Friday, July 30, 2010

Filling Helen Thomas' Seat

In our 'We get e-mail' category for the day, we received one from our dear friends at regarding which organization (PBS, Fox News, Bloomberg News) will get to fill the front-row center seat in the White House briefing room. You know, the one occupied by the infamous and non-lamented Helen Thomas? Seems that Moveon is revealing who they think best represents their philosophy and who would better do that than PBS?

Here's what Moveon wrote us:

Dear MoveOn member,

As early as Sunday, the White House Correspondents' Association will decide which news organization will be awarded a recently-vacated front-row center seat in the White House briefing room.

The contenders? National Public Radio, Bloomberg News—and Fox.

Yes, Fox—which we all know is actually a tool in the right-wing propaganda machine, not a legitimate news organization. They simply don't deserve the best seat in the White House briefing room—a seat held for years by journalist Helen Thomas until she retired recently.

So we're joining our friends at CREDO Action to petition the Correspondents' Association to award the seat to a real, public news organization: NPR.

Can you sign the petition today? Tell the Correspondents' Association to give the best seat in the briefing room to NPR, not Fox.

An Invisible Air Force One

We tend to be a little serious and admittedly pretty cynical about the world of politics. We seldom forward jokes or funnies, but we're making an exception with this one:

Air Force General: Mr. President, we've just invented an invisibility cloak for Air Force One. Air Force One is now invisible insuring your security in the face of growing hostility

Obama: No S***?

General: That's right, sir. Will you be going along on its maiden flight?

Obama: Wouldn't miss this trip for the world.

General: Have a good trip, sir.

Who Is Reading Ben's Mail?

We recently sent Judas Ben Nelson an e-mail expressing our opinion that the Dream Act is something we don't want him to vote for. He responded with the e-mail below which would incline us to believe that his constituent communications staff must be spending more time trying to find a job after November of 2012 than they are in reading his mail. Maybe their reading ability is the reason he had such an overwhelming positive response leading him to vote for the Nelson/Reid/Pelosi/Obama Health Care Bill?


Thank you for contacting me regarding the proposal to provide in-state tuition benefits for higher education for illegal aliens, known as the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, S. 729. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this matter.

As you know, S. 729 would allow in-state tuition benefits for higher education for illegal aliens. I appreciate your support of this legislation to address the educational concerns of undocumented immigrant children. Currently, this legislation is pending before the Senate Judiciary Committee. While I am not a member of this Committee, I will keep your thoughts in mind should this legislation come before the full Senate.

Thank you again for contacting me with your comments. The legislative process will only work with the input of concerned citizens, and I encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts and ideas.


Ben Nelson

U.S. Senator

'Drop and Leave Children' and Lindsey Graham

In comments to Fox News, sometimes liberal/sometimes conservative Senator Lindsey Graham said that things need to be changed when it comes to children of illegal aliens being granted/considered legal US residents. We'd suggest that Lindsay follow through rather than just bloviate.

Here's Fox News' commentsand what he told them:

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told Fox News after the Arizona ruling came down that "birthright citizenship" needs to be changed.

"I'm a practical guy, but when you go forward I don't want 20 million more (illegal immigrants) 20 years from now," he said. "Let's have a system that doesn't reward people for cheating."

Though other lawmakers have called for a change in U.S. or state law, Graham said he might introduce a constitutional amendment.

"We should change our Constitution and say if you come here illegally and you have a child, that child's automatically not a citizen," he said Wednesday. "They come here to drop a child -- it's called 'drop and leave.' ... That attracts people here for all the wrong reasons."

Yes, if Lindsey is serious it's time he put the rubber to the road and introduced such an amendment. It might also serve to further energize conservatives this fall. Our bet is he won't.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mayor Just Says Screw You - Gerald Florine

The large lecture hall at Westside High was filled to overflowing last evening (SRO - 300 or more, according to local media) for Mayor Suttle's third budget town hall meeting. Perhaps unlike the two prior meetings, it appeared that there had been a significant effort on the part of Mayor Suttle's entourage to turn out some more friendly participants. Multiple Omaha firemen filed into the seats, wearing OFD t-shirts. Seated just a few feet from where Chief McDonnell was standing, he was observed continuously acknowledging, and smiling at, various individuals in the audience prior to the beginning of the session.

Council persons Jean Stothert and Franklin Thompson were in attendance, but there were the only two of the seven members present. At least one state senator was present, but, unfortunately, I didn't witness any other Republican activists present.

Because of the large group, and the probable concern that, if breakout sessions were held, most would attempt to go to the mayor's group, the q&a session stayed in the lecture hall, and all questions were directed toward the mayor.

The mayor and his staff led with the ongoing litany of maintaining Omaha's "quality of life", which appears to be their catch-all phrase / excuse for their expansive tax proposals.

One of the more interesting exchanges came when a member of the audience asked about the significant salary increases, or expansive new salaries of new members of the mayor's staff, as compared to the '09 / '10 budgets, as well as other budget comparisons, and the mayor became noticeably testy about making budget comparisons. He blurted something to the effect that this is this year, and that was last year! A remarkable admission again that "it's my way. . . period"!
Another lady asked about audits, and the mayor stated that, yes, his departments are doing audits! Asked when the public might see the results, again the mayor curtly responded that he has specific criteria for analyzing the results of those audits, but, again, that's for he and his staff to determine. Obviously, unless one is an engineer, or one of his exorbitantly salaried staff, one is just too stupid to understand!

During the presentations of the police, fire, and parks departments., pictures were displayed of old equipment that needed to be replaced. However, minimal facts were presented of a serious plan of physical equipment replacement. The mayor's "kick the can down the road" allegory is, needless to say, getting old. He says he isn't responsible for the current fiscal problems, blaming it on the poor decisions made over the past ten years. But who was on the council for the previous 4 years? Who was Director of Public Works for the city of Omaha prior to that? Who was it that said he had absolutely no idea of the extent of the fiscal crisis until he was sworn in as mayor in June of '09? Who promised not to raise property taxes in his campaign in the spring of '09? Yes, it was our esteemed Mayor.

The head of the Omaha restaurant assoc. expressed his concerns about the added 4% tax, when non-profits were being exempted. Another individual asked if the Mayor wasn't concerned about driving business (multiple restaurants are failing as a result of the current economy) to Council Bluffs and Sarpy Co. The mayor answered an abrupt "No"! In fact, he alleges that his proposed advertising campaign, using a portion of those funds, would bring added business to them! More fantasy?

One might think that, with a responsible Mayor, there might be at least an attempt, despite the need to potentially raise some additional revenue, a greater attempt might be made to offer at least a modicum of fiscal restraint by showing a firmer managerial approach to restraining costs. When confronted with personnel costs, the mayor essentially shrugs his shoulders and says that his hands are tied by negotiations and contractual requirements! In other words: this mayor is essentially a tool of the dominant unions in city government, and is telling the Omaha tax paying public "Screw You!"

Jerry F.

