttle survives this recall (which he won't) how in the world will he ever be able to be anything other than a pawn for what ever his lackey friends in the police union want?

This mailing demonstrates completely what is wrong with the union's power in Omaha and precisely why Suttle must be recalled.

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