Buffett and Abortion

An interesting column today by Ken Blackwell that deals with Omaha's own Warren Buffett and Abortion, titled, ' The New York Times, Billionaire Buffett and the Weeping Abortionist' at:,_billionaire_buffett_and_the_weeping_abortionist/print?showfull=true

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Helping Mister Mike Meister

In our 'We Get E-mail' category we received this one from our friends at the Nebraska Democrat Party. We think it will be interesting if they find 1,000 donors let alone 10,000. More than likely they'll find a 100 who will certainly not give $1,000 each.

Join us as we raise $100,000 in 10 days.

We only need 10,000 Democrats to give $10 a piece or 1,000 to give us $100 or 10 to give $10,000. Looking at the 390,000 Democrats registered for the primary that is somewhere between .0025% to 2.5% of all the registered Democrats in this state. That is a night at the movies or a treat of hot fudge sundaes for the family. Sacrifice one bucket of beer or bottle of wine on a Friday night, or one week's worth of lattes.

Send your money today to: Meister for Governor

I Was For Sales Tax on Food Before I Was Against It

Now it seems our non compos mentis mayor, Jim Suttle, has decided that he doesn't want to eliminate the sales tax on food that he wanted to eliminate on Monday.

Of course, he is trying to convince people that HIS ENTERTAINMENT TAX will go away when he gets the state to allow cities to collected an extra 1/2% sales tax which would still be an increase on taxpayers. However, Suttle couldn't get that done this year because the legislature and the governor didn't want anything to do with it. Yes it is an election year but what makes this dufus of a mayor think the legislature or the governor are going to continence a sales tax increase for cities next year when they are looking for almost $700 million to balance the state's budget.

Incompetent. Promise-breaker. Big Spender. Tax Increaser. Union Lackey. Delusional.

Enough said.

Democrats Sail Away in Culture of Corruption

Since we're on the subject of ethics, tax-evaders and the Democrat Culture of Corruption (see posting below) we think it the New Nebraska Network might want to consider two of their own tax evaders. Interestingly, they represent one 'senior' member of the U.S. Senate (and failed presidential candidate) John Kerry and his Nebraska 'freshman' fellow sailor, State Senator Ken Rogert. Both of these Pillars of the Democrat Culture of Corruption are simply tax-evaders, no doubt having taken lessens from Charlie Rangel who wCheck Spellinge presume they have built altars to in their sea-going vessels.

In Kerry's case he somehow finds it convenient to dock and pay taxes for his $7,000,000 New Zealand bought yacht in Rhode Island rather than Massachusetts where he lives, saving himself (or his wife) some $500,000 in taxes. Times are tough, it's a recession you know.

Then we have the Nebraska Democrat Party's legislative star and sailor, Ken Rogert, who used his 'boat dealer license' to buy a $30,000 boat nearly a decade ago. Of course, he never paid taxes on it because it was for sale all those years he used it on the Missouri River as it depreciated. More recently he said he was going to pay those taxes, but we're not sure he has.

Yes, it's nice to know these Democrat sailors are setting such fine examples but given the choices of the president for so many of his cabinet heads paying taxes doesn't seem to be a requirement--unless, of course, you're a rich Republican.......

Lee Terry and His Critics

The New Nebraska Network (you can find a link to in the 'links' column below to the left) is on Congressman Lee Terry for his alleged "Why Did You Get Me Drunk" comments to a female lobbyist at a Washington Bar a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, this Nebraska Democrat mouthpiece decided to deal with the 'issue' after the Douglas Street Rag printed a below-the-fold front page article about it nearly two weeks after the issue first came to light in the national press. The mouthpieces notes, "However, what started as a mere illustration of Terry's too-cozy relationship with corporate lobbyists has quickly blossomed into a mini-scandal tainting the entire Republican Party and its hypocritical claims of representing traditional family values."

Okay, Terry apparently got caught making an alleged inappropriate comment in a situation that a reporter found of note. But to suggest as the mouthpiece does in its headline, Lee Terry Is The New Poster Boy For Bad Republican Behavior may explain some of the problems that Democrats have in their spectacularly duplicitous life.

We refer you to the most on-going, recent and outrageous Democrat poster boy, Charlie Rangel who is truly the poster boy for congressional, yes, Democrat congressional behavior. You might check our recent post, Rangel -- Now What? or the 13 posts ( see 'Charlie Rangel' in our labels column on the below right) describing the outrageous behavior of this criminal, tax-cheat Democrat paragon of virtue and leader/role model who is now trying to negotiate his way out of a criminal trial before the house, not to mention trying to avoid making his example of corruption an issue for his Democrat colleagues this fall.

Lee Terry may have said something silly to someone he shouldn't have in front of someone he should have not said it in front of, but that doesn't mean he has violated any marriage vows (look at the long number of Democrat, and yes Republican examples of that). He hasn't/isn't going through a nasty divorce as the Nebraska Democrat Party's sacrificial offering for governor who was quoted as saying he didn't know how he got home one night earlier this year (Can you say Mister Mike Meister?). He may be what the New Nebraska Network fondly quotes to be a 'junior' congressman, but God protect us from the Democrat Culture of Corruption of the 'senior' members of their party like Charlie Rangel.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There He Goes Again

Omaha's incompetent, delusional mayor from la la land is off his medication once again.

Last night he suggested that his 'entertainment' tax would go away if only he could get the legislature to let him raise sales taxes next year. Seems that the legislature and the governor have no appetite to allow anyone to raise taxes when they are cutting every possible item they can in order to avoid raising taxes. They wouldn't listen to him last year. We wonder what will change next year? NOTHING!

What should really win more anger against Suttle is the thought of applying sales tax to your groceries. Right or wrong, you can bet Brenda Council and her predecessor and likely successor Ernie Chambers will go after Suttle on this one, not to mention all the other liberals out there.

Suttle, keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper. While the Omaha World-Herald and others will say a recall is not justified, the citizens of Omaha could hardly be blamed for entertaining such.

Suttle says the city doesn't have a spending problem, that it has a revenue problem. Truth of the matter is that the city has a 'mayor' problem.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Elation in Columbus

It's hard to believe that the Nebraska Democrat Party's convention in Columbus could have been any more exciting than things were at that great moment when they nominated Mister Mike Meister to be their guy against Dave Heineman this weekend. But, no, the real excitement had to be listening to that great orator of the past, that winner of one state in his presidential quest of 1972--the great George McGovern.

According to the Associated Press:

"COLUMBUS, Neb. (AP) - George McGovern, a former Democratic presidential candidate and three-term U.S. senator, thinks Congress is as partisan as he's ever seen it in his 88 years, and says Republicans are to blame.

The Democrat, best known for his 1972 loss of the presidency to Republican Richard Nixon, was in Columbus on Saturday to speak at the Nebraska Democratic Party state convention.
McGovern said before his address that Republicans seem intent on blocking every initiative President Barack Obama offers because they "decided the way back to control is to block everything."

But McGovern says Obama hasn't been without fault in the 18 months since he became president. The 88-year-old says the president made a mistake sending more troops into Afghanistan."

Suddenly, it was 1972 again. Memories of Abortion, Amnesty and Acid. Here was real encouragement for a moribund party whose pathetic candidates offer evidence of an even sooner than expected demise.

Mister Mike Meister A Pelsoi Clone

Well the Nebraska Democrat party unanimously approved the replacement of Mark Lakers with Mike Meister for their gubernatorial candidate this weekend. No surprise about that. They now have their sacrificial lamb.

What really astounds is that they have selected their own Nebraska version of Nancy Pelosi. Although his mission for Judas Ben Nelson and the NDP is to ruff up Governor Heineman in advance of his 2012 candidacy to replace Judas, it seems that Mister Meister simply has admitted that he stands for what virtually every rational Nebraskan abhors in Nancy Pelosi. Yes, he pro-gay marriage. Yes, he pro-abortion (just like his fellow Catholic Nancy Pelosi). And yes, his solution for illegal immigration is just to allow them to become legal. He might want to ask Tom Osborn how that worked for him in his election against Heineman....

Apparently, Mister Meister says he wants to campaign on the economic issues facing Nebraska, not the social issues. Sorry Mister Meister you opened the can of worms and they will be part of your so-called candidacy (sacrifice for your party and Ben) as you promote your other silly ideas like the state take-over of school buildings and their maintenance. Now that's a winning platform. You should have checked with Pelosi. Taking over all the hospitals in Nebraska may have been more in her platform ideas.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Mayor's Budget Hearing Sham

Our contributors were at the first of Mayor Suttle's four budget hearings last night. At best, last night's 'dog and pony' show was a poor excuse for a 'public hearing'. It was simply a way for the mayor to say he was listening, similar to the budget shows he's conducted in the past.

The 'event' was also attended by two council members, Jean Stothert and Tom Mulligan. Where Mulligan went after the presentation we're not sure but Jean Stothert stayed around and was well received by those sharing their thoughts with her.

The mayor protected himself by simply making a four minute address and then letting his department directors discuss what was clearly already in his budget document/presentation. Nothing new here. We will say that the 150 or so folks there last night were very polite in their treatment of the mayor's department directors.
Suttle said that we were here to listen and learn as we work together to confront Omaha's financial challenges. In the Obama vein of blaming his predecessors, Suttle said that we have inherited the current situation because of 'short-term' decisions made 10-11 years ago, that decisions were pushed to the future. His finance director followed up with charts showing low property tax rates up until their double digit one of last year.
Yes, Suttle continues his 'they kicked the can down the road' rhetoric as he tries to justify his huge and unwarranted tax increases. Somehow he ignores his utter dumbfounded silence while he served on the city council from 2004 through his 'eureka' discovery of the city's dire financial position on May 15th of last year. Seems to us he had plenty of time to not kick the can down the road when he voted for four budgets, but he was probably too busy attending funerals and every event possible during those four years in anticipation of his run for mayor. How could he have been bothered by the city's finances?

What the citizens didn't get was a truly public give and take with the mayor. After a nearly 50 minute presentation by his appointees, the public was told they could visit with them and ask them questions in various parts of the building. When some screaming erupted about talking to the mayor he said he'd be around.

The mayor quickly ended up in the area outside the auditorium where about twenty people tried to express their opinions and get answers from him. While the mayor retained his composure, he really didn't hear anyone and just reiterated his budget rhetoric.

In the end the mayor's 'budget hearing' was simply a 'dog-and-pony' show that accomplished virtually nothing for anyone other than himself, giving him the opportunity to tell the public how he had held the hearings. Frankly, it was a waste of his time, his directors' time and the public's time.

End of Another Investigation

After all the Democrat angst, indignation and hypocrisy over the firing of U.S. Attorney David C. Iglesias of New Mexico and others by the Bush administration, after two years of investigation by the OBAMA Justice Department, it has finally been decided that the firing wasn't a crime and didn't warrant criminal charges. For some reason, Bill Clinton could fire every U.S. attorney when he took office--a common political move, but George W. Bush violated the law by firing a few.

Kleeb Runs for Office

We certainly thought that Scott Kleeb should be the Democrat nominee to run against Dave Heineman this fall but apparently Judas Ben Nelson thought he could do more damage against Dave and his potential 2012 senate candidacy by promising Mister Mike Meister some quid pro quo for running.

With that said, there is a Kleeb on the ballot this fall. It is, in fact, Jane Fleming Kleeb who is running for the Hastings, NE School Board. Unlike her husband, she's starting at the grassroots level.

But Jane's problems aren't just her husband. No, it seems that Nebraska Right to Life isn't overly convinced that Jane should hold office. So NRL has rented part of a booth at the Adams County Fair to 'inform' folks about Jane's liberal views.

Here's what they tell us about Jane in their recent missive:




Actually, if the Nebraska Republican Party were smart, it would get on the bandwagon in this effort as well--if only to stem her political future now rather than later after she's held some form of elected position.

The Future of the Nebraska Democratic Party

With the advent of this weeks 'Rev Up The Troops' Nebraska Democrat Convention in Columbus we thought it only appropriate to recognize two folks that certainly represent the future of the party in this state. Enough Said.

Rangel -- Now What?

From CQ Politics"

"The House ethics committee announced Thursday that an investigative subcommittee has found substantial reason to believe that Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) violated House rules or even broken the law, following a nearly two-year investigation into allegations involving his personal finances, fundraising efforts and other issues."

Charlie Rangel is the VERY POSTER BOY OF THE DEMOCRAT CULTURE OF CORRUPTION. Two years to get to such a simple statement and it isn't done yet. If Charlie Rangel were a common citizen the FBI and the IRS would have had him in jail a long time ago.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello and Goodbye Mister Meister

Today's Rasmussen Polling pretty well sums up the hopelessness of Mike Meisters upcoming campaign against Dave Heineman. MEISTER IS A SACRIFICIAL LAMB.

Here's what Rasmussen says:

"Election 2010: Nebraska Governor
Nebraska Governor: Heineman (R) 71%, Meister (D) 18%
Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Republican Governor Dave Heineman continues to earn strong support from voters in his bid for reelection in Nebraska.

The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state shows Heineman picking up 71% of the vote. Mike Meister, an attorney who announced his candidacy this week, earns just 18% of the vote. Only two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate in the race, while eight percent (8%) more are undecided.

Nebraska Democrats were left without a candidate earlier this month when Omaha banker Mark Lakers dropped out of the race over questions about his campaign’s finances. Democrats are expected to formalize Meister's nomination at their state convention on Saturday.
In Rasmussen Reports' first survey of the race in March, Heineman held a 61% to 23% edge over Lakers.

Heineman draws 93% of the GOP vote and 40% of Democrats. Meister earns just 46% support from voters in his own party. Among voters not affiliated with either major political party in the state, Heineman leads by nearly four-to-one.

Just seven percent (7%) in Nebraska rate the U.S. economy as good or excellent, while 35% rate it as poor. While 21% say economic conditions are getting better, 47% say they are getting worse.

A strong majority of those who say the economy is worsening support Heineman, while those who say the economy is improving are evenly divided between the candidates."

Not Saying No?

To get away from the incompetent, delusional ideas of our less than esteemed mayor and get on to serious things that could benefit Republicans (not that they much deserve it) this fall, we thought that Tony Blankley had a good column today, 'Is it Enough For the GOP to Just Say No?' at:

Comrade Suttle's Lies, Deceptions and Incompetence

We've listened to our mayor's prevarications now on both television and radio and frankly think he would have been a good employee of the revisionist government of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Somehow beyond the term lying, the term propaganda comes to mind and he's on the verge of offering a 'five-year' plan which will never succeed just as the mighty red menace did for decades.

Suttle told KETV that:
  • "He first learned of the extent of Omaha's financial crisis on May 15, 2009, when he took office as mayor." (He can't even get this one right-he was elected on May 15. He took office on June 9, 2009)

  • "Everything just fell apart that day." (May 15 or June 9?)

  • "The mayor blamed previous lawmakers for much of the current situation." (Gosh, was he so busy running for mayor from his election as a city councilman in 2004 that he never had time to look at the city's budgets or its financial position or was the previous mayor still hiding things financial? Or was Fahey hiding things?)

  • "Short term decisions were made over the past decade. That has pushed the problem down the road." (He was part of city government for six of those 10 years of that decade.)

  • "Suttle said previous lawmakers knew there was at least a $20 million dollar shortfall facing the city but didn't address it adequately."(Hal Daub should have been more foresighted about how Mike Fahey would have given away the city?)
Suttle continues to say he isn't going to kick the can down the road as the last TWO mayors did. Yep, blame Hal Daub for cutting taxes over a decade ago when both financial rating agencies gave the city a top bond rating--when the city was paying ALL its bills annually and allowing a carry-over surplus.

Don't blame yourself for being totally ignorant of what was going on as you set on the city council for FOUR YEARS prior to your Eureka the-sky-is-falling 'moment' on election day May 15, 2009 (or was it June 9?).

He continues to tell us how he is using his management and engineering experience to better run the city. Frankly, we're not sure we'd want to work in a building or cross a bridge he designed!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh to Work for the Mayor!

Some might wonder why the City of Omaha needs an increase in property taxes (4.4 cents or 10%), an increase in the wheel tax ($23) and a new tax, an entertainment tax of 4% on restaurants. Well, one doesn't need to look too far.

Our delusional, incompetent, out-of-touch Mayor Suttle is looking to spend $44 MILLION DOLLARS MORE this year than last year--an 11% increase in spending!!!!!!! This while other cities and state governments are struggling to get by or are slashing their budgets.
But no slashing, no reducing in Omaha. In fact, it's a great place to be a fireman, a policeman or part of the mayor's cabinet. Of the $44 MILLION, $20.5 MILLION goes to salary increases ($7.2 MILLION) and pension contributions ($13.1 MILLION).
If you are fortunate enough to work for Mayor Suttle, you won't see any cuts. That's for sure:
  • The parks director gets an increase from $92,999 to $110,000. Just an $18,000 raise or 19.35%!
  • The finance director gets an increase from $101,000 to $140,000. Just $39,000 or just 38.6%.

  • The mayor's human resource director goes from $94,600 to $145,00. Just $50,400 or 53.27%!

  • For his crime fighting ability the police chief goes from $110,00 to $130,00. He only gets $20,000 or just an 18.18% increase.

  • The city attorney really gets screwed. He goes from just $162,004 to only $167,587. Just a $5,578 raise or just 3.34%.

  • The head of the convention and visitor's bureau goes from $115,300 to $126,500 for an increase of $11,200 or just a meager 8.85%.

  • Sadly, the planning director who was hired at $185,000 a year, $85,000 more than his predecessor gets nothing but then there is always next year.

It certainly pays to work for the city and the mayor. Apparently, he wants to set a good example for the citizens with his double-digit raises. Surely, he feels the pain of his constituents.

The Mayor's Budget Message

We are providing the Mayor's budget message below. We've made a few comments in italics, red print (kind of appropriate) and bold. Once again, Jim Suttle has never seen a tax that he doesn't like and his budget message proves it.

"Mr. President and members of the City Council, the budget I present to you today is not "business as usual." Instead, it represents a significant reform in thinking and direction for our City. (Increasing taxes for all)

I’ve considered how past decisions (many of them mine as mayor and former city councilman) have influenced the existing financial situation and have therefore made responsible choices to ensure a strong, sustainable future (ensuring no more tax increases and funding ALL my future frivolous plans). This budget is both a comprehensive solution to our (my) financial dilemma and a strategy for financial recovery (you know, like Obama's stimulus program).

The decisions leading to this budget are influenced by two very important factors:
• The expectations of our community, and
• The need for a long term stable financial plan for our city.

Hundreds of hours of discussion have gone into attempting to balance these two factors. This budget was formulated only after competent and careful consideration.

There is no doubt that this proposed budget is the most difficult that this City has had to face in recent memory. In preparing this budget, we felt it was absolutely essential to keep a multi-year perspective in mind (too bad we haven't done this since 2001). The history of relying on revenue streams that were not sustainable, compromising our pension obligations and depleting limited reserves have only postponed a necessary reform (even though it worked for years prior to giving the city to the unions).

Implementing solutions can mean making difficult decisions. But a history of avoiding difficult decisions has left us with a legacy of problems (you are our Messiah).

I have worked successfully (??????) with my Department Directors to develop a spending plan that preserves the most basic city services, funds the pension obligation, increases reserve balances and closes a projected gap of $34 million.

The total proposed budget for 2011 is $675.8 million. This includes $313.5 million for General Fund operations and $178 million for capital improvement projects. The entire budget is available on the city’s website.

This past April, we held seven community budget forums across the city. Directors from various City departments spoke to citizens interested in where their tax dollars go. In those meetings, I heard a variety of opinions and ideas from engaged citizens, as well as their priorities for city services.

What we heard at the budget forums, as well as in countless other meetings that I have had with business and civic groups and neighborhood associations have influenced the steps we are taking now. (You must have been at different meetings then we were.)

Omaha’s quality of life is the envy of other cities. Omaha citizens expect we will maintain our quality of life. To do that, we must work together as a community to meet the great economic challenge that faces us. The 2011 budget is premised on citizen expectations that we will maintain our quality of life. Omaha’s most pressing problem is its structural deficit - the imbalance between the cost of services the public expects from their City and the revenues that sustain these services (Other governments have these problems and they cut spending. They didn't raise taxes).

The continued recession, a rapid increase in health care costs, the burden of an unfunded pension liability (when did you discuss this as a councilman from 2004-08?), the cost of maintaining a deteriorating infrastructure and the long term consequences of prior short term decisions (like your campaign promise not to raise taxes???) have each taken their toll on the financial health of our City. For example, the increase in health care costs since the year 2000 have consumed the entire increase in sales tax revenue during the same time period.

The City’s depleted cash reserve has left us unable to deal with budget shortfalls as they arise. More than a decade ago, such reserves were used for tax cuts (blame that evil Hal Daub for not taxing people enough!), and little was left a few years later as the economy turned sour (somehow the state dealt with that downturn). Part of fiscal responsibility is putting money aside to deal with unforeseen expenses (tax and spend, not tax and plan). If we set aside a small amount each year, we can have the cash reserves we need when emergencies arise (so I never have to manage the budget because I've overtaxed you). My budget includes $500,000, a fraction of what is needed, set aside for the cash reserve. We need a conservative approach that acknowledges the need to contribute to the cash reserve annually. This should become a permanent process (it was before you and Fahey were mayors).

Last winter Omaha suffered through two major storms in a matter of weeks, and the effects are still felt on our streets today (Guess he forgot the ice storm of October 1997 and the winter of 2000). The Public Works department was stretched thin, and our street maintenance budget, already cut due to a decrease in funding from the state, ran over because of the expense of snow removal and pothole repair (oh, those potholes that won't be repaired until November--if we are lucky?).

Our streets are 20% of total City assets. They must be treated with the respect given to any asset that is such a large part of a portfolio. While the City of Omaha has grown significantly over the last decade, our funding for street maintenance has not (could it be because you and Mayor Fahey failed to raise taxes then because of concern for your political futures?). The life span of an average resurfaced street is twelve years, but at present we can only afford to resurface a single lane mile every fifty six years. My budget includes an increase in the wheel tax to be used for the resurfacing of major and residential streets and park roads (how often?).

We face a growing police and fire pension shortfall (when did you bring this up in your four years on the council?). Every year we wait, the cost to taxpayers increases. We must budget for pension reform and to meet the City’s legal obligation to the pension fund (while we give even more to them so they'll help us get re-elected). This will send a clear signal that Omaha is serious about addressing the pension shortfall. No matter what, we cannot turn away from this responsibility (yes we can--Chapter 9).

As a decisive indication of our resolve, I am asking the Council to approve a Restaurant Tax. The estimated revenue from this tax is $23.5 million annually, and will be used primarily to pay for the most basic city operating costs, the unfunded pension liability, and increased advertising within the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau (You'll really need to increase advertising with a 11% restaurant tax--others will go to Council Bluffs or Papillion).

Visitors support our local economy and jobs. Estimates from the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau after targeted advertising in the Kansas City market are that two hundred thousand people took the ride north to visit Omaha in the last twelve months. Figuring that the average tourist spent three hundred dollars, that means an additional $60 million in revenue was generated for our City (With an 11% tax they'll probably stay home).

It’s not just tourists, but also businesses that we must attract. We know the beauty of Omaha’s affordability (with these tax increases?) and accessibility but the more we share that message with others, the faster we generate economic growth and jobs in the private sector.

The decision to include a property tax increase in this budget was not an easy one to make, but as I looked at how to deal with the many problems confronting us when I took office just over one year ago, I found it impossible to avoid (blame Hal Daub and Mike Fahey and forget your promise to cut taxes).

If we are to maintain the quality of life that makes our city such an attractive place to live, we must face the reality before us. This increase will generate $12 million annually in revenue to help close the general fund gap. It returns us to the pre-2000 level, before short term and election year decisions (while Mike Fahey and then you made those election year decisions?) put City finances at risk.

Crime prevention is a major element of my 2011 budget. The hard work of the Omaha Police Department has led to a recent reduction in the rash of violence that hit our community earlier this year. But there is still much work to do. (No cuts here while crime is still out of control--listen to the news.)

The public has consistently said that public safety is their top priority. But to meet that expectation, we must ensure that the men and women of our police force are equipped with the tools they need for law enforcement and that we have a department at full strength. I am proud of each of our graduates of the police training class that was conducted earlier this year. They are prepared to join their fellow officers to keep our community safe and our police department at full strength. It would be an extreme failure of our duty as elected leaders of this city to take police off the streets because we don’t think we can afford it, or because it would be politically convenient to lay off police officers (both the Nebraska and Iowa Highway Patrols have cut personnel).

We must also work with the community to reduce violence at the source. That’s why I am investing in our youth with additional funding in the 2011 budget for the truancy programs of Building Bright Futures. If we can influence a young person’s life at a critical stage by providing incentives to stay in school and continue their education then we can help them avoid a fate of life on the streets, exposed to gangs and guns. (How about the schools, the parents and non-profits doing this and you enforcing the truancy laws?)

Reform not only means implementing stable revenue streams, it also means innovation in cost reductions. We are budgeting and monitoring the City’s costs with greater precision and detail than ever before, enhancing our ability to identify taxpayer savings (but we give the fire department a carte blanche to spend millions more than their budget with no mayoral oversight or control!)

For example, our city negotiating teams have achieved zero wage increases from all bargaining units for 2009 and 2010. The cost savings are an estimated $7 million in each year.

We are implementing health insurance reform by instituting premiums for retirees based on their ability to pay. I remain committed to addressing retiree health care costs in a manner that is fair to retirees and taxpayers alike. I am also committed to the principle that providing public services, not employee benefits, is our first priority (Where have you been since 2004?)

Using strategic management, we have reduced the number of firefighters through attrition without compromising response time. This has resulted in approximately $1.4 million in annual savings. (Then why are they millions over budget and why are they suing us for not abiding by contract staffing levels?)

We are also anticipating an additional $5.5 million in annual savings within the Omaha Fire Department, which is reflected in the 2011 budget. (How will future performance be any different than past performance?-no credibility here).

Recognizing the need for increased financial management, the City’s Chief Financial Officer has installed experienced accountants in both the Fire and Police Departments. We will implement this policy in all City Departments. (It surly hasn't worked yet even after spending thousands to hire a consultant to review the over-spending)

To help control an increase in court time, a City Attorney has been hired to monitor and coordinate court time for police and fire personnel. This position will potentially save $500,000 in court costs annually. (Show us the money!)

The City has successfully negotiated a tentative agreement (GIVEAWAY) with the Omaha Police Officers’ Association that reduces pension benefits for the first time in thirty years, increases the age of retirement and ends spiking.

It is easy and popular to say ‘no new taxes.’ (And who would know better than you-see your campaign promises!) But everyone that I have talked to has said they expect the Mayor and Council to adopt a realistic and balanced budget that doesn’t devastate basic city services (let's not talk spending cuts and services reductions).

This budget is an investment (that's what Bill Clinton and Obama tell us) This an investment in our streets and parks. It is an investment in our libraries, pools and community centers. It is an investment in our quality of life and our future.

Doing nothing is not a solution. Doing nothing leaves a legacy of problems for the future (you were okay with that from 2004-2008 when you were actively running for mayor!). The problem with the future is that it turns into the present.

I want to thank the citizens of Omaha for their input on community priorities (which I obviously didn't listen to!) I am committed to making the tough decisions necessary to meet their expectations. I ask the Council to join me in making these tough decisions.

By working together … and only by working together … with teamwork … can we achieve our most ambitious goal of maintaining our quality of life (BY RAISING TAXES ON EVERYONE!) "

A Bleaker Looking November for Democrats

Yes, things seem to be looking bleaker for November if you're a Democrat. From the Rothenburg Political Report:

"We now have 23 Democratic seats at least tilting toward the GOP, with just two Republican seats going in the Democrats’ direction. The large number of Democratic toss-ups and leans show why Democratic control of the House after November is very much in doubt.

We reiterate our view that substantial Republican gains are inevitable and are increasing our target for most likely GOP gains from 25-30 seats to 28-33 seats. However, it is important to note that considerably larger Republican gains in excess of 39 seats are quite possible."

Monday, July 19, 2010

There Those North Omaha Jobs Go

Omaha's incompetent spendthrift taxing mayor, Mayor Jim Suttle, has been busy lately trying to promote streetcars, more publicly-owned hotel rooms, revised 'deal of the century' union contracts and higher taxes (you'll see this in a big way tomorrow).

Apparently, he forgot all those 'green jobs' he was going to bring to North Omaha. In fact, while he's been doing his spend and tax thing it seems that one of North Omaha's employers, American Hydraulics, has decided to move its operations to Red Oak, Iowa where, according to yesterday's Douglas Street Rag, it intends to eventually employ 135 folks. Good for Red Oak, bad for North Omaha. Guess Suttle didn't have time to save these jobs.

We haven't heard anything about this loss and, in fact, we wonder where all those other jobs in North Omaha are that he promised?

Hello, this is Ben Nelson, Is Mike Meister There?

One can't help but wonder why Mike Meister has decided to run against Dave Heineman. Just a couple of weeks ago he said he wouldn't be a sacrificial lamb. He said that he would only consider running if the Democrat Party raised the money for his campaign.

Now he's in the race and even says he will try to raise some money himself.

Who could possibly have convinced Meister to offer himself up? Vic Covalt? Vince Powers? Anne Boyle? Doubtful.

No, the only logical reason for the change of heart has to be Judas Ben Nelson. After all, if anyone needs to try to blacken the image of Dave Heineman, Nelson's likely opponent in 2012, it is Judas Ben Nelson himself. You can bet Judas will do everything possible to help Meister raise money.

While helping Nelson and his party might be motives for Meister to run we wonder if there isn't a quid pro quo involved here? Could Ben Nelson offer Meister a judgeship if Meister's campaign fails (as it certainly will) if one comes available? Could Judas use his 'influence' to gain Meister an appointment of some kind? We guess at this point only Judas and Meister know but wouldn't it be interesting to have a log of their calls over the last two weeks?

This is the Lamb of the Democrats

Okay, the Democrats have finally found a sacrificial lamb to offer up on the altar of gubernatorial candidate against Dave Heineman.

Mike Meister has a decent resume.

He comes from western Nebraska. That's not going to help much since 40% of the vote comes from there and it is highly Republican. (he only got 33% of the vote in 2002.).

He got his B.A. from Creighton in 1979 and followed up with law degree.

Like Heineman, he has served in the Army and it appears he serves as a 'jag' attorney presumably since 1992.

Meister is 49 and has 3 children but is in the midst of a divorce. Good he won't have any distractions in his campaign, but then maybe he will need someplace to live.

He's a Catholic, so we'll probably here he's pro-life. He'll claim he is more pro-life than David Heineman who opposed pre-natal care for illegals.

He ran for Nebraska Attorney General against Jon Bruning in 2002 and lost. In that race Bruning got 292,673 votes and Meister got 150,826 votes. So Meister probably did a little better than the Democrat base vote in Nebraska--about 33%. It's not likely he will get more than 40% this fall given that his funds will be minuscule and given that Heineman has a favorable rating of 70% or so.

Meister spent $97,406.19 in his failed bid against Bruning. Here is where he got his money:

  • Mike Meister (forgiven loan) -- $11,105.89

  • STEVEN E ACHELPOHL -- $1,731.75

  • STEVE BENNETT -- $305.62

  • JOHN BERGE -- $687.35

  • TOM BROWN -- $402.50


  • JOSEPH COX -- $1,000.

  • JOHN FAHEY -- $250

  • KATHLEEN FAHEY -- $5,300

  • MICHAEL FAHEY -- $750



  • ARNOLD MEISTER -- $500

  • JULIE MEISTER $2,778.91

  • ROBERT R MOODIE -- $500

  • W. DON NELSON -- $550

  • VINCENT M POWERS -- $749.07

  • ROLF SHASTEEN -- $1,000

  • ELAINE SPIRE -- $500

  • JAMES WILLIS -- $250


  • FOUR DIRECTIONS PAC (South Dakota) -- $5,000


  • I.B.E.W.--C.O.P.E. -- $500

  • KUTAK ROCK -- $500

  • MCCORD & BURNS (Lincoln) -- $300


  • NE STATE AFL - CIO -- $500


  • NELPAC (A FEDERAL PAC) -- $3,000

  • PLUMBER'S LOCAL UNION NO. 16 -- $2,000


  • STEAMFITTERS & PLUMBERS L. U. 464 -- $1,000







So about $58,000 (60%) came from big donors--unions, attorneys and big time Democrats. You can bet they will be the first hit up. Where will the rest of the money come from? Oh, the Nebraska State Democratic Party.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fly Me to Maine

While unemployment hovers near 10% Nobel Laureate Prince of Peace President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama and family vacation in Maine. Of course, after SOLVING THE BP GULF OIL CRISIS he probably needs one..

What is totally amazing is that according to the Morning Sentinel, "Arriving in a small jet before the Obamas was the first dog, Bo, a Portuguese water dog given as a present by the late U.S. Sen Ted Kennedy, D-Mass."
Yes, dog BO flies while others look for work.

Sharron Angle

A good article on Sharron Angle, Dirty Harry Reid's November opponent. If you haven't paid much attention to her, you should read the article, 'Angling for Harry Reid
Why the tea party favorite thinks voters will reject the attacks on her views and help her topple the Senate majority leader' at:

Speaking with Two Tongues

The Wall Street Journal Opinion Live segment recently discussed two issues which seem to reflect the duplicity that characterizes much of what is going on in politics today--as evidenced by the post immediately below on Judas Ben Nelson.

The segment notes that in the race for governor in our neighboring state of Iowa, the DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR'S ASSOCIATION spent $760,000 trashing Terry Branstad (through a 527 Group formed under the name of Iowans for Independent Government) in hopes that Vander Platts would win the nomination. $760,000 of Democratic donors' money to support a Republican essentially. And what's worse is that they spent the $700,000 trashing their own president's policies by trying to link Branstad to them! All because they felt Vander Plaats would be an easier target for their inept, incapable incumbent Chet Culver.

The opinion segment also points out an Article 342 in the new Nelson/Reid/Pelosi/Obama Financial Reform act which requires an Office of Women and Minority Inclusion in each financial regulatory body. Of course the inclusion of this article ignored the fact that minority groups including members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights opposed the idea for the very fact that it might indeed CREATE DISCRIMINATION against the groups.

The Two Faces of Judas Ben Nelson

You remember Judas Ben Nelson? Our Senator? The guy who sold out 70 % of Nebraskans when he announced on Christmas Eve that he would vote for cloture so that the Nelson/Reid/Pelosi/Obama Healthcare Bill could be debated and certainly passed? The guy that 'generally' votes for cloture so debate can proceed?

Well Thursday he had this to about voting for cloture on Harry Reid's climate and cap-n-trade bill.

"A carbon tax or trade piece would significantly increase the utility rates in Nebraska for businesses, agriculture and individuals. I don't think that's an appropriate way to go. And while I'd usually vote for a motion to proceed, this is so extraordinary, that I just can't bring myself to do that."

Now while we are glad that our Judas, who is now doing everything he can to remind Nebraskans that he is a true conservative, is opposed to Reid, Pelosi and the presidents 'OBOMA-NATION' of a climate control bill, we do find it interesting that on such a important vote his stripes have changed.

Judas, you can throw the silver back at those you took it from but you can absolve yourself from the sin. You never well.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Will Thompson Go to the Gas Chamber?

Word has it that the Omaha Police Department is looking into citing City Councilman Franklin Thompson for violating city statute by releasing the police union contract yesterday. Gosh, we hope there isn't anything in the statute involving capitol punishment.

For our part, we believe that Councilman Thompson merits our Objective Hero of the Month for his courage in dealing with this ridiculous situation.

Republican RINO's Pass Finance 'Reform'

From the Wall Street Journal:

WASHINGTON—The Senate approved a wide-ranging overhaul of the nation's financial regulations Thursday, handing President Barack Obama his second major domestic-policy victory of the year.

The legislation passed, 60-39, largely along party lines. Republicans Sens. Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both of Maine, joined Democrats in supporting the bill. Sen. Russ Feingold (D., Wisc.) was the only Democrat to vote against the measure.


Councilman Mulligan -- Mr. Yes????

We're beginning so see why Thomas Mulligan was acceptable to the Democrats on the Omaha City Council as Chuck Sigerson's replacement. That's because, he simply doesn't have the guts or tenacity to oppose Jim Suttle and other Dems on the council (with the possible exception of Pete Festersen who is only against tax increases to protect his future run for mayor).

According to the Nebraska Watchdog, Joe Jordan,

"Omaha Councilman Thomas Mulligan said if higher taxes are needed to balance the city’s floundering budget he “does not want to be Mr. No.” "

We'd suggest that Councilman Mulligan start thinking about his constituents rather than collegiality. Otherwise his term will end when Suttle's does.

There He Goes Again

There he goes again. Yes, that's what Ronald Reagan would say about James (Mondale) Suttle, Omaha's increasingly less esteemed mayor who has never seen a tax he doesn't like. Next Tuesday is d-day for the mayor's budget and will be act 2 of the embarrassing performance began on Monday with the non-release of the 'completely negotiated' police contract.

The Douglas Street Rag reports this morning:

Higher taxes will be on the table as the City of Omaha begins its 2011 budget debate next week.
Mayor Jim Suttle is certain to propose at least one new or increased tax when he unveils his proposed city budget at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

And the tax burden could fall on more than just Omaha residents — the changes may affect anyone who works in the city, dines at a local restaurant or visits the zoo.

In an interview with The World-Herald, Suttle said Omaha needs to raise more tax revenue in order to keep providing basic city services such as police protection, parks and libraries.

“We need to face the music to maintain our quality of life,” Suttle said. “We want services, and we want the police to be there to protect public safety.”

The mayor is looking at the possibility of higher property taxes, a new entertainment tax or an occupation tax on Omaha workers and their employers. He also is considering an increase in the wheel tax to pay for street improvements.

Suttle declined to say which tax hike he will propose, calling the decision “a dead heat.” He did not rule out the possibility of more than one new tax.

“We need to explore all the revenue options,” he said.

Spending cuts alone can't solve the city's budget problems, Suttle said. The public doesn't want to see services eliminated, he said, noting strong opposition last year to his efforts to ground the police helicopter and close pools and libraries.

In addition, the mayor said, few of the reductions he could propose would make a major dent in the projected $21 million shortfall for 2011 — let alone cover an additional $13.5 million to help shore up the city's police and fire pension fund.

Yes, Suttle's solution for every problem is a tax-increase. "We need to explore all revenue options." In reading the above, one would note that he somehow failed to even mention any spending cuts. He somehow failed to mention any new constraints on his thug-run, out-0f-control, over-spending fire department.
The full impact of Suttle's give-a-way police contract hasn't even been added to this year's anticipated budget deficits of the $13.5 and $21 million for this and next year. Neither has the likely CIR decision that will surely add an additional $2 million to this year's deficit.

What has Suttle done through the first half of the year to cut spending? Virtually nothing! Under Hal Daub's administration, cuts were made from the moment that problems occurred. Whether you liked Daub or not, there was never, never a fiscal crisis of this magnitude and taxes continued to be reduced under his administration.

On the other hand, if you make no cuts. If you are so incompetent as to refuse to rein in spending. If you refuse to offend those who elected you and continue to take advantage of the tax payer (police and fire) what have you left? One huge budget deficit, a crisis! And, of course, following the mindset of his great leader in Washington why waste a crisis. Use it to raise taxes so your next 3 years of budgeting go unchallenged because of huge and new tax increases you've implemented.

We've said it recently but repeat this mayor is not only incompetent, he's delusional. Guess that means, 'there WE go again!'

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feeling Cheated by Nebraska Democrats

The worst of all Douglas Street Rag columnists, Robert Nelson, wrote yesterday that the Nebraska Democratic Party needs to step up its recruitment efforts in order to find someone to run against Governor Heineman. Seems Nelson even discovered Larry Sabato whom we've referenced numerous times in the past. He might also have checked out Stuart Rothenberg's column which we referenced several days ago.

In any event, after telling us how cheated he felt that the Dems weren't offering a candidate (sacrificial lamb) he made the following statement:

"Heineman is a career political operative who has his base in rural Nebraska on the right side of his party. He's also another white guy (our italics) in Nebraska politics."

Once again, Nelson makes an unsubstantiated claim regarding rural Nebraska and the 'right side'. And then he makes his white guy comment. Would someone please tell us what that was supposed to mean? Does he want Ernie Chambers to change parties and run? Maybe he wants Jose to get his citizenship and run? Maybe he's still feeling guilty for slavery which we believe he's written about before?

Nelson never fails to amuse us with his mindless, inane tripe. That the Douglas Street Rag continues to employ this vacuous excuse for a columnist only displays the mind set that has reduced its daily iteration to a bunch of advertisements with reporters of similar quality to Nelson.

A Scott Brown Thank You to Tea Partiers?

We'll repeat what we've said earlier, we're glad we have Scott Brown in the U.S. Senate rather than a Democrat. We'll also repeat what we've said before, that his presence doesn't mean he's a conservative.

With that said, Senator Brown isn't getting rave reviews from the Wall Street Journal. Here's what they said about him in regard to his decision to vote for the new Dodd-Frank financial reform bill:

"This transfer of wealth is a tax by any reasonable definition, borne by the customers, shareholders and employees of the companies ordered to pay it. Is this how Mr. Brown plans to reward the tea partiers who carried him to victory last winter in Massachusetts?"

Nebraska Republicans will be glad to know that Brown is voting with Judas Ben Nelson on this issue while Senator Johanns is rightfully opposing the bill. Oh, and Brown is the keynote speaker at the Nebraska Republican GOP Convention in two weeks.

Roosevelt-Our President's Hero

Walter Williams has an interesting column today dealing with the president's hero, Franklin Roosevelt, and his economic polices and how they prolonged the Great Depression. It's not exactly news to conservatives and realists but for anyone who thinks government stimulus is the solution for tough economic times, it might be enlightening. You can find it at:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bias of local daily showing?

As long as we're on the subject of the police union you might take note of the Maggie O'brien article, ' New police contract agreement under wraps,' in today's Douglas Street Rag. In her report she chooses to identify Mayor Suttle as a Democrat and Councilwoman Stothert and Councilman Thompson as Republicans. For some reason, her references to Council President Gernandt and Councilman Gray fail to note their 'Democrat' affiliations.

We wonder why O'brien feels that any reference to party affiliation is important in the article to begin with? We wonder why she lack's consistency? Seems to us that we have continued to hear from the Douglas Street Rag's editorial board over recent times that we shouldn't dwell on party affiliation in non-partisan offices.

Maybe O'brien doesn't understand the process or maybe she thinks this is a way to show her political bias. Maybe she will respond but then again we don't expect her to.

Is Suttle Delusional?

The incompetence, the lack of transparency and bias that Mayor Suttle continues to show to the Omaha Police and Fire Unions continues to amaze us.

This mayor has placed Omaha's financial future and the welfare of it's citizens in jeopardy. Already, his administration acknowledges a $12 million dollar shortfall in his budget for this year and a $21 million gap for next year. This is before the CIR awards a likely $2 million in back wages to the Omaha Fireman to add to this year's problem. It also before this incompetent mayor allows his newest 'deal of the century' police union contract to be published in another 14 days. Our research indicates that this new contract could add more than $10 million to this year's budget shortfall as well!

This mayor announced last August that he had reached the 'deal of the century' with the police union and that he expected contracts for both the fire and police union to be done shortly. It's now a year later and the new police contract promises only a rehash of the 'amended deal of the century' the council turned down as unacceptable earlier this Spring.

The fact is that Suttle is either incompetent or simply a pawn of the two unions. We'd say both.

Today, we find out the Plains Legal Foundation (see prior posting) is suing under the open records laws.

If things aren't bad enough, Suttle in his progressive liberal belief seems to think that he can go on spending as evidenced by his proposal to spend $35 million on a hotel expansion and a million dollars (0ther people's money) on a streetcar study. Of course in the latter case, there is no money to even begin to pay Omaha's share of building such even with 80% coming from the federal government.
All of this while we hear today that the potholes in Omaha neigborhoods won't be filled until November!

We fear that Suttle is simply delusional.

How will he pay for his delusions? You'll see when his budget is revealed next week with increased property taxes, increased wheel taxes and a new tax (occupation or entertainment). He'll also be pushing for a garbage tax (called something else) for the November ballot to help pay for his spending delusions.

We wonder how long the citizens of Omaha will continue to tolerate this incompetent and delusional spendthrift? We wonder how long the City of Omaha can afford him?

New Organization Going After Omaha Mayor's Police and Fire Unions?

In our 'we get e-mail' category today we received a new one, a press release from what appears to be a new organization (apparently it went on line in late April unbeknown to us), Plains States Legal Foundation, partially encouraged/financed(?) by Omaha political activist Pete Ricketts. Looks to us like Mayor Suttle and his crony thugs in the Omaha police and fire unions may have some 'splanin' to do. Not that they don't now........

Here's the e-mail from

July 12, 2010

Contact: Heyward Smith, 402-238-1710;

Plains States Legal Foundation Files Freedom of Information Requests with Omaha’s Police and

Fire DepartmentsFOIA’s Designed to Increase Awareness, Transparency Over Bloated Union Contracts

(OMAHA, NE) – Plains States Legal Foundation (PSLF – has filed Freedom of Information Act requests under Nebraska’s Open Records Law with the Omaha Police and Fire Departments. The requests are part of an effort to increase public awareness and transparency over the union contracts negotiated with the city and paid with tax dollars.

Foundation attorneys requested copies of the current union employee contracts, current and former employee salary information, and a full listing of pension payouts to all retirees.

“The City of Omaha is under constant financial hardship due primarily to the burden of these outsized contracts,” said Heyward Smith, Executive Director for Plains States Legal Foundation. “We have the right to know exactly where taxpayers’ money is going and under what auspices.”

PSLF has applied for 501(c) 3 non-profit legal status and is a public policy organization dedicated to the causes of individual and economic liberty. The Foundation was created to serve as legal advocate and activist on issues that go unresolved due to political pressure or bureaucracy.

“These union contracts have wreaked financial havoc in Omaha and in municipalities around the country,” said Smith. “As appropriate, PSLF is prepared to aggressively pursue legal action against these entities that are bankrupting our cities and sticking taxpayers with the bill.”

I've never been this serious"

I've never been this serious" is reportedly what Newt Gingrich said about running for president in 2012 while in Des Moines yesterday. We like Newt. He is a super intelligent guy when he analyzes government. But as a candidate for the presidency, we say 'no way.'

In all candor, Newt is simply unelectable. Yes, even against Prince of Peace Nobel Laureate President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar Barack Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama. The news media would make Newt look worse than Sarah Palin or Dan Qualye should he decide to run and secure the nomination.
No, we'd like to see Newt as a cabinet officer in education or environment with the charge to close on of them down and return its responsibilities to the states. Or perhaps, if all the planets come into conjunction in 2012 and Republicans take the House, win a veto-proof majority in the Senate and win the presidency sans Newt he could use his talent to reverse the Judas Ben Nelson/Reid/Pelosi/Obama Healthcare plan and the affects of it.

We like Newt, but please save us the disappointment of his losing to Obama should he somehow convince Republican voters to give him the nomination.

Monday, July 12, 2010

And Now for The Nebraska Republicans

There may be some of you who think we've been a little less than balanced in our thoughts and coverage about those poor Nebraska Democrats and their current state. In order to be fair we think that the Nebraska Republican Party and its convention have an interesting situation to face at their upcoming state convention with Keynote Speaker Scott Brown.

Seems that while Nebraska Senators Judas Ben Nelson and Mike Johanns are opposing the Financial Overall bill that Scott Brown is supporting it! According to CQ Miday Update:

"Sen. Scott P. Brown, R-Mass., indicated Monday that he expects to support a House-passed conference agreement on overhauling the financial regulatory system, bringing Democratic leaders a step closer to the supermajority they need to get the measure to the president's desk."

He is certainly a much more relevant speaker that George McGovern, but as we've noted in our prior posts, he isn't exactly a guy that is in sync with most Nebraska Republicans. Glad we got him on our side (so to speak) but for most Nebraska Republicans he is just another Doug Bereuter.